7 Ways To Pamper Yourself This Fall

How to pamper yourself this fall

Let’s get real for a second. When was the last time you let yourself have that I-am-relaxing-and-doing-all-the-things-I-can’t-normally-do time? If you can give me the date and time, I applaud you. We are usually (if not always) insanely busy in our own ways, having to be “responsible adults” or just decent human beings. But boy, do we deserve that pamper night from time to time! I actually wouldn’t say no to a full day, tbh. It is extra special to treat yourself to that very much needed “me time” in autumn. Fairy lights, browns and reds and everything pumpkin spice. What can be more exciting, cozy and relaxing? So when L’Occitane* reached out to me and asked what product range of theirs I consider inspiring and perfect for those chilly autumn days and that snug pamper night, I was thrilled to share the love because I am heart eyed emoji over so many L’Occitane bits and pieces. Believe me, you have earned the right to relax being the #GirlBoss you are. Here is are 7 (incredibly amazing) ways to pamper yourself this fall.

How to pamper yourself this fall

Yesterday someone asked me what I love the most about autumn. I replied: “Cozy nights in with a good movie or a book, walks out in the rain and popping into a warm cafe for a cuppa, leaves and layers“. I would definitely say a lot more than that but that’s when I reached the 140 characters limit. The fall means new beginnings and hopes. Personally, I feel like it actually has a much stronger feel to it than January 1st. Much more inspirational, motivational and all that good jazz. Even more so, when the autumn comes, it suddenly hits me that my hair could probably use a treatment (salt-in-the-air-sand-in-my-hair time is finito) and that I would love a hot relaxing bubble bath because it’s (finally) getting chilly. That’s why these lovely autumn days/nights are pretty much MADE for pamper sessions. Either you’re by yourself or have a close group of girlfriends, these tips would be a perfect fit and a massive hit.

1. Take a relaxing bath.

Having lived all over the world (most of the time in Ukraine and the US), I have always been a “shower girl”. Things changed when I moved to the UK. First of all, I was amazed at how much many people I know, who were born and bred here, love taking baths AND do it regularly! “Ain’t nobody got time for that”, right? Wrong. Showers are nice (I still prefer them on a day to day basis) but bath time is that extra special “gesture” from yourself to yourself. There are so many lovely products out there that can turn your ordinary bath time into the epic bath experience. Apart from a gazillion favourite bath bombs from Lush, I love L’Occitane Sleeping Beauty bundle. This lovely blend of the well-loved Rose et Reines and the Lavender collection is so deliciously soothing that it just melts all your troubles away. I absolutely love the fact that it’s inspired by one of the evergreen fairy tales about princess Aurora. It pretty much gives you that perfectly justified excuse to watch a Disney movie while you’re splish splashing. Plus, you get 5 brill products for only £29 (yes, please!). Another awesome discovery for me (a year ago) was a shower oil. Ever since I got this gorgeous L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Duo, everyone has been complimenting me on how soft my skin is. Not kidding, people would give me a hug and go: “Wow, your skin is so soft”. Couldn’t recommend it enough for the pamper night and everyday use. 

2. Order a pizza or get your favourite takeaway.

Recently, I have seen so many fellow bloggers snapping away their gym sessions and keeping everyone up to date on their amazing weight loss journeys. I couldn’t be more proud of them! Unless you are on a very strict diet, a little indulgence hasn’t hurt anybody. Some people would rather cut all the “bad foods” out completely as it’s easier for them to stay on track that way. Some prefer the “everything in moderation” rule. Whenever I wrote How To Stay Motivated To Workout post I was sticking to eating clean and then having a “cheat day” once a week. Currently, this is not the case if you have seen my snaps. However, point no.2 doesn’t apply only to any dietary preferences or restrictions. If you don’t live with parents any more and make your own meals, a takeaway can be that nice little way to give yourself a breather. Even though I really enjoy cooking for myself and hubby (I make our breakfasts and dinners), Domino’s or Chinese are always our go-to choices when it comes to a nice takeout. What are yours?

How to pamper yourself this fall

3. Binge on Netflix or watch your favourite chick flick (or read for fun).
I think a pamper night isn’t complete without a good movie. If you are a I-love-watching-Christmas-films-all-year-round kind of gal, go ahead and watch Elf before September ends. Pamper night means no guilt. So you can enjoy as much Netflix as you want or relax with your favourite girlie movie (or a horror, depending on your taste). You might even want to binge on some “rubbish TV” if you like that kind of stuff. No one is going to judge. Read that book you never had time to finish. Flick through a magazine. Once you know this is your time to chill, your home becomes a Las Vegas casino. No, I don’t mean that all of a sudden you will have slot machines just sitting around the room and bleep non stop. I mean the no clocks rule. Don’t watch the time. Give yourself that well-deserved permission to unwind.

