2 Years & 24 Reasons He’s The One

Miel and Mint wedding

Do you know the feeling when something you’re about to do is so big you have no idea where to begin? I have just raised my hand. So here I am, trying to get my thoughts together while struggling not to sob the happy tears. Two years ago I was wearing this stunning white dress. Two years ago he shed a little tear when he saw me wearing it (sorry I spilled the beans, baby). Two years ago we said our “I do’s” forever. These two years (as well as the last five – since the day we met) have been the most magical, blissful and perfect. If you asked me to list top 5 most important days in my life, August 12th 2014 wouldn’t only top it all. It’s off the charts. It is its own chart, list and level. Plus, he is THE ONE. How do I know? If you’re ready for more cheese, stick with me and read on.

Miel and Mint wedding

I often get asked (MANY!) questions about my marriage and married life in general. Not sure when I was unintentionally “labelled” or started being perceived as an expert (I am so not!) on it. If there was a degree of being a marriage guru, I would be on level A1, The Beginner (excuse the language learning levels ref). On top of that, each marriage is unique in its own way. Also, some are happy and some are, well, coping. Some think divorce is OK. Some plan the latter before they even exchange vows. To be completely frank with you, I don’t believe into nor support that way of thinking. On the contrary, I am a strong believer in marrying your best friend, once, for the rest of your life. It is a HUGE decision. But, when you know you know. “How do I trust him?”, “What about my freedom?”, “Why is he doing this or that?”, “How do I know he is the one?” are just a few I’m getting to hear from my female friends, acquaintances and complete strangers. While each of these have most likely been already covered in a separate book by those in counselling, I want to take that ONE question and give you my 24 reasons why he’s THE ONE. I feel like this post is written in Caps 🙂

24 Reasons He's The One

Why 24? It’s been 2 years so I thought I would list 24 reasons as the equivalent of the number of months. Let’s do this!

1. He is my bestEST friend. If you’re a linguist, please don’t trash my English before finishing reading this paragraph. He is more than the best friend. Hence, the EST extension is very much need there. Friendship is a huge thing to build your relationship on.

2. We trust each other. This trust isn’t just magically formed as a result of putting your signature down on your marriage certificate. Your vows aren’t just pretty words. Also, our trust towards each other stems from the faith and values we share.

3. He gets me (and I get him). As simple as that. If you are with the person who is “your human” and you just click, everything else falls into place like puzzle pieces. You’re on the same wavelength and you just dig each other.

4. He shares my passions. Hubby and I are huge travel addicts. As much as we love the comfort of our home, we love to jet off to far destinations together. This year, so far, we took 20 flights. Two more are coming up in a few weeks (can’t wait!).

5. We communicate. You hear that phrase here and there and might even think “What a bunch of baloney!” Well, it’s not. Couples that talk/discuss/share/disagree/agree/etc. are happy. It’s so important to speak up and to listen. 

6. He listens. Men definitely talk a lot less than they get to listen. We’re not talking about hearing the actual sounds and noise coming out of your significant other. You actually LISTEN to them. They listen to you. Listening rules.

7. Oh-so-attractive. Ok, let’s be real. What is the first reason that made you interested in your other half? You saw them 🙂 Period.

8. He is intelligent. Now, that is a whole another level of attractiveness. I’m not only talking about academic knowledge. It’s the intelligence that comes in a package with common sense and zero awkwardness.

9. I am myself around him. We all “wear faces”. Sometimes we even feel obliged to hide our real one. The most amazing thing about my husband is that I am wearing my 100% authentic “face” with him. I can relax. I can be me.

10. He accepts and supports my background. I wasn’t born and bred in the UK. I come from a different culture and mentality (a blend of Ukrainian and American). He knows that. He respects that. We even celebrate two Christmases 🙂

11. We have fun together. Married life is SO. MUCH. FUN! Not only you get to spend as much time as you want with your better half but also you get to experience things you love together. Being married doesn’t mean the fun stops. It begins!

12. He has a heart of gold. Honestly, there is hardly anything more amazing than seeing your man treat everyone with respect and dignity. Family, friends, staff at the restaurants. Even those who clearly don’t deserve it. 

13. We learn from each other. Have I ever told you the story about how my hubby and I met? Well, I was his language tutor (I must tell you more in a different post haha)! We both constantly learn something new from each other.

14. I look up to him. This one is somewhat linked to no.12. He makes me a better person. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t “pick up” something from my man. He learns from me as well, e.g., I teach him American slang. Jokes 🙂

15. He loves his mum. But he’s not a momma’s boy. To my mind, men must respect and love their mothers but should never cross the line and compare those two most important women in their lives. On a related/unrelated note, I love my MIL to pieces!

16. He can grow stubble. I had to include a few silly ones, right? As much as I think clean cut is quite a nice thing, I love me some stubble. My hubby, thankfully, can grow one. 

17. He has friends. IMHO, if a man doesn’t have his squad/buddies/dudes, it’s a bit of a red flag. He surely has at least one. They aren’t there only for a weekly game of football or a group skiing trip. They really have each other’s backs.

18. We survived through a long-distance relationship. Not every couple goes through it but if you have been there (or are in one currently), you know it’s not a walk in the park. But then again, you two make it work and come out of it stronger than ever!

19. He is my biggest fan. I have not yet comes across any other person in the world, apart from my parents, who supports me and cheers for me more. He encourages me, helps me and makes my self-esteem go sky high and rock hard.

20. Our fundamentals are the same. Even though we might be from two different countries, cultures and backgrounds, we stand on the same ground in our faith and beliefs. I think it’s crucial to know that you click when it comes to that “foundation”.

21. We know each other’s “love languages”. I never had to tell my hubby that I need “acts of service”, “quality time” or “words of affirmation”. He knows it because see no. 3. I know his too. Also, we know each other’s buttons and we don’t press them.

22. We make plans together. Half a year from now or 5 years down the line. You know you both want to be together to the very last breath when you’re both insanely old. Decisions are agreed, agreements are reached. See no.5.

23. He has the right priorities. My hubby is a hard worker. His job is extremely demanding and it’s more of a career than just employment. Yet, he’s never made nor ever will make it a priority. It is not things that take that first place.

24. Just because. Let’s call the last reason “just because”. It’s all about the little (and big) things he says or does knowing YOU will love it. There’s no benefit involved, no need for a reward or a pat on the back. He does it because he loves me. And I love him.

Miel and Mint wedding

Hope you enjoyed this post, lovelies.

Heads up for more cheese:

Sometimes I stop and think to myself “Wow, he is my HUSBAND” and smile.

Btw, I walked down to aisle to this song (we had our own musicians w/ live musical instruments).
So thankful for these two years. So many many many more to come <3

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 How long have you been in your current relationship/marriage? 
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I am posting this today because tomorrow is our actual anniversary. 
Digital detox and lots of time together 🙂 
There is a verse that describes perfectly how I feel about my hubby:
“I have found the one whom my soul loves” {Song of Solomon 3:4}

Thanks so much for reading this, my beauties, and for your outpouring love.

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