Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette & 7-Piece Gunmetal Brush Set Review

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette review, Crownbrush brush set review

Get your eyes (well, eyelids) ready because things are about to get shimmery. While I do enjoy an occasional matte, I can’t resist me some sparkle and glitter. Not that I’m obsessed with glittery things, but I wouldn’t say a “big fat no” to them. It might be all due to the ‘magpie effect’. Sometimes it’s physically impossible to walk past a gleaming range of eyeshadows or a row of brightly coloured, well, anything. Just a week ago my lovely friend Emma and I found ourselves browsing through all the gorgeous girly goodies down those enticing makeup aisles in Edinburgh’s Jenners while boys were patiently waiting. Basically, we closed the store. As much as I find that will power comes easy to me in order to say no to getting a new lipstick or a palette (I’ve never been a hoarder), I still admit that it’s amazing to get your hands on a shiny new box and start playing. That’s why when lovely people of CrownBrush UK got in touch with me and offered to review a palette and a set of brushes, I knew I was ready to play. Let’s see how the “game” went on.

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette review, Crownbrush brush set review

If you are a proud owner of one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, you might be thinking just about now how much this Crown Brush palette resembles Naked by UD. Some people might call it a dupe because it cuts the price in half and offers eerily similar shades. When I had that first peek and swatched it (after taking hundreds of photos first to have it looking “presentable” because #bloggerlife), I had million thoughts rushing in and the review was writing itself in my head. Same applied to this set of brushes I received. They were everything what I thought they’d be. After using these goodies for over a month, I am ready to spill the beans.

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette review

It was one of those I-am-so-excited-I-am-shaking kind of moments when I opened Under Exposed Eyeshadow Palette*. The shades are an absolute perfection if you want to re-create a beautiful smoky, a staple gunmetal or an everyday soft chocolate’y or romantic champagne’y kind of look. Once again, the resemblance with Naked by UD is uncanny, and, fortunately, it goes into quality as well. The packaging is simple but nice – a sleek black box with the name of the product and the brand on the outside. It feels a bit plastic’y and light but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ve heard some people complain about the quality of mirrors in Crownbrush palettes. What I discovered is that the mirror goes a bit funny (makes your vision blurred) if you hold it at more than 50cm or 20 inches away from your face. Well, no one would be doing their eye makeup holding a mirror almost 40 inches away. Therefore, the mirror works perfectly fine while you’re using it for the purpose of playing with these stunning shades. Also, most of the time, the brush, which comes as a part of the package with an eye palette, is not the best (if I can put it mildly). This is not about Crownbrush as this brush has been so well used and loved by yours truly. This double-sided eyeshadow brush has a stiffer (but still soft) flat shadow brush end and a fluffy brush end which works wonders for blending. The palette includes 12 (gorgeous!) shades which are labeled from 01 to 12. Do you know how sometimes there are shades included in a palette that never get any love? It is so not the case with this one!

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette review

All shades are beautifully pigmented and the range would suit any / every skin type or eye colour. Swatches didn’t need multiple coats so what you see is one rich layer of each shadow. I feel like it should be said again and again – oh boy, that pigment! The photos don’t do them justice as they are much more intense IRL. There are 2 matte shades and 2 “softly shimmering” ones which is a great balance since I am all about that glow.
01 is stunning light champagne colour which gives just enough shine and sparkle to become that no.1 browbone shade.
02 is a beautiful light rose/mauve which is a great “refreshing” addition to this warm palette.
03 is a lighter chocolate matte which works great as a base shade for a soft smokey or an everyday look.
04 is super glittery (to the perfection!) almost-twin of Sidecar. It gets a lot of love (and stacks of brownie points) from me.

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette swatches

05 is a darker matte in this palette and is ideal for along the base of the lid above the lash and crease for that oomph! smokey look.

06 is that bright summer glow in a nutshell. Insanely beautiful shade which would make a perfect statement.

07 perfectly resembles Smog and I am lost for words when it comes to describing this beauty of a shade. LOVE it!

