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October Favourites, Spectrum brushes

This post is so due it’s unreal. Before we roll into December, let me take you all the way back to October. It was such a great month filled with warmth, quality family time, multiple cups of hot chocolate and my first Christmas movie of the season (yes, I start early!). Excuse the late arrival but it comes bearing gifts. I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to every single one of you who supports me on my blogging journey and is just plain nice to me. Many thanks for following me on Twitter and making it possible to say I have 5000+ friends there now! Wow! What better way is there to celebrate it than running a lovely giveaway. Beauty and makeup goodies won in the poll I ran. I’m sure you’ve all been nice this year so one of your will enjoy a super lovely beauty. So let’s jump into my October Favourites without any more delay.

New York will always have that special place in my heart for many reasons. One of the biggest and most romantic things in my life happened in NYC almost 3 years ago when my hubby (then boyfriend) asked me to marry him. It was so perfect! Our engagement story will make a whole separate post this December and I can’t wait to share it with you (it will be worth a read!). Another thing that you might remember from my 50 Random Facts About Me post is my experience in NYC as a student. It was my home for 2 years when I used to go to college in Manhattan. It’s crazy how it all happened. Maaaany years ago, a little girl from the middle of nowhere in Ukraine has always dreamt of studying in the USA. So one day she applied for this exchange program and was selected as a winner of the grant among other 100 out of 17,000 students. I flew to the States with $100 in my wallet but I was the happiest kid in the world. That’s why when people tell you “you have this”, “you do that” or “you travel everywhere” or even worse “why not me”, don’t take it personally. Sometimes they don’t know the whole story. I never took anything for granted, including the opportunity to study in the US, because I worked hard towards it and it was part of God’s plan. Today, nothing changed. Hard work is still there. Dedication is still there. Passion is still there. And the most exciting news is that this Friday we’re taking off from Manchester to go and visit my sister-in-law and her sweet little family in the US. Since they live about an hour away from Big Apple, we might pop in and say hello to good ol’ New York. Every single time I go there it feels like coming home

New York at night

Confessions of a crazy coffee addict. Chapter 1. Trying to cut down on coffee. Today I had tea. Jokes aside, October (and well, spoiler alert, November too) has been the Month of Tea for me. I am not a massive tea drinker and wouldn’t have it on a daily basis. Massive exception is when I am at someone’s house. Think it’s more than appropriate to go through multiple cups of tea in that situation. Pukka has always been one of my favourite tea brands. I featured it in my January Favourites 2016 where I also told you why my blog is called Miel and Mint. In October I have been into everything cinnamon. Nope, no shame whatsoever on starting early on all things Christmas. Three Cinnamon has been the most popular tea bag in my cup along with another tea (which will go straight into my Nov Faves). I love the power a little cup of tea has. Basically when you’ve made it and sat down to enjoy it with a little biscuit (or a packet, most likely), the planet stops spinning, everything urgent suddenly becomes “I can deal with it later” and you just let yourself chill. So yeah, thank you very much for this wonderful excuse to procrastinate with pleasure, dear tea makers.

Pukka Three Cinnamon tea

Choosing my favourite Insta of the Month is never an easy job, especially since there are so many amazing blogger, celebrity, animal and photography accounts out there. For the same reason I never include any of my fellow blogger profiles because “how do you pick one??”. For my October Favourites I am breaking all the rules because there has been one IG profile and one blog which stood out for me big time. Ladies and gentlemen (most likely, ladies, but if you’re a gentleman and you’re reading this, please give me a shout in the comments below), let me introduce you to Sharon, a gorgeous blogger behind Style Lullaby, mommy of a Chinese water dragon Babadook and a wonderful friend who’s been insanely supportive to me and my blog. I think we have come across each other’s blogs only about a month ago but have become close through our passion for all things blogging. Sharon takes it to a whole another level with the photography. Her IG gallery will have you hooked in a second. Go follow her and say hello from me at Style Lullaby

