What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love With Your Home

I’ve always been a home-loving person. Even when I was a teenager (and my friends would be out every night), I would find staying at home a lot more fun. Maybe it was due to the fact that I never was a “wild child” or maybe I simply really loved the cosiness of the home where I grew up. It was tiny but it was everything I needed. I know this might sound too mushy but love lived there (still does), and it’s enough. Since leaving my parents’ house, I’ve moved 5 times. Some places were great, some were far from ideal. I think, no matter where you live, you have most likely thought about a better place/location/room/lighting/space and whatnot. We all sometimes fall out of love with our homes. The good news is it’s possible (and doable!) to make your home a place you feel the most comfortable in,where you enjoy spending time and just love to pieces. 

Whether you did some spring cleaning or not, it’s never too late to tidy your space. Start now. The number one tip I couldn’t recommend enough would be clean and declutter. Very often we can’t settle or feel productive at home. Many people start wondering why they have a hard time concentrating or getting motivated to do anything. Most likely, your home simply needs a good ol’ clean. If you’re a pro at keeping a dirt-free space, there could be clutter everywhere or in some areas. It’s actually quite scary how much “damage” clutter can take responsibility for in our lives. So before we get into bringing stuff into your home or taking stuff out of it, you have to start with blank canvas aka clean and organised space. And here are 7 things that can help you spruce up your home and fall back in love with it:

  • Rugs. Now, when more and more people lean towards the wood rather than the carpet, a rug isn’t just a must-have to keep your feet toasty. A good-quality rug is an important decor element which can freshen up any room in no time. I mean, you pick your rug and put it down. Voila! No hard work there. The fun part about picking the right rug is considering 4 things: purpose (room, area), fabric (the feel of it and how easy/difficult it is to clean it), cost and style (there are almost limitless options for the colour, shape and design). Cox & Coxis one of my favourite companies when it comes to unique, minimalistic and beautifully handpicked home goods. They also have a brilliant selection of high-quality superb rugs and runners that would suit anyone’s taste. 
  • Shelves. This one might sound obvious but shelves are one of the easiest ways to spruce up any space. Long gone the days when shelves only served the purpose of holding the books. You can either use shelves as that very much needed extra storage or treat them as mini galleries displaying any tchochkes you have and love.
  • Plants. It’s no surprise that a living plant is the best addition to any room. My own history of being a serial plant killer doesn’t do me any justice. But it’s a fact – plants freshen up the dullest of spaces. The good news is that you don’t need the most “demanding” plant or constantly worry if you haven’t watered it enough or drowned it. Different types of succulents make very stylish and easy-to-care-for green buddies. Jade plant and aloe vera are my personal favourites. If you feel a bit more exotic, you could go for a spider plant (my mum used to have them in every room), snake plant or a ficus. The options are almost endless. 

  • Mirror. Every time I see a strategically (and perfectly) placed mirror, I am blown away. Our master bedroom in our first home was teeny-tiny but thanks to a gigantic mirrored wardrobe the room always looked like a mini mansion to me. If there is an opportunity to hang a mirror where it will elongate, widen, brighten up and spruce up the space, do it. I am loving beautifully designed pieces by Lux Deco and NEXT. There are so many gorgeous options there!
  • Windows. You might be wondering why windows are in this list and what you can actually do with them. Well, first of all, wash them. You will see the difference immediately. Then, dress them up. If you’re a curtain person, pick out the fabric and design of the curtains you prefer the most. If you’re into blinds, go for an easy-to-wash/dust edition. When hubby and I moved into our current temporary abode, on the very first night we realized that it was so bright in the bedroom that we couldn’t sleep. If you live in the heart of the city and there are street lamps outside your house, you might want to invest into blackout curtains.
  • Wall art. This one goes without saying (or much explanation). When you add an art piece to an empty wall, you get a freshened up space in a heartbeat. There is a separate blog post coming to Miel and Mint on wall art as we are soon moving and I am looking for some great inspiration pieces. There is a vast variety of choices out there: from paintings to photography and from abstract to typography – the choice is a very individual thing when it comes to wall art. One of my personal favourites for inspiration and as a source of unique pieces is (surprise, surprise) Etsy.
  • Colours. If you were asked to wear only one colour for the rest of your life, you’d most likely be ready to give up that challenge in a few days. Think of your home. Same old colour might not excite you or you don’t even notice it any more. So adding a pop of yellow or a punch of teal might be exactly what your soul is asking for. If you’re into Instagram, compare your space to an IG theme. There’s definitely an accent colour, there are most likely some repeated hues and maybe there’s even a pop of something. There is a popular simple formula you can apply when you pick out your colours. 60-30-10: 60% of your space is your predominant colour (e.g., walls), 30% belongs to your rugs, upholstery and similar items & 10% goes to accessories (art and small bit and bobs).

* Collaborated post. All ideas, thoughts & opinions are my own.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, lovelies. 

As we are currently in the process of looking for a new home and moving out, 

I am really loving to work on all kinds of “homely posts”.

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