08 is a less shimmery (but still sparkly) darker brown which would compliment all three shades mentioned above.

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette swatches

09 is a stunning shade resembling Toasted and it makes one beautiful cocktail when blended with 02.

10 is your guy if you need that intense dark colour to achieve that on-point smokey.

11 is another fun shade which is a stunning dark gunpowder pigment if you’re looking for something not on the warm side.

12 is a lighter version of 11 with a blue’y undertone which goes into “two peas in a pod” mode with its darker version.

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette swatches

My thoughts and conclusions:

  • all 12 shades are absolutely fascinating and every single one of them would be well loved 
  • the pigmentation is beyond compare for this price/quality ratio (swatches speak for themselves)
  • perfect mix of shimmery, satin and matte shades
  • there’s a good bit of a fall out only if too much powder is picked up
  • the formula is creamy and soft which makes it go on smoothly and blend flawlessly
  • make sure to use the right brush or an applicator with this palette (quality over everything!)
  • they shade look and last the best with a primer underneath if you have oily eyelids (like I do)
  • it’s an amazing (!!!) dupe of the original Naked palette
  • the brush included with the palette is great: soft, does the job well, durable (no lost bristles after multiple washes)
  • excellent for intense and soft smokey eye + perfectly suitable for everyday usage
  • retail price: £19.99 (or £15.99 if you use a coupon code FLASH20 which expires on Sep 15 so you better hurry!!)

Crownbrush brushes review

A girl can never have too many brushes. While I am happily typing up that saying, I can also confirm that I am very VERY picky as to what brushes I choose and want to keep in my collection. As I mentioned in my Currently Craving post, I don’t like wasting money on way too much makeup which will not be used/loved/appreciated and will most likely go out of date before I realize I actually have it tucked away somewhere. That’s why I am uber selective. It’s nice to try new things but before I hit “buy” I know exactly that I want it and need it 1,000,000%. The same rule applies to makeup brushes. However, when I got a chance to give this 7-piece travel brush set in Gunmetala go, I was over the moon. This set is a new guy on the block. The brushes come packed away neatly in a soft silver pouch with little compartments inside for each brush. The pouch is perfect to put these away when you’re traveling (and I will make sure to bring them with me on our holiday to Dubai). The set includes 7 brushes which is obvious from the name:

– powder: set your makeup with this one applying a light coat of your choice of powder

– duo fiber blender: blend your foundation, fluid or cream with this one for that lightweight application

– oval concealer: great for that precision application of concealer under the eyes or on blemishes/imperfections (suits my needs)

oval shadow: your shade of choice will go on flawlessly over your eyelid with this one (it’s super soft, too!)

round crease: amazing for achieving that intense finish over the lash line and in the crease

oval lip: lovely soft brush for applying your lip product with immaculate precision (I use it for my MUFE 7 Rouge Artist Lip Palette)

bent liner: picks up liquid, powder, cream and gel products very well and can be used to create a wing

Crownbrush brushes review

My thoughts and conclusions:

  • this set are definitely a perfect set for traveling as you get most of the brushes you need on the go
  • they come with these beautiful gunpowder grey shimmery shade handles, hence, look very stylish
  • each brush is extremely soft, bristles are positioned properly and secure + there’s no fall out
  • the hair type is mixed: goat, sable and/or synthetic
  • the quality is mind-blowing for the price tag you pay
  • all brushes are easily washed (I use a mixture of washing up liquid or dish washer liquid and olive oil)
  • I couldn’t be more pleased with this set and have been using them every single day for over a month
  • retail price: £24.99 (currently out of stock but might come back; meanwhile check out this stunning White HD Set –  I’m so heart-shaped eyes emoji over it)

Crownbrush brushes review

Overall, I am very happy about this palette and brushes being a success in my books. I couldn’t recommend them enough as great dupes for a more affordable price tag. They are not overly cheap, yet if you add a few more pounds you get a fab quality product. 

 Under Exposed Eyeshadow Palette  7-piece gunmetal brush set  White HD set

  *PR samples. All opinions are my own and genuine.

Hope you enjoyed this review. 

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