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How much does your better half know about makeup? Well, when I saw BF / Fiance / Husband Makeup Knowledge Tag popping up in the blogging community, I knew I had to involve my main man and put him to this improvised #bbloggers test. To my surprise, he didn’t mind answering the questions and we had such a good laugh together. While he knows lots of makeup brands (because I talk about them, obviously), he found many names for different beauty bits and pieces quite funny. The definition of “concealer” was a no-brainer while “strobing” caused a bit of confusion 🙂 Well, let’s just say – you will have a good laugh reading his answers. On a different, but related note, as you have probably seen from my Snapchat (mielandmint) or Twitter, I did a little makeup shopping spree so the next post will be makeup related. Stay tuned for it. Meanwhile, enjoy this fun light read & happy weekending, lovelies.

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Without further ado, here are my hubby’s answers. Enjoy 🙂 

Please, define:

  • Bronzer: It makes you look more brown.
  • Blusher: It makes your face a little bit pink around the
    cheeks, to look a bit shy.
  • Mascara: Oh, I know! It’s for your eyelashes, to make your eyes stand
  • Eye liner: Colour in the bit between your eye brow and your
    eye lash.
  • Strobing: I don’t know… Strobing… Strobing…
    Does it have to do with strawberries or adding red colour to your face?
  • Eye shadow: Stuff you put around your eyes, it makes your
    eyes darker. Hmm, isn’t it the same as eye liner?
  • Powder: It makes your skin smooth.
  • Foundation: Thicker version of powder?
  • Concealer: It is used to hide the spots.
  • Highlighter: Highlighter? Does it highlight bits of your face? You know, to make them stand out.
  • Setting spray: It’s for your hair… to make it sit perfect. Oh, wait, we are talking makeup here. I have no idea!
  • Contouring: Contrast between different colours? (I say: “Kim K started it”) Yeah, she does many weird things.
  • Primer: Is it something for your lips? Like, to make them look
  • Lip liner: Makes your lips bigger, you put it on the top and
    bottom to make them “bushy looking”.
  • Brow pencil: Botox for brows! It straightens your brows so
    you don’t have frown marks.
  • Serum: Glitter stuff to put on your face.
  • Cleanser: It is used to wash off all the makeup.
  • Micellar Water: Nail polish remover. Does it smell like paint?
  • Toner: Makes you look brown, more tanned. Hold on, it’s stuff you use in your
    printer! (laughs)
  • BB Cream: Smooths your skin. BB might stand for baby. So you get baby skin.

Was this test hard? Why yes/no? Yeah, it was. It’s men trying to
answer questions about makeup, I don’t know much about it. 

Could you do my makeup the same way I do it every day? Yes! And I would do it faster!!

Lots of his answers are, obviously, jokes. We both had such a good laugh while he was answering these questions / defining all the terms. Men and makeup are two incompatible things, unless the guy is Patrick Starrr. Also, make sure to check out this tag done by lovely Kim of The Thirty Something Life here. Does your significant other have any idea what strobing is? 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this sweet little tag, lovelies.

You are more than welcome to do the same with your other half.

Make sure to let me know when you post it 😉

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Leave a comment and let me know if your significant other knows much
about all things makeup.
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Hope you are having a great weekend, beauties!
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