Blogging Tips: How To Blog While Traveling

 How to blog while traveling; blogger guilt; blogging and traveling

It doesn’t matter if you have been a part of the blogosphere for 5 months or 5 years, sooner or later we all hit the wall with posting and doing all things blogging after being jetted off on a holiday. Most likely it’s still doable (and enjoyable!) to share away all the poolside goodness on your Instagram or snap your troubles away when you show off those perfectly tanned hot-dog legs. What about writing, proofreading, photography, promotion, networking etc. etc. etc.? The list goes on. We all know it’s hard work but we love it. That’s why we make things happen. The very same principle applies when it comes to blogging while you’re toasting under the sun in a far far land filled with warm sand, starry nights and limitless mocktails. Here are my 5 tips (that actually work!) on how to keep up the pace, stay on top of everything, avoid blogger guilt and enjoy every minute of your carefree vacay.

 How to blog while traveling; blogger guilt; blogging and traveling

Having taken 14 flights in 2016 so far (2 more this weekend), I have definitely faced the most common issues bloggers struggle with when it comes to time management and juggling everything. Plus, that all-consuming blogger guilt. It’s the worst! While I admire those bloggers who post every day and manage to lead a “normal” life full of fun and adventures, I can’t really imagine myself doing daily blogging (never say never, right?). Very often I have those days when everything happens at once, I am snowed under or simply tired and need to press that invisible pause button. At one point even the best of us admit that it can happen. Now, here’s a tougher question – what happens when we are traveling? It’s an even harder task to pull off. Don’t worry, I come bearing good news. It’s doable and it can work.

My 5 tips on how to blog while traveling 

(tried, tested and proven):

Planning ahead is beneficial. I am not talking about ONLY those blog posts you would want to schedule while you’re away. Let’s go bigger. Your yearly and/or monthly editorial calendar – gotta love those fancy words! – might need your attention right now as you are reading these lines. You might remember in my post How To Be Organised and Plan Your Posts I mentioned a blogger who had her content planned 6 months in advance. While it works for her, I don’t think I would treat that plan as if it’s “written in stone”. Often spontaneity is the best way to go. Something inspires you, you love what you are writing about and it shows (believe me, it really shows!). However, research and personal experience confirms that there’s more to it than just jotting down all those ideas and putting dates beside them. The posts you schedule to go live, while you’re enjoying a dip in the ocean, must still be 100% you. In my post How To Get Noticed By Brands top quality content was mentioned as one of key tips. Put in the required amount of time and effort into every single post to be happy with it when you hit “Publish”. Say no-no to articles written in a hurry. Planning might sound boring but it works wonders.

We got the importance of the content all figured out. It has to do mostly with text (according to Google). Well, there’s another crucial part of a good-quality blog post – photography. Once I got a message from another blogger on my blog’s Facebook page (btw, I love posting extra content there so come say hi). She was asking if photography was that important and what camera I was using. I gave all the answers to her questions including saying that photography was important to a certain extent. I still stick to my word. Beautiful photography MUST accompany class content. I might click on the post because the header image attracted me but if I don’t see the personality there or have wasted my time reading a generic post, I might not be back. While all that is true, don’t worry if you don’t have the newest Olympus Pen or the hottest DSLR lens. Crisp photos are stunning but make the best of the camera you do have! Get creative with your photos, backdrops, ideas behind them. When I started my blog I only used my iPhone and created posts that still rank the highest in views and comments. Take photos in bulk. Take generic ones. You will be able to use those pics for a number of posts you might want to publish while globetrotting. Snap away and your content will have a solid visual support.

 How to blog while traveling; blogger guilt; blogging and traveling

If you are writing all your tweets in real time and still keeping on top of everything, all I can say is wow! You’re a champ and I don’t know how you do it. While I could try and manage that once or twice on a day off, I would be struggling to post in that regime on a daily basis. Especially on holiday. There’s no need for the Bat-Signal in the sky because help comes in the form of Buffer, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Later (former Latergramme) and other handy apps. Not only they will help you post stuff when you’ve counted all the sheep but also it takes the pressure off you with promotion of your new (and old) content when all you want to do is enjoy that beach day. As much as it sounds oh-so-absolutely-incredible, do not become a blogger who does nothing but self-promotion. It actually makes a profile look quite boring, un-engaged and lifeless. Reply to your tweets, say “happy birthday” if you spot those popping balloons on a friend’s page, check in to see how your peeps are doing. And update! Shoot a little message here and there to say what you’re doing. Don’t worry about sharing a sunny poolside swimsuit snap even when you know 90% of your blogger babes are stuck in the office. They will still love you.

Sometimes planning doesn’t always seem to be in the books, especially when life takes over. It has happened to me and I am sure you had that realization as well. When all fails (without sounding too dramatic) and you are physically and/or mentally not able to produce a post, consider shooting your blogger bestie an email and ask them to write a guest post for you. Very often I come across Facebook posts about people looking for guest bloggers or offering their services as a one-off editor. It might work for some but I personally don’t think it’s the brightest idea. There is a number of risks involved in inviting a stranger to write an article that will go live on your blog. Firstly, you might think you can be confident about the quality of their work (maybe they even shared a portfolio with you) but you will only know for sure when it’s close to the posting time. Secondly, are you sure they are on the same wavelength with you? If you think their input is 100% relevant to your blogging space, then you might be safe. Finally, ask yourself if this contributor ever gave you feedback on your work. Have they commented on a single blog post? Have they stayed in touch with you on Twitter and RT’ed your stuff? If you like my content so much, why is this the first time I hear about it? Bottom line: go with someone you know, like and trust.

Even if you are super organised, have all your tweets scheduled, photos taken and content pre-written, sometimes it all has to be paused because you need a break. Here comes that blogger guilt I mentioned earlier. However, if you firmly decide you need that time off, let others know so they can say “bon voyage” and don’t worry about a thing. If you’re traveling alone it might be somewhat easy to open your laptop at any time of day or night and blog away. Most of the time we have travel buddies: family members, your other half and even pets. Let them enjoy the time away WITH you. Let yourself take a breather and spend some quality time with those you love. Explore the new place, soak in the sun, indulge in that salt-in-the-air-sand-in-your-hair time. Open your Instagram from time to time to share all the excitement so we can be happy for you and enjoy your well-deserved break!

Oh, and pin this as a reminder for later 😉

 How to blog while traveling; blogger guilt; blogging and traveling

Hope you enjoyed this post, lovelies.

Since it’s high time for that longed-for summer breaks, 

I thought this would come in handy to help you fight that blogger guilt, 

be more organised and happy.

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