Miel and Mint is ONE! + Blogiversary Giveaway (Closed)

Miel and Mint is ONE, giveaway

Honestly, I have to pinch myself every time I think about it or say it out loud. My little blog-baby is ONE today! I properly started writing (and promoting) in September last year but August 2015 will always be special in a very humbling way. I remember when I first hit 50 views in one week I was on cloud 9 (most of those views were probably myself and my hubby haha). Now Miel and Mint is doing 5 digits and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the support I have been getting throughout this year. So many amazing connections and friends made, new things explored and fun blog posts written. I especially appreciate you sticking by me when times were tough and I could barely squeeze out 3 posts a month! You guys are incredible. To celebrate my first milestone I decided to run this giveaway as a little thank you for being so ahhhmazing. Ok, who’s ready to take a stroll down the memory lane with me? 

Miel and Mint is ONE, giveaway

As you might know by now one way or another, I am not a pro baker. I can cook but I have very (pretty much close to none) experience with baking. Not that I never tried but I just don’t do it (at the same time I wouldn’t miss a single episode of The GBBO). Why am I talking about baking all of a sudden? Because I thought I would definitely manage to bake a tiny cake or even a little muffin for my 1st blogiversary but this week has been one mad rush so I didn’t. Instead, I blew out a candle in a non-edible “pastry” 🙂

This year has taught me a lot. Ups and downs are more than normal and they happen on a daily (actually, even hourly) basis in the blogging world. I will soon publish a separate post on what this year meant to me, the lessons I learnt, mistakes I made, results I got. I’m sure it would come in handy for you if you’re a new blogger. If you’re a vet, it might make you look back and go: “Yup, it feels just like it was yesterday”. I start scrolling back. All the way back. To my very first post (which I should probably update/edit/make-it-more-now-me). It was a real challenge because I had no idea “how to blog” back then. After I launched that first “blogi-rocket” I was clueless regarding what to do next. Bloglovin’ was discovered and we started the ball rolling. Few months in I found my voice and style! My posts were “evolving” and started to look and sound more like this: honest, expressive, helpful (hopefully!) and wordy 🙂 

Miel and Mint is ONE, giveaway

Thankfully, you guys never complained about the amount of text I tend to “unleash” on you. I’m trying my best not to do the “Rachel ” and “ramble on for 18 pages. BACK AND FRONT” 🙂 Let my blog do the talking for me. Here are my top 10 posts not based on the numbers of views but on your kind feedback and the fact how much I loved writing them:

Can I sneak one more in, please? This one means the world to me: 5 THINGS I LEARNED IN MY FIRST YEAR OF MARRIAGE

If I’m completely frank, each and every post of mine is written carefully and with lots of care for you guys, your time and trust in me. Also, it blew my mind how many sweet and kind messages I got today after I shared my special little milestone with you on Twitter.

Miel and Mint is ONE, giveaway

Without any more delay, let’s get straight into the GIVEAWAY!

(which are just “a few of my favourite things”):

+ Jack Wills mini nail files

(I love the brand + these little emery boards are super handy to carry in your bag or when traveling)

+ Eylure lashes

(these are my absolute faves – very natural yet full luscious lash look)

+ Treacle Moon 2 mini bath & shower gels (My Coconut Island & The Honeycomb Secret) 

(have been re-purchasing these so many times; currently using The Honeycomb Secret – it’s incredible)

+ Rimmel nail polishes in shades Bestival Blue & Sweet Retreat by Rita Ora 

(I adore these gorgeous summer colours!)

+ Tropical Cocktail scented lip balm

(one of my favourite emoji and the balm smells amazing)

+ NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in shade Cocoa 

(I love chocolatey tones so much!)

+ NYX Flawless Finish Blending Sponge

(can’t do my makeup without a sponge now)


+ the giveaway is international

+ you can enter from August 04th to August 25th

+ to enter you need to follow the steps provided by Rafflecopter (below the photo)

Miel and Mint is ONE, giveaway

And the winner is:

Congratulations, Jemma!!! I tweeted about you winning the giveaway and sent you an email.

Hope you enjoyed this post and a little look back at Miel and Mint’s 1st year in the blogging world.

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Leave a comment and let me know what you have been loving most about my blog. 
What would you change? What posts do you enjoy most of all & why?

Thank you so much again for your love and support.
It means the world to me!

🌍 🌎 🌏

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