August Favourites 2016 & So The Adventure Begins

August Favourites Miel and Mint

I don’t want to sound like a broken record but hey, where did summer 2016 go? Is it just me or did the Earth start to twirl like a spinning top toy? I sound like a grandma. I’ll stop now. What I really need to do is embrace the fact that summertime is over, be thankful for many warm and sunny days (honestly, England, you were not too bad this year!) and look forward to the sweater weather. I am bursting with excitement about pumpkin spice lattes and chunky knits being back in my life. I promise, I am not basic (haha). Ok, let’s go back to August. To say that it was incredible is an understatement! Hubby and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary (woohoo!) and then we enjoyed a little trip up north to beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. At the same time we’ve been loving our daily Central Perk moments as we started re-watching Friends. Could I BE more excited?! (channeling Chandler here). Also, I seemed to have managed to get back to a more or less organised posting schedule. Planning is my best friend. Speaking about planning: once we are back from our holiday (taking off tomorrow – eekk!!), Miel and Mint is going to have a fixed schedule with a couple of spontaneous posts in between. More about that at the end of this post. Now, let’s take a look at my amazing August.

This next sentence might sound so trivial to a person who was born and bred in the UK. I have been dreaming of visiting Scotland for so long! Highlands, kilts, bagpipes, shortbread, Sean Connery (!) and all things tartan and plaid have been calling my name. Since I moved to the UK I have only driven through Scotland (to get on the boat or to get off the boat because we go across to N. Ireland a lot, as you might know). So on January 1st this year when we were chilling by the fire at our friend’s place, we booked a trip to Edinburgh & managed to get the tickets to The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Made completely on a whim, it was one of the best decisions of twenty sixteen. Edinburgh was rainy but gorgeous. The architecture, especially the old part of the city, is so unique and postcard-worthy. Edinburgh Castle, which was built on a volcanic rock (fun fact for you), is a must-see tourist attraction. On top of that, I wouldn’t even know where to start if you ask me about its cozy coffee houses, cute cupcake shops and lovely tea rooms. Numerous kilt, tartan and bagpipe shops around every corner are also not to be missed. Edinburgh is well worth visiting in August because of The Tattoo and Fringe. Also, don’t leave the city without trying delicious homemade fudge

Edinburgh in summer, things to do in Edinburgh

As you have probably seen from my post 2 YEARS & 24 REASONS HE’S THE ONE, we celebrated 2 years of being married on August 12th. Honestly, pinch me now. I have no idea how it’s already been two years. Time does fly when you’re having fun! When you marry your bestEST friend, everything just falls in place like perfect pieces of a puzzle. A year ago I wrote about 5 THINGS I LEARNED IN MY FIRST YEAR OF MARRIAGE. It was my very first personal post where I shared about what it’s like being a wife and took you back in time to our big day. I remember our wedding day as if it was yesterday. I remember looking at my dress, hanging in the corner, waiting for me to wear it. I remember my maid of honour sitting beside me helping me rehearse my vows. I remember how badly my knees were shaking because I was so nervous when it was “time”. I remember telling my dad not to cry because I’d be balling. I will never forget seeing my (then) future husband and everyone else turning into a fuzzy blur. Eyes on him alone. While telling myself not sob those happy tears. Praying. Knowing this is forever. Nothing changed since that day. Apart from our love to each other growing by leaps and bounds. It’s probably making its 1 millionth loop around the Moon. Sorry for a lot of cheese. All part of it. Can’t help it. 

Miel and Mint wedding

You have seen this quote/verse in both of those posts I mentioned above. It is a very special one to both of us since it states exactly what happened in our lives. It’s probably one of the biggest blessings to have “the one whom your soul loves” waking up beside you every morning. This verse comes from Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs), which is the book in the Bible. Even though it talks about love as something we feel, it also highlights love as a decision we make. The value of marriage in our modern society seems to be so twisted. Some couples rush into it and then struggle with the circumstances of their poor decision. They jump into marriage “just to see what happens” and usually end up on opposite sides of the court room. It doesn’t matter what your current status says to the public, just make sure you are with someone whom your soul loves. In that real way. With a sober decision and a heart bursting with happiness. As for being happy, don’t you just love prints and wall art like this one? When I came across this gorgeous design work, I knew I had to find out more about the artist. That’s how I came across lovely Kaylie and Josh and their Mulberry Market Designs. I was swooned! Kaylie gave me permission to use this image and I couldn’t recommend their gorgeous wood-meets-calligraphy pieces enough. This design below would look perfect in our home and it’s already on my wishlist (Santa, you know what I mean)!

