6 Unique Spa Treatments That Are Worth Trying

6 unique spa treatments that are worth trying

I will start this post by confessing that my very first spa visit happened only 4 years ago. Also, it included one of the treatments I will talk about below, which was, by the way, out of this world. While I would also love to tell you I am a frequent goer (who would not want to be one?!), a spa visit is more of a treat than a part of my “everyday routine”. At the same time, I am an ambassador and supporter of all things pampering and treating yourself whenever you can. We all need it. We all deserve it. And since spa treatments have expanded beyond a head/back/neck massage, I thought it would be a great idea to single out 6 unique spa treatments that are worth trying (at least once in your life). Warning: you might want to book one of these ASAP if it’s available in your area. I can’t blame you. I am about to do the same. Grab a cuppa and let’s have some chill out time.

6 unique spa treatments that are worth trying

If you remember, I had been having awful tension headaches a few weeks ago. Not being used to headaches (I rarely got one), it was one of the worst experiences in my life. Imagine having a splitting headache (and feeling as if someone is squeezing your head in a heavy duty metalworking vice). For 10+ days. With no relief. I know, sounds awful. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Thankfully, the doctor was able to help me identify the issue that caused these horrendous headaches. It had to do with a) my posture, b) tension in my neck and shoulders & c) stress. A blogger friend from the US, who’s been a tension headaches sufferer for years, told me that different spa treatments, especially massages, changed her whole life. So yeah, that was pretty much a hallpass to indulge myself into all the relaxing goodness different spa places have to offer. Jokes aside, I went for a massage which helped immensely. I also researched different techniques for relaxation you can do at home as well as looked up the most unusual spa treatments I would love to try. Not because of the headaches. I don’t get them any more (at least, not at the moment – whew!). But because we all deserve a bit of a treat/splurge/pampering or that once-in-a-lifetime relaxation experience. Here are my top…


When I first came across the sheer existence of luxurious Harrods’ Urban Retreat, I was blown away. Urban Retreat isn’t like any other spa. It has a sought-after hair and makeup salon as well as the nail loft and beauty treatment rooms. The crown jewel of this beauty and relaxation haven is The The Moroccan Spa at Urban Retreat*. One of the signature treatments there is the Hammam Ritual. It is a traditional Moroccan body treatment which begins with acclimatisation in a Hot Room (not a steam room). A kessala (hammam therapist) will guide you through the whole experience. First, there is exfoliation with the help of a kessa glove (I had no idea it existed!) and black soap which removes dead skin and opens your pores. Then, there’s gentler exfoliation which is followed by a relaxing massage. Kessala would also massage your scalp, wash your hair (I don’t know about you but I love it when a professional does something to my hair/scalp – I could fall asleep) and ensure your skin is deep-cleansed and moisturised. Hammam ends with a stretching exercise and relaxing “recovery” time. 

Hammam Treatment Urban Retreat Harrods


Another exotic treatment is Hakali massage which is also known as cacti massage. Before you freak out at the thought of someone poking your back with cactus needles as some kind of a terror kind of acupuncture, it’s nothing like that at all. All the needles are carefully removed from the cacti before its giant paddles are heated and then are cut in half. The juicy (gooey) side is then placed on your back which, as they claim, provides the most soothing and moisturising effect. Hakali massage is very popular in a number of Latin American beach resort destinations because of its calming impact on sun-kissed (and dehydrated) skin. The best part of this massage is that cacti “juice” doesn’t leave any residue, meaning it beats any oil in leaving your skin all smooth and silky with no stickiness.  

Hakali Massage


This unique spa treatment is also known as the Tibetan sound massage. You know how they say the cat’s purring can slow down your heartbeat and lower your blood pressure? I can only imagine what benefits Himalayan singing bowls and a gong (or a felt mallet) can do. This kind of “massage” is sound therapy in a nutshell. It is done on a massage table while you’re wearing your clothes (something loose and comfortable) or a towel, warm socks and no metal accessories. You’re supposed to drink a lot of water before and after the treatment. Then Himalayan singing bowls are places on the chest and gently tapped to create the required sound and frequency. It’s soothing, relaxing and pretty much helps you dose off into the Neverland. You won’t even need Tink’s fairy dust 🙂

Singing Bowls Massage


After experiencing Rasul treatment once, I can say for sure I would happily do it over and over again. Rasul is an authentic Arabian cleansing ritual which is all about using different nourishing mentholated muds for that perfect body cleansing. You get a little guide sheet to help you apply the right colour/type of mud onto the corresponding part of your face and body. Then it’s time to enjoy some chill out time in a steam room with all the muds doing the job for you. Rasul is definitely more enjoyable as a treatment for two. Not only you have a buddy with you who would help you tap the muds on your face or back, but it’s a soothing and fun way to relax together and enjoy each other’s company in a 100% tranquil atmosphere.

Rasul treatments, Rasul muds


Snow cave/room spa is becoming more and more popular and requested among other thermal spa experiences. Usually this less harsh kind of cryotherapy is offered combined with a hot experience room. Before going into the snow cave, you would spend at least 10-15 minutes in a steam room which will open up the pores and detoxify your body. The contrast you will feel when you walk into the sealed cold space with real (!!!) snow is striking. Strikingly amazing! Your body will basically be in a bit of a shock. However, the heat and snow combination does wonders to your blood circulation, immune system and body rejuvenation. 

Snow Room Experience


I haven’t heard about this one before I started working on this post. I was browsing Instagram when suddenly I saw this eye-catching pic of something called float pods. Even more so, I was so excited the experience is available in Manchester (30min drive away, woohoo!). Floatation is known to be one of the most powerful relaxation and pain-relieving tools. Think zero gravity experience without “having” to go into open space. You float in a beautifully designed pod filled with a special salt-water solution in a sound-proof room. This new spa experience doesn’t just help you relax your muscles or melt the tension away. It is recommended for headache and chronic pain sufferers, athletes and people who constantly undergo a lot of stress. Floatation is also supposed to help those who struggle with anxiety and depression. Float pod experience was also designed to help improve mind clarity, creativity, memory and concentration. Plus, how awesome do these pods look?

Float pods

* Collaborated post. All ideas, thoughts & opinions are my own.

This was a very fun post to create. I hope you enjoyed it, lovelies.

With the whirlwind of stress, responsibilities and commitments, we often forget the basic need to relax. There’s pretty much never enough time. Also, there is this awful guilt whenever you do get to sit down and chill out (because you have one million things to do and that list is staring at you). 

I do believe we all deserve a little special treatment from time to time. 

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