June Favourites | 2016 + Mini Giveaway (CLOSED)

June Favourites 2016, The Body Shop Giveaway

Better late than never – the saying that is insanely old but still true. My June Favourites are finally here, and boy, they are amazing! Didn’t I say the same about my May Favourites? 😉 As for the quote, just a few days ago I was listening to this podcast and the person was talking about perfectionism and how destroying it is in so many ways. Being someone who’s always thriving to do my utmost best (still fully convinced it’s a pretty neat quality) I sometimes tend NOT to do a certain task rather that do it 50% or even 70%. While it’s great that I want to give it 101%, things don’t get done. What are your thoughts on it? Meanwhile, let’s dive into my June Favourites. Summer 2016 started off with lots of rain and gloom. Even though the weather hasn’t been on our side (ergo, summer in the UK doesn’t feel like summer if you know what I mean), there were still many things I have enjoyed last month. Let me take you on a little trip down the memory lane. Plus, there’s a mini giveaway at the end of this post, woot woot! I would love to share a mini set of my favourite body product with one of you, lovelies, for all the support and love you’re always showering me with. Big one is coming up shortly!

If I could get a penny for every time I ever said: “I’d love to be a flight attendant”… I remember watching a few YT videos where air hostesses “confess” how tough the job really is. Nevertheless, I know I won’t be one so let the girl keep on dreaming. This picture has probably given it all away. My favourite place of the month is up in the air. Does it qualify as a “place”? Well, in my books it does. There is something so exciting about that #airportlife and when the plane takes off. Also, I am one of those rare breeds who actually loves every step from arriving to the airport up until you get to enjoy the view of those fluffy clouds. Airports, in most cases, meant happy time for me because before I got married my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I had a long-distance relationship. Many visits, multiple flights, happiness, tears and all the jazz mixed together. For the last couple of years flying has been my absolute favourite since my better half is always in the next seat beside me. While I always give him my window seat, he lets me lean in to snap stunning pictures like these. I think it’s safe to say I have one more happy place, apart from the beach. It’s between 30,000 and 40,000 feet above the ground level.

Up in the sky, flying, wanderlust, jetsetter

I like The Rock not only because we share the same birthday but also because he can pull off a great comedy character. Forget about the tough guy and that cheese-full line “Daddy’s gotta go to work” in F&F franchise when he snaps his cast open just by flexing a bicep. He is still tough but very funny in Central Intelligence. When it comes to Kevin Hart, he nails it every time. There’s hardly any comedian who can genuinely make me laugh and K. Hart is one of the few. As for this movie, without spoiling it for you, the plot is quite simple yet it is a tiny bit twisted. However, the plot wouldn’t be your main focus. It is all about that amazing chemistry, funniest punch lines and overall great acting skills that these two have going on. What I like about it is that it starts with a popular guy sticking up for the unpopular kid while everyone is mocking him. Bullying is never cool. And this message is quite big: don’t let others influence the way you think and don’t do something just because the “cool kids” do it. While it’s been ages since my last day of high school (as well as university) I think it’s a great message to the younger crowd today. No one cancelled kindness. To sum up the movie, let’s just say, the blast from the past makes the adventure begin. Spot-on comedy movie night sorted.

Central Intelligence

Technically, I am including a little extra in my “Favourite Food” section. In the month of June I couldn’t say no to chocolate brownies. I mean, would you EVER say no to them? The exception is when you’re sticking to that meal plan and nothing can move you. I applaud you. I am still working on that. Plus, that #WorldChocolateDay! It’s an everyday deal, let’s be honest. Just look at this delicious brownie drizzled with hot caramel and sprinkled with sweet powdered sugar. In love. Along with this beautiful dessert comes a tall hot drink. I switched my regular Americano for a Latte. When it comes to Starbucks, I would rarely go for anything but a CM <3 I’ve always been a huge caffeine-based drinks person even though I still love me a nice cuppa tea. Especially mint tea. You might remember how I came up with Miel and Mint name for my blog from my January Favourites post. Do you let yourself indulge in treats like that or do you stick to a nutrition plan? 

Latte and chocolate brownie

For my June Favourites I am stepping away from my usual favourite animal IG profile (no, I will never get tired of cute dog & cat accounts). I have no idea how I came across this page but I sure am happy I did. This lady is Russian and she’s based in the city of Ufa, if I’m not mistaken, but travels around the globe and makes these glossy beauties. If you Google marble cakes, most likely you will see Olga’s creations pop up. How stunning are they, right? Fun fact: she went from 500 followers to 600k in a week! All because BuzzFeed and Britney Spears shared a little shout-out about her perfectly glazed masterpieces. They are definitely too pretty to “ruin”. Under every post Olga describes briefly what goes into each cake. Also, she shows some of them cut into pieces so you can drool over perfectly stacked layers that don’t bleed. She is a hands-down wizardess of cake! Warning: you might spend quite some time browsing through her IG which is an example of a real internet sensation or “how to wake up famous” but hey, what a talent!

Marble cakes by Olga Noskova

There were many beauty bits and pieces I loved in June but this one stood out. One day I asked my #bbloggers on Twitter what translucent powder they would recommend and the majority of responses were NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder. While there were others (which I took note of) I went ahead and ordered the NYX one and wasn’t disappointed. I take very little and dab all over my T-zone, where I would usually go oily, with a kabuki brush or a blush brush. It does a fab job at locking in whatever foundation and/or concealer I am wearing. The key is to use very little and blend it nicely, then you won’t get any chalky aftermath. Some say it looks horrendous in the pictures taken with flash. I haven’t tried it but I am pretty convinced, if you use it correctly, it should work fine for any skin tone and type.

NYX HD Powder, flatlay

I tend to think about myself as a patient person. Although I do struggle when it comes to small things. Like, if I feel like something needs to be done within the next hour, it MUST be done during that one hour. I am working on it. However, lately I have been challenged by something bigger that made me realize that sometimes it’s no use to rush things. Very often our “I want” or “I need” speaks louder than the understanding that it will all come just at the right time. This little quote / verse is a great reminder to be still and let God work on it. Only He knows what lies ahead and is in full control. So why am I rushing and worrying? In other words, taking that “chill pill” does help 🙂

Be still and know that I am God

Usually this would be the place where I would share one of the favourite wall or table decor pieces but this time I am going big. Couch/sofa big! You might remember that we moved house last month starting yet another chapter of renting property (and missing our own house!). Anyway, this is a lovely spacious and fully furnished place but the sofa was one big disappointment. It “retired” long time ago and needed its well deserved rest. I was beyond excited when we got this brand new red beauty delivered a few weeks ago! It’s super soft and cozy and it really made a statement in our interior with that pop of colour. In our own house I will be going back to beige or grey (if I’m not converted to brights by then) but this red beauty really rocks my boat now. By the way, not sure if I have ever mentioned this but homeware shops are my absolute favourite! What kind of sofa do you have at home and how much time you spend on it?

John Lewis Jackson red sofa

And finally…

Mini Giveaway!

The Body Shop shower gels in Satsuma, Moringa, Strawberry and Mango

+ a little surprise gift included along with this set


+ the giveaway is international

+ you can enter from July 15 to July 22

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The Body Shop shower gels

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you enjoyed my June Favourites, lovelies.

Make sure to take part in a giveaway. Good luck 😉

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