Makeup Revolution Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Review

Makeup Revolution Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2 Review - Miel and Mint blog

This is not even a joke how fast this summer has flown by.

Hubs and I are back from hot and beautiful Dubai, and I’ve got a serious case of the jet lag fatigue as I am typing this intro. When we arrived into the land of the heat, the time difference wasn’t an issue in the slightest.

Now, even though my body is in the UK, my biological clock is still ticking according to the UAE time zone. As much as I would like to extend the summertime and enjoy the salt-in-the-air-sand-in-my-hair situation in a limitless proportion, I know it’s back-to-reality time.

The most amazing part is that I am bringing many summer’y bits into the fall, including my lovely tan (please, don’t wash off too quickly!) and my new HG bronzer and highlighter go-to palette.

When I picked up this spic-and-span Makeup Revolution Ultra Palette in Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold, I thought it could potentially become a hit in my books but I wasn’t expecting what happened next. This palette crawled into my suitcase when I was packing for our holiday, and the rest of the story is below.

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2 - Miel and Mint blog

I have to admit the “unadmittable” – I have never been into highlighters.

I was always a “matte” kinda gal.

You know how you see something that looks smashing on someone else and you get that instant light bulb moment and the must-get-it-now attitude? Well, it didn’t go down like that with me.

I didn’t like the shine that I saw. I know, it sounds shocking in the beauty world.

Things changed when NikkieTutorials introduced me to that iconic glow that isn’t too little or too much, and it just hits the spot perfectly.

While I have always reached out for matte bronzers and blushes as well as individual highlighters, coming across a review on the Golden Sugar Palette changed my makeup game.

By the time I packed my “basket” full of products (who else has 100+ items just “hanging out” there?), I spotted the new and improved GS – Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold palette. As soon as I saw a comment “I ditched my Becca highlighter for this one”, I hit “proceed to checkout” without wavering. The price was super affordable so it wasn’t a tough choice.

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Palette - Miel and Mint blog review

This palette will either become your HG drugstore face palette or the most useless item in your makeup bag.

It might sound quite harsh but it all depends on your skin tone and personal preferences. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to do your makeup without this palette once you try it.

Cool and rose’y tones make me look like a highlighted zombie, and I am so happy that is not the case with this palette. Even the blush shade is this baked pink which compliments my skin tone instead of making me look like a Russian nesting doll.

As for the compliments, big kudos to the signature Makeup Revolution packaging which is sleek and beautiful. The box doesn’t feel too light or too plastic’y, and it holds 8 lovely shades in a compact size. It included a great mirror which I’ve been using every day since this beauty arrived in my mail box.

BTW swatches don’t do the justice to these shades but here they are:

Makeup Revolution Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2 Swatches 8 shades

Top row (from left to right):

1 – shimmery rose (read: ro-say) shade which is a lovely barely-there natural blush that won’t blind but add that subtle pinch of pink

2 – rose gold peachy shimmery shade which is this sweet blush/highlighter that makes a gorgeous eyeshadow too (yay to that!)

3 – baked light gold shade which is an insanely beautiful highlighter with that desired soft yellow undertone

4 – dark(er) matte shade which might not look impressive (it gets lost on my tanned skin) but it’s a spot-on contour shade!

Bottom row (from left to right):

1 – highlighter of the highlighters shade which is the only “cooler” tone in the palette – it is insanely beautiful!

2 – solid shimmery pink which is super pigmented and very little goes a long way with this beauty

3 – gold!gold!gold! – if I was to label this shade, this would be the name. It looks flawless on tanned skin and the glow will blind you!

4 – light(er) matte shade which currently isn’t showing on my skin but might become a lovely (very!) subtle bronzer in winter

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush Palette - Miel and Mint

Final Verdict:

– even if you’re not yet a “glow” girl, this couldn’t be a more ideal palette to mark the start of your highlighting journey

– all 8 shades make up a gorgeous face palette which I can confidently call my go-to drugstore HG highlighter

– they are all beautifully pigmented, apart from the lighter matte one which doesn’t show up on my skin as of now

– a little goes a long way with these shades so you wouldn’t end up with a bare pan sooner than you should

– the formula is soft, not powdery and the shades go on super smoothly (the pigment does turn up!)

– if you are a warm/yellow undertone kind of girl, this palette will exceed your expectations

– these can easily be used as eyeshadows (gotta love it when one product can serve a double purpose) – prime first!

– you can go as dramatic or as subtle with these as you’d like: they apply well and blend flawlessly

– Becca glow might still win every time but this is an amazing drugstore dupe that will meet your highlighting needs

– retail price: only $10 (an absolute steal if you consider the quality!)

Hope you enjoyed this review, lovelies.

I have been using this palette every single day for over 3 weeks now and I am very happy with it.

Thankfully, in my experience all Revolution goodies that I’ve tried have been nothing but great drugstore discoveries which stuck along for the ride.

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold

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