Travel Wishlist: 5 Cruise Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List

5 Cruise Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List

2016 has been quite a tough year but it was absolutely incredible in the travel department. We have visited 3 most immense destinations of the world: Norway, Dubai and the USA. I can’t complain – traveling was at the top of our charts. As for “cruising”, it has always been on my list when it comes to a good ol’ travel bucket list. While we are still deciding where to go in 2017 (so far we just know it will be something big!), cruise trips are always in the back on my mind. My sister-is-law in currently on one in the Caribbeans exploring CocoCay’s turquoise waters and enjoying the quaintness of this beautiful private island. There are just so many out-of-this-world destinations on our planet and my bucket list is already miles long. So when Planet Cruise* got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in writing a post about my very own dream cruise destinations, I was given “green light” in letting my imagination run wild. I spend a few days browsing through multiple cruise lines and researching different voyage options until I was ready to share these breathtaking 5 cruise destinations worth the pickiest bucket list owner. You’d never regret these nor would you ever be able to forget them.

Planet Cruise Cruises

If you have been with me for a while, you probably know how much I love flying. I am not so good on water but only if it’s very rocky. Cruise travel is a whole different story because it’s practically a hotel in the ocean with its restaurants, attractions, entertainment and lifestyle. Nowadays, cruises are no longer associated with the elderly who are after chill time but still being pinched by the travel bug. It’s no longer a holiday you’d only take with a family. Cruises offer a wide range of comfort, recreation and excitement to the young generation (anyone in the category from 18 to 40). We are definitely planning to go on one before we hit our forties. Even though everyone loves to plan ahead, my own experience proves that often spontaneous decisions are the best. With the option of last-minute cruises it’s possible to have a holiday of a lifetime any time. Here are top 5 cruise destinations where I’d hope to find myself in the nearest future.


Bora Bora with Easter Island to Auckland

Bora Bora Cruise

The very first time I saw the perfectly turquoise water and those little thatched huts was in a rom-com movie years and years ago. It stuck in my memory, and I knew that Bora Bora would have to go on my travel bucket list sooner than later. The cruise around the islands with a stop at this lagoon paradise sounded absolutely idyllic. Until I saw the itinerary which also takes you to Chile, Easter Island, Pitcairn Island, Papeete (Tahiti), then Bora Bora, Nuku’alofa in Tonga and the icing on the cake situation happens when you find yourself in lush New Zealand after 2 days at sea. Bora Bora on its own is one of the highlights of the voyage but then you get a bonus of 5 more islands which are beyond compare and are definitely worth seeing. This 24-night adventure might not the most affordable when it comes to time and money but boy, would I love to do it someday. Such a perfect escape! The closest date to book this incredible voyage is 13 Feb 2017 so if you have a few thousands to spare (a girl can dream, right?) and want to dodge the chilly winter and enjoy one of the most luxurious cruises, there’s still time to say “Ahoy captain”. 

South America from Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Cruise

Another part of the world and the city I’ve always wanted to visit is Rio. A lovely friend of mine who relocated from Rio to Belfast has told me so many amazing things about her home. To be honest, I don’t know how she’s dealing with very little sun and lots of rain situation because Rio is abundant in its evergreen forests, warm sandy beaches and  clear ocean waters. You’ll fly from the UK to The Samba City where you’ll stay for 2 nights and soak in the rich culture and Copacabana fun. Then you’ll hop onto the Norwegian Cruise Line that will take you to a more tranquil setting, a sophisticated and upscale but very quaint and relaxing town of Buzios and other must-see spots in Brazil. Next stop – Uruguay. One of the top locations there is Punta Del Este, also known as St. Tropez of South America. Its Brava Beach is well-known worldwide as a surfing destination as well as the location of La Mano or The Hand, a giant sculpture of 5 human fingers coming up from underneath the sand. The cherry on top is beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina, where you can stay for 3 days. This beautiful voyage includes 15 nights and it could easily be labelled as the holiday of a lifetime.


Valentine Caribbean Isles from Barbados

Barbados Cruise

Let’s take a group pause and read the heading of this cruise destination again while looking at the most idyllic picture below it. It couldn’t possibly sound or look more perfect. Those 15 nights around the Caribbean will have you swoon for the rest of the decade. First stop is Barbados which is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world. Even if you’re not in a relationship, Barbados will have you fall head over heels with its beauty. I wouldn’t say no to that. The next 13 nights are spend around the most sought-after parts of the Caribbean Isles. From Trinidad and Dominica to Antigua and St. Lucia, this cruise will leave you speechless and your camera ‘storage-less’. St. Lucia and Barbados have got to be my top 2 on the list with their lush nature, rich culture and picture-perfect landscapes and beaches. This incredible experience by MSC Cruises would surely meet the most extravagant expectations. I’m not the kind of person who celebrates St. Valentine’s Day but I wouldn’t say no to this “Valentine Caribbean Isles” experience. A love story is basically writing itself


Canary Islands and Morocco from Barcelona

Canary Islands Cruise

Canary Islands will always hold a special place in my heart. Our vacation in Gran Canaria in 2015 will always be classified as one of the most relaxing and perfect beach holidays in my books. Combine that with Barcelona and Casablanca and I’m game. Norwegian Spirit will take you around the most exciting sunny destinations in 10 nights. Departing from forever bright and beautiful Barcelona with its immense architecture (La Sagrada Familia and Picasso Museum are well worth a visit), in one day of cruising you will find yourself in iconic Casablanca, Morocco. It’s well-known for the movie but the city offers a lot more than the film-inspired sights. Canary Islands adventure continues with stops in Las Palmas, Santa Cruz Tenerife and Madeira. Tenerife is a much loved spot by the cruise guests as Planet Cruise suggests. It wouldn’t surprise me – Tenerife is stunning all year round! There’s more to come because Malaga and Alicante follow with their white sandy beaches and sweeping scenery of the coastal area. 


Norwegian Fjords and Summer Solstice 

Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Oh Norway, you’re the most beautiful thing. I can’t even explain or start describing how stunning Norway is. As you might remember, I wrote 2 posts after our trip to this gem of a country: Norway Travels Part 1 and 7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Norway Part 2. Those articles would be able to tell you a lot more than I possibly could squeeze into one paragraph about this cruise. Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess will take you even further in 7 day and nights. You’d depart from Southhampton and find yourself in Stavanger which is world-famous for numerous scenic attractions, including the Pulpit Rock. Lonely Planet labelled it as “the world’s number one most breathtaking viewing platform in the world”. Then, there’s Olden. A must-see there is the area of Briksdalbreen that offers spectacular scenic hikes with glacier sightseeing. Next stops include Hellesylt and Geiranger where you would be able to see the world’s most beautiful and biggest fjords stretching as far as 110km (68 miles). Sognefjord is a top one to put on your bucket list. This world’s largest fjord is 205 km (127 miles) long. You will have to travel to Western Norway for that beauty. The final stop is in Bergen, also known as “the gateway to the fjords”. Seven mountains surround this port city and its beautifully designed little homes look like they have come out of a fine-drawn postcard. 

*Post is written in collaboration 

with Planet Cruise.

All ideas and opinions and my own.

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