4. Put on a mask.
If you are anything like moi, it’s probably been ages since you treated your hair to a deep mask. I don’t know what it is about hair, that it always ends up being neglected. Maybe it’s just yours truly who needs to get on the bandwagon of having flawless long locks. L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Hair Mask might be the answer. I have always had thin hair and went blonde almost 5 years ago. That means my hair is in constant need of TLC. My hairdresser recommended this mask to me a few times and I can’t wait to give it a go. Also, don’t forget about that pretty face of yours. Enjoy the mask that has been sitting there on the shelf looking longingly at you every time you open the cabinet door. You know which one I am talking about. We all have one. I have been loving my Lush, TBS and Sephora ones. One of them has to come out and play when it’s pamper time. 

5. Do your mani and pedi.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a good relaxing day or evening in without doing your nails. As much as I love getting my nails done, I actually prefer doing them at home by myself as you might remember from my Manicure At Home Tips post. Since the season has changed, it’s time to tuck away all the bright summer’y shades and pull out pastels, reds, darks and all kinds of shimmers. To be honest, those are my front-runner choices any time of the year. Moisturizing should come off pat to you, and your hands will be more than thankful for such special treatment. I have two absolute favourites from L’Occitane when it comes to that nourishing moisture my skin is craving: Shea Butter Hand Cream and Shea Butter Foot Cream. I couldn’t sing enough odes to this pair! Not only have they been voted for a number of years as “Best hand and foot creams”, but also it’s your secret weapon to getting baby soft skin on those heels. Use your pamper time to revive and feed your skin the best stuff.

How to pamper yourself this fall, manicure at home

6. Spend quality time with you better half or catch up with your besties.

This is one of my favourite pieces of advice EVER, no matter what occasion it is. Just the other day I realized I haven’t posted on Instagram for 4 days. For some it’s not a long time, for others it is shocking because they are Instagramming 4 times a day. Nevertheless, a digital detox is one of the most rewarding “treats” you can give yourself in the era of the constant information overload. Even if you suffer from FOMO, the remedy is right there for the taking. You might regret wasting hours away flicking through tweets or Insta stories, but you will never regret dedicating your time to people you think the world of. Have a date night with your better half doing things you both enjoy. Get your group of besties together and do all of the last 4 things I described above (tip no.1 is a solid solo project haha). Create a calming atmosphere using my tips from How To Make A House Feel Like Home post. Currently, I am drooling over L’Occitane Candied Fruit Home Diffuser Set for one massive reason – the scent. It’s a blend of flowers and fruits with a touch of vanilla and patchouli, coated in honey and caramel. Mmm, yes! Burn your favourite candles (I love my Yankee and Bath & Body Works ones oh-so-much!) and have some tunes playing in the background while you paint nails and catch up on the latest news. 

7. Sleep.

Yup, I am a straight-forward kind of gal. I love my sleep. I treasure my sleep. I need my sleep ALL. THE. TIME. That’s why this post would never go live if I didn’t include my personal best for last. Who wants to wake up tired after a pamper night? None of us here anyway. I know your arm is down. You love your sleep too. If you remember not very long ago I was on a hunt for a perfect pillow, and I have also shared my tips on How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Sometimes it’s not as easy as it might seem or sound. There are lots of people out there who suffer from very little slumber time or never get good quality Zs. That’s when products like a lavender pillow mist can come to the rescue. It’s important to choose a 100% natural scent that is not too overwhelming either. I definitely recommend trying L’Occitane Good Night’s Sleep Ritual which contains a Relaxing Shower Gel + a Relaxing Pillow Mist. This wonderful pair combines 5 essential oils from the Mediterranean: lavender, rosemary, bergamot, sweet orange and mandarin. I am getting sleepy just by thinking about it. Get all cozied up after your super chill pamper night and drift off into the Land of Dreams. I know, it’s sheer bliss. Enjoy every minute. And spoil yourself from time to time. Spoil yourself rotten. Yes, you deserve it.

How to pamper yourself this fall

*This post was written in collaboration with L’Occitane.

All mentioned products are my own absolute 

faves which I can confidently recommend. 

All thoughts, ideas and opinions are, as always, my own. 

Hope this post got you super relaxed and excited to treat yourself to a little pamper night, my beauties.
I think the mad rush of life sometimes gets the best of us so
we forget how crucial it is to kick back and let ourselves have a little pamper time.
If it’s been a while since you spoiled yourself, maybe tomorrow night or this weekend is going to be that “me time” for you.

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