Black Friday Deals Not To Miss

Black Friday deals not to miss 2016

I experienced Black Friday night shopping spree first hand about 10 years ago. I was studying in the US at the time. It’s safe to say that once was more than enough! I never went Black Friday shopping at night again. It’s brutal. What I do enjoy so much more is sitting in the comfort of my home clicking away through different deals and having all the goodies come to me. No rush, no crowds, no stress. Also, I decided to dedicate a separate blog post to share my top 8 websites where I am going to be browsing a lot and getting a thing or two half-price. I took time to search for the best deals and pick my favourites items from each website, and I hope you will fall in love with them just as much as I did. Time to get some shopping done! NB: some of these are running discounts up until Monday but there are those that end on Friday night. It is quite overwhelming to be under that invisible ticking timer but we can do this together. Put your phone on silent, make a cup of coffee, get your wallet, cancel all arrangements for the next few hours and let’s shop!

1. Victoria’s Secret.

I know that Victoria’s Secret gets mixed opinions way too often. Some girls ONLY shop at VS for all of their lingerie needs. Others swear off it because they can’t justify the price range. Well, I think we might have reached a compromise here because Victoria’s Secret is currently running a 50% offer on their bras, sports bras and sports leggings. These are the ones I have been looking at and I think I am definitely adding a few of these goodies to my shopping basket. The deal is too good to miss out on. Personally, I am a big fan of VS underwear and I always buy stuff that I love in bulk when the sales hit. Their sports bras this year are extra beautiful so it doesn’t make the decision easy. Bicolor Sacred Geos range is my personal fave!

Victoria's Secret Black Friday 2016

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2. Surfdome.

Every summer I am hanging out at Surfdome for hours and hours. This has been my go-to place for swimwear, chill Roxy/Rip Curl/O’Neill kind of clothing and flip flops. But who says you can only shop for a new bikini in summer? It’s pretty much a crime to skip on days like Black Friday sale when it comes to snatching that pair of shorts you’ve been lusting after or a cute new triangle bikini. Surfdome is currently offering discounts from 20% up to 70%. By the way, you might probably recognize #4 Roxy bikini because it was featured in my August Favourites. Plus, how gorgeous is that Rip Curl Mayan Sun kimono? *heart eyes emoji*. If you are a surfer chick in heart, like myself (can I move to Hawaii already), you will find Surfdome your new favourite hot spot. Also, that Animal bikini is already on its way to me 😉

Surfdome Black Friday deals 2016

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3. Crownbrush.

As you might remember I have collaborated with Crownbrush in my Under Exposed Palette & 7-Piece Gunmetal Brush Set Review post. I decided to include the gunmetal brush set (#3) because these brushes are ahhhmazing! The brand has been an absolute delight to work with and I have enjoyed the quality of the goodies I got. Under Exposed palette is a perfect dupe for the original UD Naked palette! Now I am after these beauties below. I can’t wait to get my hands on that insanely stunning 35 Colour Rose Gold Palette! Crownbrush is currently offering 25% off everything on their website with the code Makeup25.

Crownbrush Black Friday deals 2016

1 | 23 | 4 | 5

4. New Look.

It’s hard to say ‘no’ to New Look. Especially, when the items I’ve been bookmarking and eyeing for a while, are on sale! Can you believe that this stunning lace bodycon dress is only £15?! Also, a black coat like that is definitely a timeless staple. The cut is just so perfect and the deal is too good to miss. Also, I am probably the last girl on the planet to get on the knee-high or thigh-high boots bandwagon. Since I do love a comfortable shoe, these grey suede flat boots are little stunners in my books! New Look is currently running their up to 50% discount offer on a gazillion items. Men’s outerwear and jumpers look so good (very clean cut, even for NL) and the prices are on point!

New Look Black Friday deals 2016

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5. Charlotte Tilbury.

Who can resist a special offer by Charlotte Tilbury? Not many of us. So when I spotted this very unique CT “Magic Offer” Black Friday campaign, I was intrigued. Basically, Charlotte Tilbury launched “A Weekend of Makeup Magic” which means that on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday they open a “Magic Offer” on a certain product. It will either be a massive discount or buy one-get one free. So far only Friday is revealed. If you purchase one Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise eyeshadow + eyeliner set, you’re getting another one (of your choice) for free. They also run free standard shipping until Monday which is another big plus. There’s something huge that’s going to be happening on Monday so we all have to keep our eyes peeled.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Offer Black Friday 2016

6. Debenhams.

Where do you even start? Debenhams have launched the most insane amount of discounts, including VAT free price on all fragrance range, 50% on women’s designer coats, men’s coats, women’s handbags and watches, from 30% to 60% off on bedding, up to 50% off on furniture, 40% off on toys and many other offers you might want to check out ASAP. My personal picks this year were in the beauty and fragrance section. Let’s just pause for a second and try to accept the fact that a MUFE concealer is only £8.40!!! That’s insanity. And it’s no surprise that they sell like hotcakes! I have been wanting to get Gucci Guilty for a while now so that price drop is definitely very tempting. Also, last year I wrapped that Diesel set for my hubby as one of his presents under the Christmas tree. He absolutely LOVED it! Here’s an idea for a gift “for him”. You’re welcome 😉

Debenhams Black Friday deals 2016

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7. Topshop.

It all started with that velvet backpack! And the rest is history 🙂 Topshop is currently offering up to 50% discounts across their stores and online (until Monday). When it comes to choosing what I like at Topshop, I am very picky. It’s not easy to spot a truly different item that won’t make you look like 85% of the rest of the crowd. Also, how obsessed with velvet are you at the moment? It’s everywhere and I can’t rave about it enough. I’m head over heels about that Nobody’s Child Black Velvet Dress. Also, Olivia Burton watches are super pricey but Topshop is definitely offering a pretty sweet deal there. It’s so delicate and beautiful. As always, time is ticking so you better hurry up and get your hands on these goodies before they are gone. 

Topshop Black Friday deals 2016

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8. Molton Brown.

Last but not least, since it’s one of my favourite brands, Molton Brown is giving us 20% off every order with the code UKBF20 or 25% off if you spend £80 (code UKBF25) up until Monday. It’s always a challenge to pick favourites or create a wishlist when you want waaaaay too many goodies. It applies to MB in a special way. Their new limited Christmas range is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to try this beautiful and jingly Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine Fine Liquid Hand Wash (quite a mouthful to say but my goodness, it looks and, I’m sure, smells incredible). Also, how perfect is that sparkly Oudh Accord & Gold Festive Shower Gel Bauble (can you believe it’s only £8.80?!). It would make such a gorgeous Christmas gift! 

Molton Brown Black Friday deals 2016


It took me (only) 6+ hours to put this together but I made it my little mission to do proper research and recommend those websites where I am going to be shopping or have already shopped for 

Black Friday deals.

As you can imagine, it was impossible to include every website with fantastic deals and 

I initially had number 8 in mind 🙂

I hope you liked this post and that it comes in handy this weekend!





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