What’s In My Gym Bag: Workout Essentials

What's in my gym bag

With summer just around the corner I decided to schedule a few fitness related posts which I cannot wait to share with you. As much as it makes sense when everyone says you need to start getting “summer ready” in winter (or even better, the summer before – I wish, right?) I strongly believe it’s never too late to be active. Even a few weeks of working out do pay off combined with healthy and portion-controlled diet. Being in the middle of the house move I am still making effort to hit the gym and walk a lot (who else tracks their step count?). A couple months ago I got this beautiful VS PINK campus backpack that started to serve right away as my gym bag. Just like I shared the contents of my purse in my What’s In My Bag post, it’s about time I wrote about what I take with me into the torture chamber, ahem, gym 🙂 Edit: this is, obviously, a joke. I actually really enjoy gym and taking long walks.

What's in my gym bag, VS PINK campus backpack grey

Before I get to the contents, let’s pause and take in the beauty that is this gorgeous backpack. If you remember my 50 Random Facts About Me post you know how much I am obsessed with grey colour. Even on the recent trip to Norway (which was out of this world!) my hubby kept reminding me that I already have enough grey items in my wardrobe. What can I say – it’s never enough. Now, back to this lovely backpack. It has handy compartments: two big ones, one smaller pocket at the front and key/phone size pocket on top. It’s comfortable and looks stylish for a sports backpack. It’s sold out now so I couldn’t find the link for you. What do you use as your gym bag?

What's in my gym bag, VS PINK campus backpack grey

What's in my gym bag, VS PINK campus backpack grey

When it comes to filling this backpack I do try to bring all the essentials without overpacking. After a number of times when I realized I forgot this or that, I got a hang of taking the right and most necessary items. If hubby and I go to the gym together I only grab my membership card, a towel and my phone + earbuds as we would usually jump into the car afterwards and get home in 5 minutes. Whenever I feel extra energized and actually WALK to the gym on my own this is what I usually bring along (clothes vary):

What's in my gym bag, VS PINK campus backpack grey

Let’s start with bigger items first:

  • Premium microfibre gym towel: a great gym towel is a must! It was one of the gifts I got from my lovely mother in law for Christmas (my hubby got the blue one). It’s super soft, lightweight and dries very fast. Couldn’t be happier with its quality (read more about it here). 
  • Adidas sports bra & TKMaxx MPG gym leggings: cute workout gear always motivates me to hit the gym or go for a run. I love this sports bra so much (the comfort and support is beyond amazing) along with these neat gym leggings I spotted a few weeks ago at TKMaxx.
  • NIKE Love Is In The Airs t-shirt: this tee is without a doubt one of my favourite sports tops. Not only it looks nice and flattering but also it’s got a fun print. Plus, I have a confession to make – I have a serious obsession with Airs 🙂
  • Adidas Duramo 7 Running shoes: I could live in these babies! They are perfect for training at the gym and running. Also, whenever I spend the day in heels or coming close to that 10,000 step count I often wish these were on my feet!
  • More Water Bottle: sometimes the hunt for that perfect water bottle is endless. Mine has definitely come to an end when I got this beautiful and functional fruit infuser water bottle. Once you try the good stuff you wouldn’t go for anything else!

What's in my gym bag


  • Shampoo & shower gel: not only these two are a must-have if you are planning on using a gym shower after you break a sweat, unless you live minutes away from it, but also my hair has been loving Dove Colour Radiance shampoo (I’ve been purchasing it bottle after bottle) and the mini The Body Shop Satsuma shower gel comes in handy and smells divine. Whenever I remember, I’d put my conditioner in as well.
  • Deodorant (mine is Mitchum) is another important item for very obvious reasons along with wet wipes (I’ve been loving these Garnier Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes) at those moments when I need to remove the rest of the makeup off or simply freshen up. I like to wear just a tiny touch of makeup to the gym (normally any BB cream & a bit of mascara). Is it weird or do you do the same?
  • Body mist: instead of my favourite perfume (who wants to carry a big glass bottle in their gym bag or a backpack) I bring this VS PINK Warm & Cozy body mist which is my absolute favourite and it leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling good. Subtle vanilla and peony combo scent – I can’t say no to that. 

What's in my gym bag, Love is in the airs NIKE

Other bits & pieces:

  • For some reason I often struggle to find my gym membership card a few minutes before I am supposed to be heading to the gym. It’s like a sign not to go haha. Also, I always make sure to bring a bit of cash (or a few pound coins) with me in case I need to buy something on the spot.
  • A hairbrush & an extra hair elastic never depart from my bag. I get my hair up in a ponytail anyway but those two come in handy after taking a shower or when I need to brush my hair and fixing that ponytail after the workout is finito.
  • I’m usually starving after the gym so snacking is essential. An apple or a protein bar saves the day.
  • Whenever I’m burning fat (I hope so anyway) on the elliptical trainer I like to catch up with my favourite YouTube channels and watch a video or two on my phone. It’s important to remember not to forget the earbuds because you wouldn’t want the entire gym to listen to your “jam”. By the way, how cute is my phone case? I wrote a whole post about it here

Hope you enjoyed this post, lovelies.

We all come in different shapes and sizes and that is perfectly fine. 
The point of this post was simply to let you have a wee peek into my gym bag.
Wording such as “summer / beach ready” was used in quotes for a purpose 
because I do know believe in the actual terminology and “standard”. 
We ARE summer ready (insert any other season, I guess). 
As long as you are happy and healthy, that is the main thing. 
Don’t let the society set the standard for what your body should look like. 
You do you, girl.

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Leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed having a sneak peek into my gym bag.
Do you go to the gym or do you prefer to work out at home?
What do you usually put into your gym bag if you are a gym goer?


Thank you so much for all the sweet messages, tweets, IG comments you left me during our trip to Norway. Honestly, we had the most amazing time there! Norway is stunning, I’d move there tomorrow if I could haha. I can’t wait to share a post about it (thousands of pictures to go through!) and… a vlog or more like a short video with different bits and clips from the trip. 
On a related note, I am a gym goer not because I want to look more skinny or grow that peach emoji in real life. 
I do it to be fit and healthy. 
Find the exercise that works for you.
Gym, running, walking, yoga, pilates, karate – anything that rocks your boat.
Enjoy yourself!


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