NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: Worth The Hype?

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation review

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about absolutely random stuff (while blow drying my hair being half-asleep, for example): “Who started to say “on fleek” and why did it stick with everyone?” – how sad that “on fleek” is so 2015 – or “How come is *insert a product name here* made into a staple because of the hype around it?” To be fair, that’s pretty much the only time of the day when my brain goes into this scatter mode aka the thought wander. But let’s go back to the point I am making here – hype. If you have read my review on Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (here) you most likely remember me saying how sometimes an overhyped product can be quite disappointing. I am extremely cautious when there’s ‘much ado’ being created around something. At the same time, certain products do wonders for one person and couldn’t be worse for another. Keeping that in mind, I gave in to the hype around NARS Sheer Glow (only after a few years, right?) and decided to test it out. What intrigued me the most about it was very mixed reviews. Let’s see how it panned out for me.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation review

I have to say from the get-go, my skin has been behaving like a rascal kid without any adult supervision in a toy store. Except the fun part. There’s nothing fun in usually oily skin developing dry patches and acne that has been getting out of hand. Maybe it had to do with the season change or the levels of stress but here we are. So when I was out of my MAC Pro Longwear (check out the review here), then went through a bottle of Bourjois Healthy Mix (more about it here), it was just before Christmas when I wrote a mini wishlist to Santa and asked for something NARSissist’ic (not a spelling mistake but a pun). Am I the last person to jump on the bandwagon and try Sheer Glow?

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation review

Just like I did it in my CT Magic Foundation Review, let’s dive into the main characteristics we care about it when choosing a foundation: 

Shade match

NARS outdid many other amazing brands when they created Sheer Glow. There are 19 (!) different shades that would suit any skin tone. From Siberia to Fiji, from Macao and Khartoum, they are all stunning! Mine is Medium 1 Punjab with golden, peachy undertone. 


This point gives NARS the most negative critique from the mass for being neither “sheer” nor “glowy”. Well, guess what, the texture of Sheer Glow is beautiful! It’s light, silky and smooth and it is radiant. It’s not sheer but massive yay to that!


Just like with its texture, this is one of the main reasons for the negative chatter. It is not sheer but that is actually the bit that made me fall in love with this foundation. It’s medium coverage and it’s buildable, not cakey and goes on like perfect marble icing.


Sheer Glow is a great long-lasting foundation that at the same time doesn’t feel heavy and lets your skin breathe. It lasts for 7-8 hours without visible patching with one powder re-touch at mid-day. On a relaxed day at home it does perfectly fine without a primer.


This foundation has no significant scent that you can either enjoy or get irritated by. It’s fragrance free so I am sure would suit even the most sensitive skin, unless your dermatologist would advice differently.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation review - NARS Sheer Glow in Punjab

The photo below is not retouched nor “cleaned up” in any way along with the swatch of the foundation. It matches my skin tone perfectly on my face rather that my arm so tip number one when you are about to buy a new foundation – test it on your face. I love the finish Sheer Glow gives and it will definitely make a comeback into my makeup bag. Setting powder used here: Revlon Photoready.

My Thoughts


  • the packaging is simple, chic and neat looking (love the glass bottle and matte black top)
  • shade range is absolutely immense – 19 options to choose from
  • the texture of this foundation is beautiful: light, goes on smoothly and looks natural on skin
  • amazing coverage especially for acne-prone skin (it covers my imperfections and redness like it’s a child’s play)
  • it stays in place on my skin throughout the day without looking cakey or going apart 
  • it gives natural and light finish with a little hint of dewiness


  • no pump (but it’s manageable once you get used to dabbing it onto the back of your hand)
  • no SPF (easily fixed by applying SPF before doing your makeup)
  • cost (it’s a whooping £31 price tag but it lasts for a few months and I must say it’s one of my favourite foundations)


The only negative thing about my experience with this product is its price. 

Sheer Glow is a fabulous foundation and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Solid 10/10 & worth the hype.
Hope you enjoyed this review, lovelies.

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