Fab Finds: Perfect Moisturizer – Drops Of Youth Cream Review

Drops of Youth cream - The Body Shop Drops of Youth

It’s no surprise that I absolutely love makeup. You know that hard-to-beat feeling when you find that perfect foundation or a mascara that does everything it promises on the packaging. Also, I have a number of new posts coming up featuring some amazing beauty goodies I have recently discovered and fell in love with. However, there is a beauty section which I seemed to have ignored in my teens and have only started to explore in my early 20s. Drumroll cue now. It’s, of course, skincare. So if you ask me what beauty advice I could give to my 16 year old self if I could go back in time, I’d say: “Start moisturizing now!” I would definitely say a lot more than that but you get an idea. So, about that perfect moisturizer – does it even exist? It’s been a while since I did a good ol’ review of lovely skincare products I’ve been enjoying. Some do fabulously great and some fail. Let’s just say, this one was very special in the making. 

Drops of Youth cream - The Body Shop Drops of Youth review

It’s not a secret nor a revelation how much I love The Body Shop goodies, said every blogger in the world. Since the day I got my hands on the first product from the brand I knew I’d want to explore more. The thing is there are no TBS shops in Ukraine so for years I’ve only watched bloggers and YouTubers rave about all the amazing creams and potions without being able to try them. As of today, having tested nearly every type of body butter, lotion and cream, I had to navigate to my local TBS store when their new collection Drops of Youth was launched. I did need a new moisturizer in the first place so the decision making was quite easy. I picked up this Drops of Youth Youth Cream and “took it out for a spin” with a plan to review it later. 

Drops of Youth cream - The Body Shop Drops of Youth review

I don’t know about you but I am very particular when it comes to the packaging of the product. Drops of Youth cream is flawless in that department. There is no fancy design but I love how simple and chic it is. Emerald green sleek glass jar and the matte black lid with the subtle label looks lovely. It’s got an internal lid which provides that extra security that it won’t go everywhere if it somehow opens itself in my handbag or suitcase. Before buying this cream I did my homework to find out more about its chemical content. Apart from water being the main ingredient, it includes emollients and humectants (which are there to add moisturizing abilities to the cream), polymers and fibers (conditioning ingredients which are ultimately there to improve the surface of skin), citrus fragrance ingredients, alcohol and Phenoxyethanol, the core preservative in this cream, aka “the bad guy”, which is a new alternative to parabens. Some ring the alarm about it, some say it’s perfectly fine in skincare with the fact that there’s a very teeny tiny amount added to the product.

Drops of Youth cream - The Body Shop Drops of Youth review

There are 3 key natural ingredients:

+ sea holly 

Skin damage repair, anti-inflammatory, brightening, renewal and anti-ageing abilities

+ criste marine

Renewal of damaged skin at a cellular level, hydration and rejuvination powers 

+ edelweiss

This has to be my favourite ingredient. Edelweiss is know for its skin protection qualities and is commonly used in anti-ageing treatments. It acts as a “shield” from those dangerous UV rays. On top of that it’s got anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory super powers: a research confirmed its incredible anti-oxidant activity and the ability to prevent DNA changes along with the effective treatment of such skin diseases as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. 

Drops of Youth youth cream - The Body Shop Drops of Youth review

My thoughts:

  • this cream has an incredible texture – a really lovely cross between a gel and a cream – it is definitely very different from any regular moisturizer I’ve had
  • i’s uber light and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky once applied – major win!
  • it absorbs very fast and doesn’t leave any residue which is great for those times when you’re in a rush in the morning and it’s perfect under makeup
  • I use it every morning and evening after cleansing my face and right after application, you can feel a bit of a cooling tingle which goes away in half a minute
  • since I’ve used it for the last couple of months, I can definitely feel like my skin has been nicely moisturized and yet it’s breathing
  • I can’t say it erased my fine lines but it’s definitely kept my skin well hydrated which is pretty much the key effect I was looking for from this cream 
  • I’ve noticed changes in my skin colour which isn’t dull any more and looks a lot more fresh and radiant when I wake up
  • the scent is subtle and delicate (just a hint of citrus) and it’s not overpowering
  • most of the natural ingredients are aimed at treating some skin conditions along with being a lovely moisturizer so it would definitely work for sensitive skin types
  • it’s most suitable for normal to dry skin and even though mine is combination to oily (that has been stripped of moisture in winter), it definitely works for me and doesn’t make me shinier than usual
  • it’s quite dear – £20 for a 50ml jar – but it lasts for ages

Verdict: 9/10. I love it and will add it to my wishlist for future once I’m out of it.

Hope you enjoyed this review with a little in-depth look into the ingredients and the final result.

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