July Lifestyle & Beauty Favourites | 2016

July Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites

Yesterday morning I jumped out of the bed like a rocket when my annoying alarm ring tone was just starting to go off. Not sure why all of a sudden I was so wide awake but it doesn’t happen very often. Nevertheless, the first thing I saw when I looked at my phone was this random email with a recommended tweet saying “Only 145 sleeps left”. Apparently, gmail must have thought I couldn’t wait for Santa’s visit. I have to admit, I AM one of those people who could watch an occasional Christmas movie in summer (please don’t report me to any services) but this post isn’t about that. August is here which means it’s time to get my bum in gear and share all about my July Favourites before month #8 is finito. August is uber special in my life (since 2014). In 10 days hubby and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary (woohoo!). Time really flies when you’re having fun 🙂 Couldn’t be more blessed to call him mine. More about all the romantic lovey-dovey stuff on August 12th. Now, let me take you on a little adventure back to lovely July.

I am not an overly huge fan of a very long Snapchat story. I might flick through it like there’s no tomorrow or leave it altogether. Of course, all that depends on the person who’s snapchatting. Well, I broke my own rule a few days ago. If you’re following me on SC (mielandmint), you might have seen lots of pics of blue skies, yummy food and the gorgeous scenery of North Wales last Saturday. The day started off with our little tradition of sleeping in (oh, bliss!) and making crepes (hubby is all about that raspberry jam and I am addicted to Nutella). Then we decided to take this little road trip on a whim and soak in a bit of sunshine beside the coast. Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Conwy happened to be the stopping points, and I have to say – it was one of the most relaxing and lovely Saturdays I’ve ever had. Since I have mentioned Llandudno in my VERY FIRST monthly faves post, I thought it was time to show you a little wonder that is Conwy. The place is this one gorgeous backdrop of the beautiful Conwy Castle, Conwy Marina and Quay, lush green mountain and endless rows of cute little shops and cafés. It’s one of the loveliest towns I have ever been to in the UK.

Conwy, Wales, Conwy Castle

Last month I made you all drool big time when I shared these marble cakes in my June Favourites. It was an experimental change from my usual doggie/kitty/raccoon IG accounts (which I still love oh-so-much). July one is 180 degree different altogether. While many career focused profiles can be quite blah, thankfully there are amazing professionals out there who communicate their knowledge through very neat design. Enters Career Contessa. Not only their Insta is full of inspiration regarding the world of business, the website is even better as it’s full of nifty articles on topics such as work, money, life, wellness, culture. Career Contessa is designed and made for professional women by professional women. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your teens, 20’s 30’s or have just celebrated your 50th, this website might become valuable in your present or future career. I am all about a source that will help women grow, be strong and independent. That being said, I hope you will not have “the Monday-est Tuesday ever” this week 😉

Career Contessa Instagram

If only I had more free time during the day to dedicate to Twitter chats! They are an amazing way to connect with other bloggers and nip that FOMO in a bud. Unfortunately, I have to be quite selective when it comes to chatting but there are a few hashtags which I love and that one hour would be worth all my time and energy. One of such chats is #lbloggers chat which is aimed at lifestyle bloggers. Unless you have a defined niche and blog strictly about beauty or pets, you might not find it appealing. On the other hand, if you enjoy sharing your lookbooks, mixed with beauty reviews and an occasional life update with a little trip away added to this lovely blend, you are officially a lifestyle blogger. I enjoy the fact that Miel and Mint is about everything that I love. No limits, no restrictions. That’s why when I was contacted to host #lbloggers for the first time I was beyond excited but it wasn’t the best timing. I had to decline twice, sadly (more explanation in my Life Lately post). Finally, I was able to say “YES” to July 24th. Even though I am still quite new to Twitter (one year old here), this was the 1st time I had 200+ notifications coming in every two seconds! My fingers were on fire but I had the best time! Couldn’t be more thankful for the feedback. These are just a few of many lovely tweets <3

