7 Ways To Relax or What To Do On A Lazy Day ft. Jack Wills

How to relax, what to do on a lazy day, Jack Wills joggers

Things get busy way too often, and we end up forgetting to relax or let ourselves actually enjoy some lazy time. What’s even worse is the guilt when the day is over and you feel like you’ve done nothing but watched a gazillion YouTube videos. By the way, there’s nothing wrong at all with having days like that from time to time (if you have the sheer luxury of having those). If you’re anything like me, when you know that “down time” is coming up, most likely you’d want to plan it and keep more or less productive. If your big plan of the day is to binge watch Christmas movies, you do you. If your day off is your only chance to catch up with work, go for it. There’s that fine line between the two, that perfect forever sought-after balance. So here are 7 things you can do which, in my opinion, will help you achieve that sweet work & play ratio.

How to relax, what to do on a lazy day, Jack Wills joggers

1. Blog, baby.

These 2 words are the sweetest to any blogger’s ear. We get so insanely busy, running back and forth every single day, that more than often blogging gets pushed to the very end of the to-do list. That’s why, it’s a no-brainer that when you get ANY free time whatsoever (if you’re just as passionate about your blog as I am about mine), whether it’s an hour or a minute, you’re glued to the computer screen working away on a brand new post, catching up with other bloggers or updating your socials. Of course, there are gazillion things in life which need our attention. For instance, family is, and will always be, number one priority for me. But we’re talking about a chilled Saturday afternoon. It’s too cold to go outside. Nothing or nobody really needs you to do anything. Time spent doing anything blog related is like a visit to the spa in my books (I’d probably have my mind blown if I were to blog from the actual spa). Even if you’re not a blogger, the fact that you’re reading this post proves you’re 1/3 into becoming “a more relaxed and happier self” 🙂

2. Cozy up.

It goes without saying that a lazy day isn’t made up of high heels and daring prints. It’s all about comfort. While I could easily label pyjamas as “perfect I-am-staying-in-today OOTD”, I personally feel a bit too sloppy and extra inactive if I’m moping around the house in my PJs. Loungewear or what I like to call it “Britney Spears dresses up to hit the school gym circa 1999” is my choice of clothing. Jokes aside, when one of the brands, which I have been absolutely in love with for ages, got in touch with me and asked to test out their super cozy joggers, I was beyond excited. Jack Wills kindly sent me their Eggleston Relaxed Joggers* and I have to admit, I’ve been pretty much living in them. They are a definition of an absolute perfection when it comes to that one favourite pair of sweatpants. These joggers offer that right combo between too loose and too skinny. They’ve got nice big pockets (always a plus) and I am dumbstruck when it comes to describing how soft, warm and comfortable they are. On top of all the goodness, guys, you know how obsessed I am with anything grey. They hit the jackpot of that perfect loungewear I-am-chillaxing-today look.  

Abercrombie sweatshirt, Jack Wills Eggleston joggers

3. Read on.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best ways to relax and enjoy your day is to step away from all the gadgets and get lost in a book. Reading is something I’ve enjoyed since very early age. I still remember (just like it was yesterday) coming home from school, sitting down at the kitchen table and reading books together with mum while sipping tea and munching away those delicious freshly baked home-made cookies. I miss the simpler times. That’s one of the reasons why I am still an avid reader. Maybe you have a mile-long list of books you’d like to read but zero time. Or maybe you have fallen out of love with reading or have been disappointed by the quality of the last book you read. Nevertheless, pick up that one book you know you want to “absorb”. It doesn’t have to be something everyone else is reading. If you like classics, go for it. Prefer light “beach reads” all year round? Dig in. Want to learn something new? Explore away.