I found the one whom my soul loves, Mulberry Market Designs

I feel like we can see the trend here. Just like in my July Favourites, where I featured Career Contessa as my Favourite Insta, I am going professional yet again in August. I have been enjoying and soaking up all the career advice by Levo for a while now. Levo team works uber hard to help individuals find their path in the world of opportunities. Sooner or later, we all hit that wall. Maybe you’re stuck in a workplace which doesn’t reflect who you are one bit. Or you might be shutting down that voice inside (it’s more of a calling, pun intended) which longs for chasing that dream you’ve nurtured for ages. Maybe you’re even not sure what it is that you are meant to do in this world. Truly inspiring and extremely effective, Levo is there to help. This is not a sponsored opinion but my very own obsession with incredible resources and inspiration I draw every single day from them. As for the inspo, here’s a little Insta-tip: go through the list of people you follow and make sure you have/keep/enjoy those profiles that make your feed look clean, inspiring, educational and happy. Here’s Levo’s Insta – your feed is about to improve big time. 

Levo League Instagram

I haven’t heard a thing about The Edinburgh Tattoo up until January 1st 2016. In fact, when our friends suggested to go to The Tattoo, I was praying I wasn’t getting myself into a gig in the middle of the muddy field, dirty camping tents and drunk people everywhere. I don’t do festivals. Thankfully, our friends share our interests. And The Tattoo turned out to be absolutely out of this world! For those of you who don’t know, The Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo takes place in Edinburgh every August (this year from 5th to 27th). It is a truly stunning performance by army bands from all over the world. I didn’t know what to expect. Being very tempted to find out, I didn’t look up the information nor watched a single YouTube video. I wanted it to be a total surprise – and it was! It’s not just about the immaculate and precise marching or playing musical instruments flawlessly. The Tattoo is known to be the 2nd biggest show in the world after the Olympics for its grandeur and entertainment. This year my favourites were Norway, NZ and the USA. If you have never been, I couldn’t recommend it to you enough. Book tickets early as they sell like hot cakes.

The Edinburgh Tattoo 2016

What is that one must-have thing that I almost forgot to include into my Packing List, you ask? Yup, I almost blanked out on the most important item of clothing just before going on a holiday. Just a few days ago it hit me: “Wait, where are my swimsuits???” When you’re constantly on the go and switching between 3 countries (my family is in Ukraine, my hubby’s Irish and we live in England), you’re bound to lose a thing or two while traveling. When I saw this gorgeous Roxy Tiki Tri Tie Bikini I hit “Checkout” within seconds. It’s also 20% off at the moment, and who doesn’t love a good bargain. In just a day I will be lounging in this duo poolside and enjoying our “summer” vacay. On a different note, now I feel like I really need a good one-piece swimsuit in my life. Roxy, Rip Curl and Superdry are killing it this year (well, every year) in that department. What type of swimwear do you prefer?

Roxy black bikini

As you have most likely seen in my previous post CROWNBRUSH UNDER EXPOSED PALETTE & 7-PIECE GUNMETAL BRUSH SET REVIEW, this palette has impressed me a lot. Yes, the mattes might not have come out the best but I am into my shimmers. And boy, aren’t they beautiful! Under Exposed Palette is definitely a neat dupe for the Naked by Urban Decay. It’s been amazing to play with even though I am not an eye makeup pro in the slightest. Also, for the whole month of August I have also been enjoying a new foundation. Not that I don’t like my drugstore ones any more (I do, and I’m looking at you, Bourjois Healthy Mix), but I couldn’t say no to an improved MUFE Ultra HD Foundation. The formula is just as good as I remember it to be, if not better! The coverage is medium but it’s buildable. It’s super lightweight on the skin and doesn’t feel like a mask. I remember my wedding day MUA used this foundation on me and it survived in a perfect condition from 7 am to 12 am (our sparkler send-off was at midnight). I will definitely post a review on it in the nearest future. Last but not least, Benefit Sun Beam has been very much used and loved last month. I got it a gazillion years ago (exaggeration, obviously lol) and this stuff lasts! While everyone has been raving about High Beam, I prefer a touch of bronze in my highlighter. Even when I go “pale”, my skin still has that subtle olive tone (thanks to my dad for his roots and genes). Sun Beam does its job flawlessly when applied underneath the setting powder. Sunkissed cheekbones – yes, please!

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette, MUFE Ultra HD Foundation, Benefit Sun Beam


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