MUFE 7 Rouge Artist Lip Palette Review

Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette in Coral Review and Swatches

There is one thing I always skipped in my makeup routine since I was a teenager (probably up to my mid-twenties). Sit down and hold on tight because this might be painful, girls. Yes, as you most likely have guessed by now, I am talking about a lipstick (or any lip product per se) apart from a lip balm. Gasp, IKR?! Then one glorious day everything changed. I had to take part in this work related gig where we had to wear all black and a red lipstick was a must. Do you know how sometimes you try something for the 1st time and nail it? It’s safe to say it’s almost impossible to repeat that first successful go. It happened to me when I first tried a messy bun look (worked like a charm – that one time!). So you can imagine my surprise when I LOVED how red lipstick looked on me. Fast forward to today. Even though you won’t see me wearing a lip product every single time I go outside, you will definitely spot me rockin’ a nude shade or something on the more-wearable-during-the-day side. I love my brights, especially reds, and my insanely pigmented mattes but on special occasions or when I feel like it. Enters Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette*.

Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette Review and Swatches

When I was contacted and asked to test out a few products from a lovely store called Precious About Makeup (PAM), I was beyond excited to explore a new beauty online destination. They ship internationally and there are always amazing deals running on the website. I knew I wanted to go for something in the lip department so when I spotted this stunning Make Up For Ever 7-colour Rouge Artist Palette* I was swooned. Since I was torn which shade range to choose I was kindly offered a suggestion from their MUA and, as a result, got this beauty in shade H4 Coral. I couldn’t be happier with that choice.

Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette Review and Swatches

The packaging is simply stunning. You can’t expect anything less from MUFE anyway. The box is lightweight but of very good quality. This particular lip palette doesn’t come with a brush so you might need to invest in one (if you haven’t go a stash of them already). When you first open the palette the colours look matte’ish and very pigmented. That’s when you need to flip the box and look at the shades list. MUFE lip palette shades come in two variations: Natural and Intense. The lip palette Coral accounts for 7 shades: Mat1 Intense, 24 Intense, N40 Natural, 39 Intense, N41 Natural, 40 Intense and N42 Natural. Four of these are Intense which means there’s more pigment to them. Three shades are Natural which indicates they are sheer (more or less, depending on an individual shade) and go on like a beautifully tinted balm. This was swatched in a dimly-lit room facing the window, hence a bit of a shine.

Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette Review Swatches

First three shades in a palette are very beautiful (so are they rest of them, to be fair). Mat1 Intense has to be one of my personal favourites. It has a Dolce K vibe to it with a strong coral definition. It’s more on the matte side comparing to other shades in this palette. 24 Intense is a gorgeous light(er) coral which goes perfectly with no-makeup makeup plus big lashes. The pigment appears in the first few strokes and it looks oh-so-summer-perfect. N40 Natural reminds me of a pale bubble gum colour. Even though this one is labelled as “natural” it’s not sheer. The shade is cute and playful without being “in your face” like some intense pinks.

Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette Swatches

Next four shades are two intense and two natural ones. 39 Intense is my favourite colour #3 in this palette. It’s a lovely blend of coral and pink with a dominant pink’y hue. If I could give it a name, it would be something like “Soft Watermelon”. N41 Natural is one of the two most sheer shades, yet it has a distinct pigment. A darker version of N40 Natural, N41 is ideal for that every day nude lip look. 40 Intense is the most pigmented shade of Coral 7 Rouge Artist Palette From the first time I swatched it to this very min it’s been my front-runner. The swatch speaks louder than any words, and I’m sure you can see what I mean. Lastly, N42 Natural is the most translucent shade. You’d need to work your way into the little container for quite a bit to get any tint out of it. It looks opposite to what the shade appears like in the box. That’s when it’s crucial to check what colour you’re dealing with – natural or intense – not to get an unpleasant surprise later. I was very happy with this one because it’s just like a lip balm with a little more definition to it.

Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette Swatches

My thoughts and tips:

  • fantastic range of wearable everyday shades (as a result, this is my new beauty crush)
  • the formula is immense: creamy, soft, moisturizing and easy to pick up with both a brush and/or a finger
  • each shade goes on very soft and smooth and looks much more pigmented on the lips than on the back of the hand
  • when looking at this palette (or a similar one), pay attention to what shades are present – intense or natural 
  • intense shades appear more pigmented and true to what they look like in the little containers
  • natural shades come out much more sheer, yet each colour is different and unique in its own way
  • they are all waterproof (tested a few times) but they do smudge if you start rubbing them off
  • longevity-wise, this palette won’t last all day on your lips (and certain shades would transfer on the glass) 
  • while the colours wouldn’t last for hours on, this palette won’t dry out your lips or make them look cracked
  • PAM is currently running this palette in 3 different shades (each with 7 colours): H1 Beige, H2 Pink and H4 Coral
  • it costs £33.50 but you’re getting seven beautiful colours so it’s technically a bargain 
  • P.S. I will definitely purchase another MUFE palette in shade Red (once it’s back in stock)

Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette Review and Swatches

Overall, it’s a smashing lip palette and it’s ideal for the natural everyday look I always tend to go for. I’ve never been “in your face” with makeup kinda gal so I couldn’t recommend it enough. If you’re studying, working or simply “dealing” with people in a professional or formal environment where a bright lippy might be a bit too “screamy’y”, this palette would come in handy. It won’t just give you the pigment you’re craving but also it will keep your lips perfectly moisturized and pucker-ready. 

 *PR sample. All opinions are my own and 100% genuine.

Hope you enjoyed this review, my girlies. 

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