Dainty Jewelry Love: Happiness Boutique Earrings

Happiness Boutique review, diamond stud earrings, leaf stud earrings

I never had a choice whether I wanted pierced ears or not. I was 5 when my mum decided to take me to this salon where a lovely lady gave me a lollipop. 10 minutes later I came out with little gold studs in my ‘lobes. Thankfully, I was lucky enough not to bleed much or scream in pain. In fact, I remember that it was quick and I LOVED the final look. When I told my husband this story, he was in panic: “We will never do it to our child!” haha. Let’s just put it this way – if I ever wanted to stop wearing earrings, I’d simply take them out and the holes would heal almost lickety-split. I decided to keep them. Since then I have tried and worn all kinds of jewelry: from heavy chandelier to delicate pieces. For over 3 years it’s been all about stud earrings. So when Happiness Boutique got in touch with me and offered to try out their pretty goodies, I knew my dainty jewelry collection was about to get a little bit bigger.

Happiness Boutique review, diamond stud earrings, leaf stud earrings

Last week I made most of you gasp at this post when I told you that if I could skip on a makeup item, it would be lipstick (still gasp-worthy, right?). Well, today is a new day, hence it’s time to “reveal” another personal “bent” of mine – earrings. If you see me outside my home and I got nada in my ears, something is wrong. 99% of the time it would take me a good minute or two to pick out a pair for the day to match or contrast the outfit and makeup. They add that “cheery on top” finish to the look. So when Happiness Boutique asked what piece of jewelry I wanted to order, it was a no-brainer. A little parcel arrived gorgeously wrapped with these fine bits and bobs stored carefully in their tiny individual bags. There was also this lovely bookmark with a quote by Audrey Hepburn “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” and a little card which read “for lovely Nadia” on the back. It’s all about the details

diamond stud rose gold earrings

These Diamond Stud Rose Gold Earrings* caught my eye right away. Two words, girls: diamond shape and rose gold. I feel like there’s no point in saying anything else. The base material is titanium, and they are “rose gold-plated” which means the outer layer is a thin coat of rose gold. In all fairness, they are not just pretty to look at but also very comfortable to wear. Traditional back stoppers are also rose gold; they aren’t designed to close way too tight but they do make the earring stay in place nicely. These beautiful bijouterie pieces would work perfectly with a casual daily tee+jeans look and can easily be rocked with an elegant LBD adding that edgy/chic/trendy/I-am-my-own-party kind of touch. Retail price: £16.45.

leaf stud gold earrings

My other choice fell on these Leafy Fern Gold Stud Earrings*. Boy, aren’t they shiny, dainty and fine-looking? These “leafy ferns” are definitely a tiny bit heavier than the diamond shape ones but it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. What stood out to me was that these are screw-back earrings which could potentially consume a little more time to secure them if you’re not used to doing it. Another discovery was the thickness of the bar. Since they are a bit chunkier/thicker, it wouldn’t suit those who have just pierced their ears. These beauties add a romantic touch to any look: from a floral dress to a flirty romper. Tip for freshly pierced ears: wear ONLY (thin) pure gold or surgical steel until the area is healed completely. Retail price: £13.84.

Happiness Boutique review, diamond stud earrings, leaf stud earrings

Happiness Boutique is definitely one of those brands that cares about a customer. Based in Berlin, Germany they reach out internationally in order to spread the happiness. What stands out is their amazing “positive vibes only” attitude. Not only do they spoil us with free shipping worldwide (yaaas!), but also they offer a special reward program to each shopper. You can collect so called “reward points” when you buy, share your purchases on social media or contribute to the “Happy Gallery”. They can later be redeemed for a selection of sweet “prizes” (e.g., when you reach 100 you can get a cool postcard from Berlin or when you hit 200 – expect a surprise jewelry pressie in your mail box). On top of all that, Happiness Boutique kindly offered me a unique discount code mielandmint for my readers. So when you decide to shop at Happiness Boutique you will get a 10% discount on orders over 19 euros and it’s valid to September 19th. I don’t make any commission offering you this code so it’s a 100% “gratis” type of an offer 🙂 I really enjoyed collaborating with Happiness Boutique and couldn’t recommend them enough to you. Even if you don’t wear earrings, you might fall for their bracelets, necklaces and rings. The selection of beautiful jewelry would satisfy any craving as it is second to none.

Happiness Boutique review, diamond stud earrings, leaf stud earrings

* PR samples; all opinions are my own and 100% genuine

Hope you enjoyed this post and review of Happiness Boutique and their fab little earrings.

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