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My September kicked off with a flight in a double-deck plane heading to hot Dubai. It was a month when I tried many new things, stepped over that thin line between I-am-terrified-of-this and I-am-going-do-it, got a great tan and made the best memories. The best part? Getting to share all that with the person I love (aka the guy who’s sitting across the room from me as I am typing these lines, also known as “the one who put a ring on it”). September has always meant a fresh start to me. Maybe it’s the echo from my teaching days (I ran a foreign languages centre) as it was the start of the new academic year. Stationery had to be bought, new lesson plans drawn, business objectives set. Nevertheless, summertime has always made me very chill (nothing wrong with that) but, once the 9th month rolls in, I pop my thinking cap on, pull out my planner and get those goals set. Jokes aside, I function better in the fall and I seem to stick to my objectives much more effectively than, say, in January. Once again, it’s that time when I take you down the memory lane and have a look back at my September Favourites. Join in for the ride – it will be worth it.

It would probably be shocking if I started to talk about my favourite place of the month being anything else but Dubai. If you have been following me on Instagram and Snapchat (apologies for those mile-long stories – it’s a given when you travel somewhere exciting), you have definitely seen how much hubby and I loved every minute of the holiday. A few fellow blogger babes were genuinely concerned and asked me if I felt safe enough there as a tourist and a woman. Well, I can tell you one thing for sure. I felt much more safe in New Dubai than I ever felt in the heart of New York City. In broad daylight (I love my NY forever no matter what lol). I didn’t say “New Dubai” accidentally. Just like any destination in the world, Dubai has its rough areas which are mainly located in the old part of the city. There are so many things I need to share with you about it that I would need to write a separate post on it (it’s scheduled – yay!). Without going too deep for now, let’s check out this view. This picture was taken from the top of the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa (you can see a short clip here). I am not the best with heights but it was NOT ONE BIT scary. Also, it was so awesome to see the Dubai Mall fountains from above. Fun fact of the day: they are a tad bigger than Bellagio ones. I do love me some Vegas as you might remember from my one and only Las Vegas Guide which, I must mention, shows a different side of the city (it can be exciting, wowtastic and rated G – it all depends on a person and their choice of activities). Having also been raised in the middle of the desert, Dubai keeps giving LV a run for its money. Literally. I am sure next time we come back there (and we definitely plan to visit it again!), the city will change a whole lot because it’s growing at speed of light. Take it from a travel addict, you won’t regret it if you add this destination to your bucket list. 

Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa

From time to time a Favourite Drink category creeps its way in. I am a coffeholic through and through with an occasional (seasonal) obsession with other hot beverages, like tea. You might remember this post where I explained the meaning behind my blog’s name through a drink (I know, it sounds weird but I promise it makes sense). However, September happened to be so busy that, if I twist this one phrase a little bit and add a bit of a Halloween’y pinch to it, may sound like “There was no blood detected in my coffeestream”. I had way too much coffee every day to the point when my mind was buzzing with thousands thoughts per second. It could only compare to opening gazillion pages online at the same time, and each tab needs your attention NOW. Ok, maybe not that dramatic. In October I started to watch my coffee intake and switched to tea. But hey, let’s be realistic – I will never quit coffee. Just look at that foamy beauty sprinkled with chocolate. It’s a such an eye candy. On that note, I feel like I deserve a cup of coffee just about now.

coffee in Liverpool, Brasco Lounge

Before I dare let the first word about The M7 out, I have to confess something. On that evening, when hubby and I spontaneously decided to go to the cinema and quickly book “something”, I secretly wanted to see Bridget Jones’ Baby. Funnily enough, he suggested it (to please me – he’s a keeper!) and I insisted we’d better watch an action movie. Boy, was I in for a treat?! Not only I enjoyed it, The Magnificent 7 hit the absolute jackpot and it’s currently ranking among top 10 movies I’ve ever watched (I am a huge movie buff so it’s not easy to make it into my charts). The M7 is a remake/reimagination of the 60’s Western film of the same name. So, innocent people need help, justice has to be brought in and it comes in the image of 7 very different and unique individuals. It’s not tacky like your good ol’ 90’s Brucey or Arnie movie where they fight off the whole army of “bad guys” all by themselves. Ahem, with the help of a tonne of modern guns and explosives. The Magnificent Seven isn’t just a great action movie. It is so much more as each character has a unique life path and personality. Another thing I appreciated about this film is very little or close to none bad language. It is my personal preference as I feel like normal words are more than enough to get your point across. Also, some films have a plot that revolves around one person. Well, the writers of The Magnificent Seven surely knew how to get all seven characters to “shine”. Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke are back in the game, Chris Pratt is hilarious and witty as ever and Martin Sensmeier is the up-and-coming name that will soon be known across the globe. I couldn’t recommend this movie enough. 