Style Lullaby Instagram

Now, first and foremost, how true and real is this quote. Also, I have learnt the reality of it first hand this October. As you might remember, I got the best news and a super exciting part-time job offer and even though it’s quite small, I am juggling that plus my translation/interpreting work along with all things family, home & blog. Very often it almost feels as if I have just woken up, blinked and it’s 10 p.m. Hence, not everything on my to-do list gets done on the day I scheduled it. In super crazy hectic moments like that I am really thankful for such great reminders like this one. By the way, this lovely imaged belongs to Design Love Fest. So in case you’re struggling with managing everything, if you’re constantly lacking time or failing at ticking off your to-do’s, remember that you can do anything, but not everything. Be kind to yourself

You can do anything but you can't do everything quote

October was huge when it comes to makeup favourites. It was absolutely full of new incredible discoveries which probably deserve a mile-long blog post. You all were in a massive swoon mode along with me over these Spectrum Collections 12-Piece Set “You Look Marbleous” makeup brushes. When the brand got in touch with me and asked me to review this stunning while & gold collection, I couldn’t wait to try these beauties and share my thoughts with you. You can read all about these stunners in my Spectrum Collections 12-Piece Set Marbleous Brushes Review. Even though they are sometimes too pretty to use, I reach out for them a lot. Another makeup favourite of October has been already featured in my Perfect Christmas Lipstick: Rimmel The Only One 510. It was so good it got its own blog post! I have repurchased it since then because the colour is just the most perfect red. It’s affordable, it wears well, it doesn’t dry my lips and it’s ideal for A/W season. Last but not least, one of the best concealers I’ve ever had in my makeup bag – Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer which I recommended to you in my Best High-End Base Makeup For Oily & Acne-Prone Skin post. After reading a number of great reviews on it, I picked one up in Sephora at The Dubai Mall. It’s very soft, creamy but it doesn’t cake up nor dries too quick before you get to blink. It’s lightweight and it wears like a dream. It’s a bit on the pricey side but worth every penny. I will definitely repurchase it once I’m out. A little visit to Sephora is going to be a must when we’re out in the States.

Spectrum brushes, Rimmel red lipstick, Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer

Just a few days ago I watched this video on YouTube filmed by a big blogger/vlogger (who I like) where raved about a candle which was worth £210! I am not even kidding. Yes, it was a massive candle. Yes, it was a famous brand. But I still cannot justify spending £210 on a candle. I guess everyone has their preferences. Nevertheless, once cold weather rolls in, candles come out to play. Many of them. A gazillion range of scents. My October, for the most part, will stick in my mind of the Month of Warm Orange Candle. It honestly smells so incredibly good! This perfect autumn scent can be found on the shelves at Tesco’s. Yes, as simple as that. It’s the most affordable £2 goodness from Glade. I spotted it quite accidentally because I liked the design with little snowflakes and then the smell just won me over. I also got the Apple and Cinnamon one which I am currently burning. You won’t regret picking one of these up if you have them in your local shop.

Glade Warm Orange candle

The first time I featured my Favourite Photo category was in my May Favourites 2016. This time I am looking back at one of the most wonderful and happiest days in my life – our wedding day. You might remember how in my 2 Years & 24 Reasons He’s The One I mentioned that to we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in August. So why October? It’s a special month because it’s the birthday month of my amazing hubby. This year we celebrated quietly but it was the most relaxing and romantic evenings ever. It’s hard to beat dressing up, going out into town, having a gorgeous steak meal in one of the most beautiful restaurants and spending the whole evening talking and enjoying each other’s company. I know, I went all sappy. So, early in October, when I was getting his birthday card ready, I looked through our wedding photos and this one stood out to me. It’s the very last moments of the day when we watched our fireworks with U2 ‘Beautiful Day’ playing in the background. Our very first day of being Mr & Mrs. Looking forward to many maaaaaany decades (preferably 70+ more years, please) with my favourite one by my side. 

Wedding fireworks, Miel and Mint wedding

How was your month #10?

Hope you enjoyed my October Favourites, lovelies.

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