How to relax, what to do on a lazy day, The Organized Mind book

4. Bake off.

If you have been following GBBO / Great British Bake Off (or any other TV show which has something to do with making edible masterpieces out of nothing), you’ve probably thought to yourself at some stage: “I am no Mary Berry”. I have an even further confession to make. I can’t bake to save my life. Remind me about these words on the day when the first recipe emerges on Miel and Mint (never say never, right?). The good news is we don’t have to be experts at baking or be ready to whip up a Savarin with Chantilly cream. You’re bound to have your family’s favourite cookie recipe or your own lemon loaf formula. The point is to zone out from the troubles of today, have fun with it and, as a result, enjoy delicious well-deserved treats. Yumm!

5. Tick off.

It’s so easy to get stressed out today. One of the most common reasons (and we might not even suspect it for a second) is the never-ending flow of information. In my How To Overcome Fear Of Missing Out in 7 Easy Steps post, I mentioned the danger behind being overloaded with usually stems from receiving this constant avalanche of “I need to do this” or “Remember that”. If you feel like you have been able to accomplish very little recently, you’re just physically exhausted and emotionally drained or you can’t cope with the ever-growing data you try to “store” in your mind/memory, all you need to do is to make a good ol’ to-do list. Lazy says are perfect for writing your to-do’s, plans and goals. It’s great to look back and evaluate what you did right and what went wrong. Pick up the pieces and move on to a more organised chapter in your life. In January I will be sharing with you how I use the “brain dump” technique to relax, de-stress and make a better plan for a happier and more fulfilled life. Start small. Take 5 minutes and write down your to-do list for tomorrow. Baby steps will show a huge difference in no time.

How to relax, what to do on a lazy day, Christmas decor

6. Tune in.

Whether it’s binge-watching Gilmore Girls or going through the list of your favourite Christmas movies, it’s nice to give yourself that time to sit back and relax. It’s probably one of my favourite things to do, if only I had more free time. One of my guilty pleasures has been I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. Literally, no matter what I’ve been doing, it all has to stop because #ImACeleb is on. Those who watch it will be able to relate just how amazing it is. No matter what you decide to watch, make sure to zone out with the show or a film completely. Don’t multitask flicking through your Insta feed. Let the story line entice you. Popcorn is an ideal companion. A cup of tea with a few Jammie Dodgers is a pretty darn good alternative as well.

7. Pamper party.

You might remember how all the way back in September I wrote a post 7 Ways To Pamper Yourself This Fall. It was so well received as we all agreed how important (and oh so nice!) to let ourselves enjoy those relaxing moments of a good pamper night in. If you’re into spoiling yourself a little, you can book a manicure/pedicure or go for a massage. Home “treatments” are no worse. A nice bubble bath is a perfect way to enjoy your lazy day and let those troubles melt away. Also, I’ve been loving trying out different Sephora masks to give my skin the “treats” it deserves and de-stress. It’s hard to beat a good revitalizing mask or freshly painted nails. It’s one of the best “must-do’s” on a lazy day with a result that lasts. 

The Holiday movie, How to relax, what to do on a lazy day

Lazy days happen once in a blue moon in my life as I am always on the go and doing something. While it sometimes might be tempting to spend the whole day in your PJs, these tips will come in handy if you still want to feel like you’ve been productive and invested into your physical and mental health. The guilt that we get after doing nothing is almost unbearable. That’s why it’s nice try to de-stress and relax knowing you’ve actually invested your time into something amazing. Even if “watch a Christmas movie” is the top priority on your agenda, go for it and enjoy that glorious moment of ticking it off your list. Brew that cup of tea. Turn off the distractions. Get your cozies on and relax. You can exhale now.

Jack Wills Eggleston joggers


Eggleston Relaxed Joggers 

were gifted to me by Jack Wills.

All ideas and opinions in this post are my own & 100% genuine.

Last but not least, I couldn’t recommend these sweatpants/joggers enough –

they are the warmest and the coziest item in my wardrobe this winter.

Hope you liked this post and that it encouraged you to enjoy that lazy day in many different ways.
It’s priceless to be able to invest time into your own well-being, be it physical or mental.
You will never regret being happy.

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