The Magnificent Seven review

I think the first time I heard about Cambria was about 6 months ago when I came across a comment on another YouTuber’s channel criticizing and accusing them of copying Cambria Joy’s content. I guess it was supposed to mean that she came up with something original which is definitely not an easy thing to do in the YT community. Deep inside I probably expected to see another chitty-chatty-all-over-the-place-overhyped YouTuber with no substance. I always remind myself AND stop myself from judging others so I wouldn’t stick around or ever say anything negative if Cambria wasn’t my cup of tea (I would simply turn off). It was a moment of curiosity when I decided to hit the search button in order to find out more about who this girl was.  To say that I wasn’t disappointed would be an understatement! She is an absolute star, a sweetheart with a huge heart and a devoted Christian. It’s not easy to be a public person nor become so popular, AND express your faith in such an open and loving way all at the same time. Cambria’s channel and Instagram are full of JOY (her name speaks for itself), fitness advice, healthy recipes, beauty tutorials, her person life journey and her relationship with God. I am more than sure everyone will find something they love in Cambria. Even though she’s a lot younger than I am, her “voice” resonates with me on many levels

Cambria Joy Instagram

As always, it’s never a choice of mine to pick only one item I have been loving just that extra much. More than often, the same bits and pieces show up in a few of my blog posts or IG updates. In my books that only indicates one thing – I must REALLY love it! When it comes to September Beauty Favourites, let me “cheat” a little by including two special beauty items that I’ve been loving for at least half a year! OPI Infinite Shine Base and Top Coat aka OPI Infinite Shine Duo has been on my nails pretty much all the time. As you can see from the picture, these two have been used a good bit. If you are a nail polish addict, like yours truly, you know the struggle of a chipped nail 10 minutes after you’ve finished painting it. In happier cases you might get 3 days out of it. Well, this base and top coats have been doing wonders in the nail painting department for me. Now I can get away with a 5-day home manicure (depending on the brand of the nail polish I am using, some still chip sooner). This Smashbox primer doesn’t need an introduction since you probably remember it from my High-End Base Makeup For Oily & Acne-Prone Skin post. It’s very smooth, silky and doesn’t dry my skin out. It does a fantastic job at blurring out the pores as if they were never there. Most importantly, it doesn’t break me out like some primers did in the past. The only advice I would give is choose the right foundation. Some drugstore ones (or even high-end ones like this one) can look cakey. They sort of sit on top of the primer refusing to blend in, or accentuate the pores even more. I am very happy with this primer and would repurchase it again. Last but oh-so-not-least, we have one of the lipsticks I’ve been wearing the most and loving in September. You can’t go wrong with a MAC bullet. So when I got this gorgeous lippy from a sweet fellow blogger babe Ilse Danielle (she kindly included it in a giveaway I won), I knew it was love at first sight. MAC Brave is a gorgeous satin eye candy. It’s easily wearable, subtle and “appropriate” for office or Uni but it’s still very much noticeable. It lasts for hours on and has the most beautiful matte finish. I often forget I wear a lipstick because it’s just that good. The last thing you want is to deal with something sticky or that needs re-application every hour. All 3 (well, 4) are big hits in my books!

Smashbox primer, MAC lipstick Brave, OPI Infinite Shine duo

I love including this category into my monthly favourites when I actually get to do something extraordinary or for the first time. In September I surely did something I never even thought of doing or having a chance to do in my entire life! I have been to a desert before (our Las Vegas trip) but I have never got to WALK in the sand dunes OR do … drumroll… sandboarding! I am basically jumping up and down just thinking about the whole experience haha. Hubby and I booked Dune Dinner Safari in Dubai which included sand bashing, camel riding, BBQ in the middle of the desert and sandboarding. I love speed and a professional in a driver’s seat so I enjoyed every minute of sand bashing. Until the very last 30 seconds. I was seriously dehydrated and asked to stop the car to get out and drink some water (you can’t open a bottle when every loose item inside the car is literally flying everywhere). The driver didn’t mind and he said that the camp sight was just “around the corner”. I was perfectly fine once I got some liquid into me and we walked down the sand dune. The sand wasn’t too hot as it was already 5’ish/6’ish in the evening. Later, even though I am no snowboarder, I had to try sandboarding! What happens is they give you a snowboard, then the guy on top of the hill (not this one, a much much higher one) rubs soap all over the bottom of the board, straps you in and off you go. No limbs hurt but I got a massive bruise on my thigh from landing. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! 

Dubai desert, sand dunes in Dubai

Food and I go a long way back. I am definitely a savoury food kinda gal and would most likely say YES to some French fries rather than a piece of cake (let’s be honest, none of those is good for me). While I am currently trying to cut down on my sugar consumption, I am pretty much drooling taking you back to this photo of the most delicious pancakes. As you might know from my Snapchat {mielandmint}, every Saturday morning I make crepes. It’s our little tradition and it’s still going strong. As for the pancakes, they forever remind me of the time when I used to live in the US because I’d make them a lot or order them on any given occasion. So there’s no surprise that these delicious little guys made it into my monthly favourites. I especially love them for brunch. If you are a girl who brunches, what is your favourite brunch food?

Pancakes with blueberries

How was your month #9?

Hope you enjoyed my September Favourites, beauties.

I hope that I made your day just a little bit brighter and sweeter (with pancakes or without them) 


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