5 Tips To Plan A Perfect Weekend Getaway

5 Tips To Plan A Perfect Weekend Getaway

January can be quite a sluggish month. Yes, we’ve just turned over a new leaf aka 2017 which means it’s high time to get cracking and start ticking off those to-do’s and goals off your list. Well, guess what? It’s perfectly fine if that hasn’t happened to you yet or that you’ve already broken half of your resolutions. Ease that pressure on yourself. It’s a massive challenge on its own to dive head first into the routine after the holiday season. To be honest, it has been tough for me to do the most elementary things on certain days (hello, motivation?). I tried to crack the code as to what is wrong with January but Google would be able to tell you more about the “winter blues”. There’s one thing I know that works 100% without an error when it comes to surviving the “post-festive winter” – a perfect escape. Planning for it can be a daunting experience so I decided to share these 5 easy-breezy tips to help you organise that much needed getaway

5 Tips To Plan A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Sometimes we all hit the stage when we want to escape. Often it comes down to the point when you know you need to get away ASAP. It’s completely normal. Also, it’s OK not to feel excited, chirpy and I-am-about-to-burst-into-a-Disney-song happy all the time. Your body and mind are both simply asking for a break. Nothing you can do can lift up your spirits better than leaving the 4 walls you’re surrounded by.

Take time off.

This one might sound like a no-brainer and there’s nothing wrong with last-minute plans BUT getting organized for a long weekend away is numero uno. If you’re working at the weekend, make sure you book it off. If there’s an option to extend your little getaway till Tuesday, use all the chances you can get. As easy as this step is, planning ahead would help you avoid cancelling other commitments at the eleventh hour. Give yourself time to prepare for the trip at least a few weeks in advance. That way you will be able to get your research done, find the best hotel and things to see and do in the area. Stress-free break? Yes, please!   

I found myself in Wonderland.

Who doesn’t love a good “Alice In Wonderland” quote? This tip is key because, let’s face it, 99% of how you feel after the break will most likely depends on the destination and the accommodation. I’ve had my fair share of horrific hotels. Then one day you hit the stage when you just can’t “rough it” any more. That’s why, when Great Little Breaks* got in touch with me and asked to have a browse across their websites and see if I would be interested to share it with you guys, all my worries or skepticism vanished as soon as I hit that Search button. Being a visual person, I loved every tiny bit of the website and the navigation process. Their Inspire Me tab has the most perfect selection of the types of destinations: anything from spa and wellness to coastal and city getaways. One of the escapes I was glued to is Retreat to the Cotswolds, the area I am still to explore in the UK. The point is you don’t have to travel too far. Explore the area where you live or close-by. Just give them a chance. You never know when you find yourself in Wonderland.

Essentials only.

I admit, I used to be one of those people who would write a huge packing list and bring their entire wardrobe on a 3-day trip. Oh the irony (you would think writing a list would help)! However, when I started traveling more and more, I realized what a waste of space it was to have all those items there with me which I never wore (and, let’s be honest, would never wear on that particular holiday). The word “essentials” made its way into my vocabulary. And stayed. When you are about to go away, follow these 3 steps to define whether you’re bringing only what you’ll need: 1) plan each outfit and pack an extra one (just in case), 2) simplify the contents of your makeup bag on-the-go (no, you won’t need the whole arsenal of your makeup brushes) and 3) only must-have skincare can come: cleanser/makeup remover, moisturizer and an eye cream of your choice would be suffice perfectly for a few days, gal. 

What to bring on a weekend away

Treat Yourself.

Even the most ideal getaway could be perfected with a little cherry on top, amirite? I have absolutely nothing against an escape with lots of Zzzzs and time spent in a fluffy-cloud-like-soft bed which involves doing very little. But let’s go back to the cherry situation. Booking the afternoon tea, making it a spa day, going on a tour, exploring the area or hitting the shops could all be those very much needed “treats”. Hubby and I are currently looking at these Spa and Wellness Breaks because, let’s be honest, winter is a tough season to get through without a break. I can’t wait to share with you where we decide to go on our next getaway. I’m sure it will include a massage. Massage always makes things better. Oh, and a facial. Topped up with a manicure. Where was I?

Turn off.

Long before social media became our oxygen, people used to actually enjoy life and soak in every moment. There was no need to take a picture and share it with the rest of the world, shout out about what you were having for your lunch or care about followers, unfollowers, likes and comments. Simpler times (I am so channeling my grandma now haha). No matter how incredible social media is with all the benefits and those WOW factor opportunities, it’s also a massive killer of time and a thief of joy. When I wrote my How To Overcome FOMO in 7 Steps post, I got so much feedback from everyone who read it. You would be surprised how many of us have felt miserable being out of loop as to what’s going on in the world of the internet. Or taking a picture of the jaw-dropping view only to share it on Instagram. Or resent communication in person as well as let relationships deteriorate before our eyes while we are glued to our screens. That’s why turning off is so vital. Try it on your next escape. Be in the moment. Be present

5 Tips To Plan A Perfect Weekend Getaway

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