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Do you remember my Life Lately post, lovelies? Starting from February things weren’t easy and you all were so kind, encouraging and reassuring me that everything will pick up. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened! May did come with a few struggles here and there (I am actually dedicating a separate post on something I learnt a big lesson about – lodging related) but we handled it all like champs. Most importantly, we enjoyed last month, had a lot of fun and did loads of traveling. I took 8 flights in 05/2016! It almost felt like we lived at the airport. I do find flying very soothing and relaxing so even the middle-of-the-night jetsetting is amazing in my books. In May one of my big dreams came true when we flew to Norway (here’s my Norway Travel Diaries, Part 1 post)! Also, in May I turned a very scary age (again, the post on that is scheduled, can’t wait to share with you all). May has to be my favourite month and it never disappoints. 

Surprise, surprise, right? 🙂 Norway absolutely had to make my May Favourites. As for this place, it’s a lovely little quiet pier in Brekkestø, the coastal village in the South of Norway. I mentioned Brekkestø in my previous travel post here but it needs a bit more love. To enter Brekkestø you have to park your car outside the village and walk. I love this little regulation as it keeps the place quiet, clean and less touristy. Hubby and I spent over an hour there sitting on a bench soaking in all the sunshine and enjoying the surreal scenery. A few tourist groups were popping in, snapping photos and leaving as soon as “Look, where I am” pic was posted on Instagram. Having a bit of an addiction to social media, I do understand the importance of “switching off”. As trivial as it’s going to sound, sometimes you have to put your phone and camera down and just be in the moment. To sum up, if you’ve never been to Norway, it is more than worth including it into your bucket list. Breathtaking lakes, rivers, sea coast, cliffs, fjords, mountains – the list of its beauty is without a limit.

Brekkesto, Norway

Yes, I only managed to watch it last month. I realize I might be the last person on the planet to do it and you can imagine the awkward conversations that always ended the same: “What?! You haven’t seen the new SW movie?!” Woot woot, I finally did! And as much as I wanted to compare it to the old movies and find all the things I didn’t like about it (I love my SW oldies), I LOVED it! Apparently, this paragraph is going to have the record number of exclamation points haha. Ok, back to the movie. I thought Daisy was incredible as Rey and little BB-8 was such a cutie pie (if droids could be called pet names). I better not get into the plot because I will spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet (“What?! Seriously?! You haven’t seen the new SW movie?” – lame attempt to joke). I will just say it was way too exciting to see Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess/General Leia, C-3PO and R2D2 – such a sweet blast from the past. Also, if you watched Britain’s Got Talent, you’d get this. Every time I saw stormtroopers it felt like they were going to drop those guns and start dancing haha. 

I try very very hard to feature non-animal accounts in my Favourite Insta of the month. As you can see, it was pretty much an impossible task not to include this purr-fect kitty in my May Favourites. Nala is a 5-year old rescue beauty who steals hearts like there’s no tomorrow. Her Instagram profile nala_cat has 2.9 million followers and you wouldn’t regret it one bit if you were one of those who would get Nala to 3 million. She has the most gorgeous big eyes and the cutest little face ever. She loves getting her belly scratched and fitting into tiny boxes. In love with her! Makes me miss my kitty Lexi so much. I had to leave her with my parents when I moved to the UK. She turned from a city apartment cat into a little outdoorsy hunter. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t miss her purring and cuddles.

Nala Cat Instagram

Food is always a good idea, right? This wasn’t an easy choice since I have had so many delicious meals and treats in May (my waist would confirm it did happen). What makes this special treat different is that it was the very first time I had anything Norwegian! You probably remember this cozy bakery from my Instagram here and here. Dampbageriet in Kristiansand is my hubby’s favourite bakery in Norway. To say that I wasn’t disappointed is an understatement. The place is unbelievably cozy. The deliciousness on the table would be kanelboller, traditional Norwegian cinnamon bun which goes perfectly with a delicious cup of coffee. I must try and make it one day soon!

Bakery, Cinnamon bun, coffee, Norway, travel blog coffee shop

I have been loving a number of makeup bits and pieces but I decided to include only one lippy because two other skincare products stood out big time for me in May. Let’s start from this lovely Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 03 in a beautiful nude shade. It’s my all time go-to lippy which I opt for most days when I’m in a rush. It does stain your glass or mug rim and doesn’t have much of a longevity but it’s affordable and looks gorgeous. It works for me as a casual everyday lip product. Onto the cleansing wipes – before I go into detail about these I have to say I rarely use wipes to remove my makeup. I find that they can be quite harsh on the skin and don’t do the best job when it comes to getting my face nice and prepped for a beauty sleep. However, I can’t travel without wipes! When I discovered these Johnson’s Face Care Makeup Be Gone Clear Skin wipes I knew right away they will be a game changer. They are gentle, they remove every bit of makeup and aren’t drying. Since we traveled a lot in May they really came in handy. Last but not least, my favourite hand cream of May. Not only I don’t normally pop into Cath Kidston shop but also I’ve never considered trying out their skincare goodies. Passing by a CK shop one day I was lured in by a beautifully presented window and gave everything a nice browse (girl had some time to kill). Then I picked up this ahhhmazing scent that was coming from the skincare section of the store. The rest is history. Cath Kidston Meadow Posy hand cream became a staple in my purse. Big bonus – it comes in a travel size. Vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter – it ticks all the boxes. 

Johnsons Face Care Makeup Be Gone Clear Skin, Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick, Cath Kidston hand cream

I love sharing quotes that inspired me. It is especially true with this one. Many could relate when I posted it on my Twitter here. Very often we “let” the problems and worries eat us up, and it might even feel like there’s no comeback from it. No matter what you are going through right now, remember that this difficult road might bring you to a brighter future. God makes no mistakes and all we can do sometimes is let go and let Him handle things. Having had very tough start of 2016 (more in my Life Lately post), I am more than hopeful and encouraged because I can see things falling into place and puzzle pieces coming together. It all might sound a bit cryptic, sorry about that. The point I am trying to make is keep your chin up and don’t let any circumstances destroy you. You are precious, you are unique, you were wonderfully made. Keep going, keep moving forward. Your beautiful destination is just around the corner.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

This is the first time I am featuring a Favourite Photo in my monthly favourites but this picture is worth it. Instead of posing with camera-ready smiles we had no idea when this was snapped. Most likely you know that my babe is from Northern Ireland (and he lived in Norway for 12 years). We have our own home in Belfast and it was so good being able to visit it during the last bank holiday weekend. On Sunday afternoon we had a few free hours and decided to go for a walk with my lovely mother in law. We drove to Carrickfergus and walked up to the pier. It was super sunny, hence, those legs had to soak in some UV rays before the “summer” in the UK was to change to torrential rain. I love going to Northern Ireland and we both miss it a lot. Hoping to go across to the Emerald Isle soon again. Also, I love my man.

Miel and Mint blog, Northern Ireland

How was your month #05?

Hope you enjoyed my May Favourites.

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Can’t believe we are half way into 2016!
Happy weekending, lovelies!🍦

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