The Sun Is Out: White Stuff, Firmoo & Michael Kors OOTD

Sunny Day OOTD - White Stuff scarf, Firmoo sunglasses, Michael Kors bag outfit

If you are in the UK at the moment, most likely you got to experience the disappointment that April has been weather-wise. I mean, it was snowing a little today, then it was pouring and then the sun came out as if to make you believe it’s warm outside. Ok, grandma has to stop complaining about the weather. Let’s go back to last week and soak in the sunshine from this little OOTD photoshoot. I am not wearing black for a change. When the sun is out, a lot of white is automatically happening in my choice of clothes. Very excited to grow my “fashion” part of the blog and would appreciate your thoughts on that. Girl’s gotta work on improving her style so let’s hope this helps.

Sunny Day OOTD - White Stuff scarf, Firmoo sunglasses, Michael Kors bag outfit

When it doubt, always wear jeans. That’s probably my life motto when it comes to fashion. If I’m completely honest, I live in jeans (it made the list in my 50 Random Facts About Me post). I’ve never been much of a skirt/dress type of a gal but I did buy a few lovely skirts recently and dresses do live in my wardrobe. On a day to day basis I feel more comfortable in something casual like pants (trousers – for British English speakers), ideally in a denim form, and a sweater (aka jumper) which either has to be nicely fitted or beautifully loose.

Sunny Day OOTD - White Stuff scarf, Firmoo sunglasses, Michael Kors bag outfit

Weekend calls for adventures. This is my favourite time of the week because I get to spend a lot of time with my main squeeze. My amazing and very patient photographer agreed to make a little stop on the way to the city centre in one of the posh areas with big houses and gorgeous gardens and, luckily, there were no people in the street so we didn’t catch anyone awkward on camera. Apart from me 🙂

Sunny Day OOTD - White Stuff scarf, Firmoo sunglasses, Michael Kors bag outfit

As much as I love my random chatter, let’s talk about this outfit. If I tell you I am crazy about these jeans that would be one huge understatement. I got these skinnies when I was in Ukraine a few weeks ago. I wanted a midi to light wash pair and saw exactly what I was looking for. Now I am on the hunt for a perfect flare (can we just do the happy dance because flares are back). I do love my skinnies though. As for the top, I am wearing this see-through shirt (which I got in Primark a few years ago) with a white cami underneath because #keepitclassy. As for the accessories, I am wearing one of my favourite scarves from White Stuff which was a gift from my lovely mother-in-law. Can we just pause and appreciate the lovely floral’y abstract multi-coloured pattern and those tassels – so pretty! 

Sunny Day OOTD - White Stuff scarf, Primark shirt

When I was contacted a few months ago by Firmoo and asked if I wanted to collaborate with them and feature their lovely glasses on the blog, it took me no time to browse the website and select the sunnies I was crazy about. One thing was clear – cat eye all day. The only struggle with these babies was to choose the lens shade. As much as I was tempted by blue ones (plus I already have blue mirrored sunnies) I went for pink/purple because it’s nice sometimes to look at the world through rose-coloured glasses (pun intended). 

Firmoo sunglasses, Cat eye sunglasses, sunnies, pink sunnies

Unfortunately, I had my fair share of experience with awful “cheap” sunnies. Having fallen victim to “affordable sunglasses” I thought I am saving and, at the end of the day, don’t sunnies just always get crashed and smashed. So needless to say I was very disappointed when I couldn’t see a thing when I was wearing them. Yes, it’s not ideal when it’s a non-stop eclipse when you have them on. Well, it’s a different story with Firmoo. I couldn’t be happier with how incredible Firmoo sunnies* are. Lenses are fab quality, the frame is gorgeous and secure and you don’t have to break the bank. They also come in a case along with a pouch and a cloth. I can definitely vouch for these sunnies.

Firmoo sunglasses, Cat eye sunglasses, sunnies, pink sunnies

Sunny Day OOTD - White Stuff scarf, Firmoo sunglasses, Michael Kors bag outfit

I am also wearing a lovely pair of grey suede booties from Debenhams. Midi chunky heel is very comfy and they work perfectly with almost every outfit. And last, but very much not least, is my most precious possession when it comes to fashion – my Michael Kors bag. I featured it in What’s In My Bag: Fall Edition post. What I love about it is that it works for every season and with every look. Not only do I love it because it’s MK but what means the world to me is the fact that my hubby got it for me in Las Vegas on our honeymoon. I do find it difficult not to overpack my handbags but always try to go lighter with this one for obvious and very special reasons.  

Michael Kors bag, Jet Set Travel Michael Kors bag, leather bag

Michael Kors bag, Jet Set Travel Michael Kors bag, leather bag


Shirt | Primark (a few years ago); similar here & here

Cami | New Look

ScarfWhite Stuff

SunglassesFirmoo* (sent to me to be featured on the blog; opinions are my own)

Booties | Debenhams (1.5 yr ago); similar here

Bag | Michael Kors; similar here

Hope you enjoyed this OOTD, my lovelies.

As I am writing this very sentence, the rain in bouncing off the ground outside.

So it’s quite nice to sit in a cozy room and edit a post with some sunshine in it 🙂

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