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Spectrum Brushes Marbleous Review

Solid 10+ years ago I decided to buy my very first “makeup brush”. Back then I was surviving (literally) on my scholarship and a part-time job which, combined, “kept me busy” for 12 hours the least each day. My parents did their best to help but it wasn’t easy, so very often I’d make a transfer to them and cut out dinners for that week. It was a tough time but it taught me a lot about the value of money, time and relationships. While trying to juggle all that, just like any girl, I was interested in all things beauty. Previously, I shared my experience of getting my first foundation in this post.

Now, back to that “makeup brush” I mentioned (quotation marks are necessary haha). It wouldn’t be a surprise that it was quite cheap (score, right?) but also it was the only option available. Needless to say, it was absolutely horrible and didn’t do anything. Only about 4 years ago I got my first PROPER brush (it was MAC Buffer Brush 182) and I was on cloud nine.

A lot has changed since then. I learnt a lot more about makeup and skincare. I tested many different products. I started a blog where I can share my thoughts with you guys. So when iconic Spectrum Collections got in touch with me and asked me to review their brushes, I was just as excited as I would’ve been 10+ years back. I am so humbled and thankful for this amazing opportunity to share my review with you all. If you’re on a hunt for a perfect set of makeup brushes, you are in for some treat!

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Spectrum Brushes Marbleous 12 Piece Set Review

I had no idea what set or individual brushes I was going to get so when oh-my-goodness-it-is-beyond-stunning Marbleous 12 Piece Set* was delivered to me one glorious morning, I had to pinch myself. Known as the most Instaworthy brushes, this fabulous set doesn’t just scream beauty. It is so much more!

Honestly, can we just pause and take in how perfectly beautiful this set is?

The finish is a blend of three most loved and sought-after colours: crisp white, mirrored rose gold and soft grey. Unlike other brands, Spectrum Collections catered a wide of range of out-of-this-world stunning brush sets to bloggers. Major brownie point for creating this Marbleous beauty inspired by aesthetic-loving bloggers, Instagrammers and our readers. Got to appreciate the brand that treasures its customers. They hear us, they see us, they love us.

Spectrum Brushes Marbleous 12 Piece Set Review

5 Luxe Face Brushes:

A02 Angled Foundation Brush (new design)

• It is perfect for cream/liquid foundations; as the product is being buffed into skin, it gives a gorgeous even finished look that can be easily buildable, if needed.

C02 Flat Top Contour

• Just like the name suggests, this beauty is your number one choice for contouring: apply your darker shade under your cheekbones, jaw and around the hairline (the easiest way is to follow the “3” shape).

A05 Precision Brush

• This brush is absolutely amazing when you want to get the “blend” right by giving your contouring that flawless finish, as it’s designed with precision (pun intended).

C07 Luxe Tapered Sculptor (new)

• This new beauty was specifically created for getting your under-eye area nice and set with your choice of powder; it’s also perfect for picking up your favourite highlighter to add some flawless glow.

A00 Luxe Powder Brush (new)

• Last but not least, one of my favourite brushes, A00 is a new addition to the collection; it’s absolutely ideal for setting the finished look with a powder (can be also used for soft bronzing).

Spectrum Brushes Marbleous Eye, Brow and Lip Brushes

7 Bestselling Eye, Brow & Lip brushes:

B05 Luxe Blender (new)

• This multi-purpose and absolutely FABtastic brush was made to be handy in many ways: blending shadows into the crease area, highlighting the brow bone or buffing in the concealer, you name it!

B06 Tall Tapered Blender

• Blending out eyeshadows has never been easier because… drumroll… enters this beauty! I have done a smoky eye with the help of this one, and it was purrrrfect.

A07 Stubby Shader

• Can we just appreciate the description of this brush for a second? Sounds very Halloween’y haha. Stubby Shader is ideal for getting your base eyeshadow on and building up the colour.

A12 Fluffy Pencil

• Designed for the lid and lash line, and those are the areas that crave extra precision and definition. I used it to apply glitter on top of my eyeshadow as well as feather out the corners.

A13 Short Smudge

• Stunning sultry finish in 1-2-3 is super achievable with this little handy tool. It works wonders under the waterline or lash line when you create that flawlessly “smudged” look.

A14 Brow Definer

• You’ve got to love the product just that extra much when it has a double purpose. A14 is a brow AND eyeliner brush! I haven’t tried it as an eyeliner tool yet but it’s spot on with brows!

A15 Lip Definer

• A friend of mine told me the other day what one MUA told her a while ago that “it doesn’t matter what lipstick you have, it’s all about the brush you’re using to apply it!” I’d have to agree to disagree. Of course, lipstick does matter. But! If you’re going for a bold lip and want that impeccable precision (you wouldn’t want to “colour outside the line”), this brush is your answer.

Spectrum Brushes Review - Miel and Mint blog

Spectrum brushes

Now, onto my actual experience with Spectrum brushes aka thoughts in the form of a little bullet-point summary (because if I let myself ramble, you’re in for a looooong read, so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet):

– I’ve been using (and loving!) this set for almost 2 months now. I didn’t want to review them after trying them once or twice. I wanted to actually USE these beauties and also put them through a few wash tests. Spoiler alert: You Look Marbleous set is THE STUFF!

– Brushes arrived neatly packed into lovely see-through plastic pink envelope bags with each brush in its own individual clear packaging – it’s all about the details, right?

– I have no words when it comes to the packaging/design of these gorgeous masterpieces. Crisp white and rose gold handle finished off with a gorgeous dusty light grey tip. It is needless to say, they are extremely “Instagrammable” and add that sophisticated and aesthetic touch to my dressing table.

– The quality of the brushes is immense: they are just the “right” weight (if that makes sense). Each brush is beautifully soft and densely packed. There is zero fall out (not a single bristle lost after washing!). Isn’t it just the best feeling when stunning design has TOP quality to back it up?

– Vegan, cruelty-free and synthetic (my personal preference: easy to clean and less bacteria clinging to them), these brushes are the answers to all our “brush issues” and cosmetics concerns in general.

– Retail price: £64.99. This is hands down the most expensive set of brushes I own. Yet, it’s pretty much impossible to beat the high quality and the one-of-the-kind look that only Spectrum Collections offer. On top of that, you get 12 (!!!) brushes that cater to your every need. it doesn’t matter if you’ve just started the journey of exploring the world of all things beauty or have been getting that smoky eye/eyeliner/lip/face/everything done flawlessly every single time for years. In my books, every penny is 100% justified! This set would also make an insanely amazing Christmas gift – anyone who’s interested in makeup would be more than happy to have it! Speaking of presents, as I am writing this, I am also adding a few more brushes from Spectrum Collections to my Christmas wishlist. Multitasking at its best.

• Collaboration with Spectrum Collections •

*PR samples; content not sponsored; all opinions are my own and 100% honest


Spectrum Brushes Review


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