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If you’ve been with me for a good while, you probably noticed that Miel and Mint has been in a “sleep mode” during last couple of weeks. If I am completely accurate and 100% honest, blogging has been quite a struggle for months now. It’s good to be back though. Also, it’s especially great to get a little fresh “re-start” with a new template from amazing pipdig (best customer service online. EVER!). This is a totally genuine shout-out. As I am still tweaking a few things, please bear with me. Overall, this comeback post (with a little update and a few goals for the blog) is definitely due. I’ve been working hard on a number of new posts and series and very excited to share them with you very soon. Time to get organised and shake things up – never a bad decision, right? 

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We often say “Life happened” to explain our absence or lack of time to do something. That’s the exact wording I’ve used quite a lot starting from February. You know how sometimes you feel like there’s too much on your plate and you wouldn’t survive if things got worse. Well, you re-think that statement when more problems / issues / things to take care of roll in. My intention for writing this post is neither make it negative nor whine (that’s just not me) but to catch you up on both 🙁 and 🙂 recent events along with lessons I’ve learnt and blogging plans for May. Brownie points if it helps someone who’s been going through one of those “when it rains it pours” situations.

So what have we been up to (when I say we I mean my main squeeze who I said “I do” to and moi):

  • Health & Family: if you’ve been following me on social media for a few months at least you are most likely aware of us being in and out of the hospital. Not to write a post dedicated to why we left NHS, I will just update you and say big thanks for your kind messages/tweets of support and your prayers. Hubby is feeling much better and that puts my heart at ease. We are finally getting it all sorted out starting this weekend. As for my grandma, she’s doing more or less OK. My lovely momma still has sleepless nights now and then looking after her but I am glad I was beside her to help for a week. However, one week ago today we were at the funeral of a lovely woman and a very special person in my hubby’s family – his grandma. She will be missed. 
  • Travel: we’ve always been jetsetters and that will never change. A big part of it has to do with a fact that we are both from different countries and have lived in different places. I was born in Ukraine and lived in the USA for a few years; hubby was born in Northern Ireland and then lived in Norway for 12 years. We do go back to NI quite a lot and I travel to Ukraine a few times a year. It’s also been nice to explore the UK more since we moved. In February, March and April (so far) we’ve taken 8 flights. Some were for sad occasions such as the funeral and others were for packing humanitarian aid for Ukraine and visiting family and friends. Even though I admit I do love this “Terminal” life, it’s hard to beat that at-home feeling. 
  • Home: well, that’s an interesting one. Speaking of that at-home feeling, it hasn’t been the easiest of situations since we both find it a bit difficult to settle in. However, we know we are here for a reason and fully depend on God for guidance as to what happens next. To make a long story short: our tenant moved out without any prior notice and our landlord wants us out in the next few months. As much as my human nature wants me to press that panic button, that’s not going to happen. Instead, I need to learn patience and simply take necessary action. Yes, it’s been tough. Yes, it will be a challenge, but it will all fall in place like perfect puzzle pieces. All things home will be sorted out very soon.
  • Personal life: this is not really an update but I just want to say how much I am thankful for my man. I really don’t want to be one of those sickeningly sweet people who would write long posts about their significant other instead of saying all those words to them in person. I do say all those things (and more) to him. But in all honesty, he is my everything.

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So that’s roughly what’s been going on. Now you get a picture and I hope this explains why I haven’t been blogging consistently as I planned or wanted. Despite all the things that happened at once and came as one big downpour, we are keeping our heads up and looking forward to finding all the answers and solutions – at the right place, at the right time. If you feel like you’ve had an avalanche of everything coming down at you, keep your chin up and remember the quote above.

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Now that I am back, I really would like to do my utmost best to stick to the schedule / blogging calendar and contribute as much as I can to my blog. For that reason I’ve been working on a number of exciting posts which will be fun and helpful: beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle related. Here are a few blog plans / goals I’ve set for Miel and Mint for the next couple of weeks:

  • write and post consistently (at least 2-3 times a week)
  • organise themes and series and schedule them in
  • plan at least 1 month ahead
  • visit and read at least 5 blogs a day
  • reply to emails immediately or as soon as possible
  • up social media game: update daily and use min 30min per day for catching up

There were a few more things on that list last month but thankfully I could tick them off (like, get a new template and sort out Disqus). On top of that, I have already scheduled a number of posts and can’t wait to get a lot of pictures taken this weekend. Life happens and things get busy/stressful/uncertain but we have to keep going.

Thanks for coming back (or welcome if you’re here for the first time) to my blog. You know I’ve missed you.

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Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to recently. 

How do you normally handle it when “life happens”?

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I can’t believe it’s my birthday in 10! 🎂

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