#lbloggers chat

Exactly one month ago I posted this review of Benefit Ka-Brow! and Ready, Set, Brow! and you guys loved it! I’m sure this isn’t too big of a surprise that Ka-Brow! made it into my July Favourites. Waterproof, smudgeproof and all round incredible little jar of creamy goodness which helped me immensely to up my brow game. It fills the patches perfectly and the consistency isn’t too dry (so you drag it) or runny (no thanks to that) but just right (I’m doing the Italian gesture for Eccelente! aka the Italian finger kiss). Next absolute fave is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in a shade Zurich. Not only did I almost do a happy dance when the NYX counter was opened at my local Boots but I also picked up goodies for my personal use and the upcoming giveaway 😉 Oh the beauty that is the pigment inside these cute little tubes! Little tip: exfoliation and priming is a must if you have any cracks in your lips. Finally, when I say “last but not least” you might get ready for something that is generally my utmost favourite. July became the month when I first tried Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and boy, did it make a little revolution in my makeup bag! I normally use it to smooth out my under eye (Prada) bags and lighten dark circles. Since the first time I saw Em Ford (My Pale Skin) using and recommending it, I knew I had to get my hands on one. The incredible part is that this concealer is super affordable (£4.19), buildable and it stays on all day after I set it with my NYX HD Setting Powder which I mentioned before here. I will be reviewing it in detail very soon.

Benefit Ka-Brow, NYX matte lip cream, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Just a few days ago I read a tweet which said: “2016 so far has felt like living in a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino”. While there’s humour in it, we all know that the first part of this year was tough. I might not know about the circumstances you’re going through, you might not know everything I have going on but we all have witnessed the cruelty of the mankind every time we read the news. Especially so in the last few months. I am stopping myself from going full on at everything that happened in the US, France, Turkey, Japan, Germany and the list goes on. It is heartbreaking to hear about so many innocent lives lost. The scary part is that this isn’t the front of the battlefield here because nowhere is safe any more. I understand we can’t change hearts of those monsters who wake up in the morning with the thought of killing others. If you want to take action, start with yourself. We can have our hearts changed. You never know how much our attitude has influenced someone’s day or how strong our words have been imprinted on someone’s mind. A change of heart isn’t an overnight process and it’s not about relying on our own ability. Nevertheless, one always has a choice between evil and good. This beautiful print belongs to seedsoffaithdesigns. This is not sponsored, I just found this image on Pinterest and made sure to get in touch with them to ask for permission to share it. Make sure to check out their gorgeous work.

Cling to what is good

Let’s come back to that Snapchat chit chat. If you have been following me there, you have most likely seen us feed these furry cuties. Hubby and I love our little relaxing walks in the park just round the corner. Let’s be real, it is a waste if we go “giftless”. That’s why I make sure to top up our stash of almonds to give to these little ones every time we pop over for a visit. They are super friendly, not timid at all and would come running after you to get an extra treat. It’s no surprise that we keep coming back just to spoil them a little. Even though we are currently renting pretty much in the centre of the city, it’s amazing to have a park close-by. It’s not Central Park (oh the feels) but it works for now. As for Central Park, I have a super special post coming up at the end of August – stay tuned.

Feeding squirrels in the park

Can I please get a little drum roll because this is quite big? As you might know (I will probably remind you again down below) Miel and Mint is going to be 1! I can’t believe my little baby-blog has been around the blogosphere for a full year. It’s been an amazing ride and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. With that being said, I have been having these thoughts for a few months now. Being multi-lingual isn’t a luxury I got “bestowed” on me, it was more of a necessity I was born and grew up with. Most of my family lives in Ukraine and so do most of my friends. Blogging let me connect with so many people around the globe, including those who speak my first language, Ukrainian. If only I could count the messages and comments I get about how it’s too bad Miel and Mint is in English. There was a time when I thought about adding a translation below the English text but since I am wordy as it is, it would be way way way too text-heavy. Plus, 99.9% of the time I would feel comfortable sharing my thoughts in English. I was growing up learning it, I taught it, I lived in the States and then moved to the UK. It’s in my bloodstream. Here comes the “but”, a happy “but”. I decided to start another blog! Woohoo! It will be in Ukrainian and it won’t be a copy of Miel and Mint. The content there will still cover everything I love: from makeup to traveling. It will be more accustomed to match the interests of my readers who live across the water. Massive sorry for unloading the good news and then saying it will be in a different language. Miel and Mint is still (and will always be) my number one. It isn’t going anywhere and the content is going to get only better. I can keep you updated with an occasional link to my new blog if you’d like that. It’s still nameless but it will all be revealed soon. The launch is September 12th 🙂

You had me at hello, blogging, new blog

July was a great month, too bad it was over so fast but it means our holiday is closer so can’t complain about that 🙂

Feel free to pin this little guy if you have blogging related boards <3  

July Favourites Pinterest

How was your month #7?

Hope you enjoyed my July Favourites, my sweet mints.


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