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Before I get into this post and go on in depth about my top five picks, I have to say that I am still exploring the lovely world of skincare after having ignored it completely back when I was a teenager. Either I was lucky to have great skin back then (I really was!) or I simply was into other things (big time straight A goodie student with a fab social life) but it got to the point when my skin has started “asking” for some TLC about 7’ish years ago. First I developed adult acne due to awful stress and, as a result, poor nutrition. Then the oiliness followed by the dryness kicked in topping it up with the “tired-looking” complexion. If the Skin Superman existed, I’d be sending light signals into thin air right away (yes, that’s a Batman reference, you got me) 🙂 Anyway, if you are anything like me and your skin suffers from blemishes or simply needs that extra love right now, read on. These 5 are my current must-haves which I am very happy with. I am still exploring so can’t wait to share about my new finds and additions to the HG list if/ when those become my staples. Ok, let’s dive in.

When I thought about the idea for this post, I didn’t go and pick up products based on the brand or the hype. I simply grabbed my current five favourites. Two of them happened to be from Lush and three are from The Body Shop. Here are my thoughts about these goodies:

Lush Tea Tree Water, Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Lush Tea Tree Water
This toner (or toner water) has been around for a while now and many bloggers have raved about it. I don’t tend to give in to the hype but the concept of a product with tea tree being the main ingredient got me curious. I’ve never had the privilege of saying that my skin is perfect / flawless / behaving so this product was pretty much calling my name. Tea Tree Water stores up natural ingredients such as tea tree water, grapefruit water and juniper berry water. All those “waters” are not the actual ingredients. It’s the oil from tea tree, grapefruit and juniper berry which is dispersed in water. Also, the product contains perfume and methylparaben which Lush labels as “safe synthetics”. While I would always prefer a product without those two “bad boys”, I love this toner so it doesn’t really put me off. I use it twice a day (morning and evening) by spraying it onto a cotton pad after I remove all of my makeup. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and it doesn’t dry it out. It doesn’t miraculously cure the breakouts overnight but it surely helps to prevent new ones. It does have a rich tea tree oil scent but I personally love it and find it quite subtle comparing to similar tea tree based products. Retail price: £4.50 for 100g.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty review

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty
First there was Cupcake (another incredible mask by Lush) and I will love it forever. Then there was Mask of Magnaminty and it quickly became one of my HG skincare products. Do you know that feeling when you are so excited to talk about something you have no idea where to start? Yup, that’s the case here. The main ingredients include peppermint oil, kaolin (clay), bentonite (clay), organic ground aduki beans and honey. Once again, methylparaben is present in the list but the amount used shouldn’t be causing any worries. Mask of Magnaminty is a special one! I use it every week and the process couldn’t be more enjoyable. It’s got this pale forest green colour which everyone can pull off, in my opinion 🙂 The mask has got chunks (ground aduki beans) and it’s a fab exfoliator. It smells absolutely incredible and it is so refreshing (think mint chocolate chip ice cream! – yummy). I leave it on for about 15min, then wash it off and apply a moisturizer. It has helped my irritated skin on several occasions and I always seem to come back to MOM. You should try it if your skin likes to play the game “I’m 15 again”. Excellent mask! Retail price: £5.75 for 125g.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty review

Aloe Gentle Facial Wash
This lovely foam is somewhat criticized for not being a killer makeup remover. After having used it for many many many months I can definitely confirm it removes makeup quite well but that’s not what I use it for. I usually take my makeup off with the help of 3 products (a separate post is coming!) and Aloe Gentle Facial Wash isn’t one of them. Instead I use it to refresh my skin and help to soothe any dryness which normally happens after winter and colder weather. My normally oily complexion started to get dry patches here and there and this product has been my HG facial wash as it calms my skin without stripping it of essential moisture and natural oils. It’s a gentle product, however, if you have uber sensitive skin make sure to sample it before buying a big bottle. Retail price: £9.50 for 150ml.

The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Facial Wash, Tea Tree Face Scrub, Drops of Youth Cream

Drops of Youth cream 

If you read my review of this lovely Drops of Youth cream here, then you probably remember me saying how much I have been enjoying it. Just a quick overview of the ingredientssea holly which repairs any skin damage, criste marine that has rejuvenating powers and my favourite one – edelweiss – a “shield” from UV rays and a strong anti-ageing component. I especially love the texture of the cream – it’s gel-like, light and “fluffy”. The product has a lovely cooling effect once applied and it happens to be a fabulous moisturizer. I definitely noticed the difference when I wake up in the morning if I used it before sleep. My skin is less dull and tired looking and more radiant and awake due to being hydrated well, I’m guessing. Good sleep does help it as well, there’s no doubt about that. This cream lasts for ages so the whooping cost of it can be more or less justified. Plus, it’s that good! Retail price: £20 for 50ml.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth cream swatch

Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub 

Last but not least (because this one is like a cherry on top), this scrub has quickly become my absolute favourite for many reasons. As you can tell, girl likes her tea tree. I wish I could say I didn’t need all these special ingredients for blemished or acne-prone skin but that’s what I have to deal with on a daily basis so products like this are must-haves. Even though it’s a really good scrub, it’s not harsh on the skin but fights those nasty blemishes well and keeps dryness at bay. It leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and hydrated at the same time. If you are a teen struggling with acne or an adult wondering why your complexion is mad at you, this might be the product for you. I use it twice a week (it takes turns with MOM) by gently rubbing it over my previously-cleansed wet face. No need to rub it in “squeezing” it into your skin as it might cause damage rather than treatment. I couldn’t recommend this scrub enough as it does help to prevent breakouts and treats the issue you have going on by gently removing dead skin and all the grime off your face. Retail price: £7.00 for 100ml.

The Body Shop Aloe Foam Facial Wash, The Body Shop Tea Tree Scrub swatch

Hope you enjoyed this post about my current 5 skincare must-haves, lovelies. 

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