Benefit Ka-Brow! & Ready, Set, Brow! Review

ka-brow Benefit review; ready, set, Brow! Benefit review

If you ask a beauty blogger to choose only one part of their face that MUST be done before they leave the house, I can guarantee that brows would be the top answer. I’d probably have to go for either lashes or brows – anything to have my eyes do the talking 🙂 Now, this next line is going to sound very shocking – I remember those days when brows weren’t significant. I know, I know, you might either agree with me because you know what I’m talking about, or you might think what kind of stone age it must have been haha. Long before Cara brought them back, only a few people would pay attention to the brows. And they were not doing it right. If only they had Benefit coming to the rescue. After buying and testing out ka-Brow! and ready, set, BROW! by Benefit for a few weeks, I can give you a little spoiler before we get into the review – I have never tried anything like this duo! That could only mean one thing… <3

ka-brow Benefit review; ready, set, Brow! Benefit review

Long before I could even dream about starting my own blog (but have been reading posts and watching videos by Dulce Candy – awww, good ol’ times), my friend and I used to take advantage of the amazing season change back in Ukraine and arrange “photoshoots” for each other (probably just for a new Facebook profile pic, IG was only being in the making). By the way, when I say season change I mean the fact that when we’d roll into the summer it would actually be hot and lovely, not wet and dull (my English babes will agree). Anyway, during one of those shoots I flipped through my pictures and saw the “wash-out” look due to no brow game whatsoever. That was literally my very first time using a brow pencil. Did I do a good job? No. If only I knew back then how big brows were going to be and how Benefit will come and save the day for all of us teen brow pluckers. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of pulling them out like there’s no tomorrow. 

ka-brow Benefit review; ready, set, Brow! Benefit review

When Benefit released their new brow collection, not only was I beyond excited but also I knew I had to up my brow game and give these a go. Benefit did something amazing and created this tab where you can “Explore Brow Magic” and find what product would match your brow needs in a few clicks. I read the description to every new product and chose ka-Brow! Brow Cream Gel and I never looked back. It will be an understatement to say that the packaging of all the goodies is absolutely beautiful. ka-Brow! isn’t an exception. A gorgeously designed silver top with a ‘magic wand’ of a tiny brush sits on top of a little glass jar with enough product to last for months. Whenever I was testing it out at my local Boots I got first-class customer service (massive kudos to my beauty retail girls!) and was reassured that even though I could go ahead and buy a brush, this teeny one that comes with the cream gel does the job perfectly. I couldn’t agree more. 

ka-Brow Benefit review

My thoughts:

  • the shade range is incredible so anyone can find the little jar of brow magic that would match perfectly (mine is 3)
  • the formula is immense – it’s not too wet or creamy – so you don’t waste any product when you pick it up
  • it goes on very soft and smooth and helps you get that perfect finished look in seconds
  • it fills patches perfectly without looking caked on 
  • it is 100% smudgeproof and will stay on all day – no kidding, it’s not going to move – so amazing!
  • it’s waterproof – I haven’t tried swimming wearing ka-Brow! but I have put it to a shower test and it did stay on!
  • it is natural looking but it’s also buildable which means you can go dramatic with it if needs to
  • it costs £18.50 but its quality is worth every penny and it lasts for ages 

ka-brow Benefit review and swatches

Along with my ka-Brow! purchase I got a fab gift which was this beautiful ready, set, BROW! Clear Brow Gel which claims to shape, tame and hold the brows. On top of that it promises to lock on makeup so your brows aren’t gone by the end of the day or night, it is super light. It definitely lives up to all the vows. If you are like me and have those few stubborn hairs that ALWAYS stand up as if they are making some sort of a statement (little rebels!), this setting gel stops that riot. 

My thoughts:

  • this setting gel is clear and super lightweight
  • it doesn’t go flaky or sticky on your brows, it also dries quickly
  • the silicone brush is amazing as it does a fab job shaping the brows and setting any product used
  • there are shorter and longer bristle sides to get both the “main body” and the tail sit right
  • perfect if you have those annoying flyaways – it has them tamed in no time!
  • it goes on smooth and doesn’t move the product underneath
  • the retail price is £18.50 (I got one for free – woohoo!)

ready, set, Brow! Benefit review

As you could probably guess from all the points above, I am very very very happy with these two goodies I got from Benefit. The brow look I created in the picture below is a little more dramatic than I would go for on a daily basis but it still looks pretty natural even though it’s quite bold. Both ka-Brow! and ready, set, BROW! made it to my everyday makeup routine and I have a feeling they are there to stay. Another amazing product I’d love to try is High Brow. Benefit improved the formula and the highlighting pencil 2.0 was born. 

ka-brow Benefit review; ready, set, Brow! Benefit review

I couldn’t recommend these two enough. The verdict has to be solid 10/10 (as big as it sounds).

ka-brow Benefit review; ready, set, Brow! Benefit review

Hope you enjoyed this brow review, lovelies.

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