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I always seem to tell myself I would start packing a few days in advance – just to end up running around the house trying to figure out each outfit the night before jetting off for a vacation.

Sounds stressful, right?

I’ve definitely had my fair share of successful packing, and then there were disappointments, too.

If you don’t pack enough, you might face the I-have-nothing-(nice)-to-wear situation. If you pack too much, you could still end up with the same issue: nothing goes together or you just wear a few things on a loop.

And then there’s cherry on top – you want to look good when you travel.

That’s why I hope you find this post helpful.

Boohoo Raya palm print skirt, Lola Frill Cold Shoulder Swing Top, How to look chic on holiday - Miel and Mint blog

You might remember a few weeks ago I was on cloud 9 on Twitter about this “super exciting” collaboration offer.

Well, it happens that Boohoo dot com got in touch with me asking if I’d like to work with them. I couldn’t be more excited, especially since the campaign was just up my street.

I have a confession to make.

I used to hate to wear any other bottoms than pants (read: trousers if you’re British).

Until I hit my quarter of the century age “milestone”.

For someone who’s only been seen in jeans and rejected everything “too girly”, to go as far as liking my reflection in the mirror while trying on a skirt or a dress, it was a massive change.

And I embraced the feminine look. I fell in love with it. It wasn’t “too girly” any more. It was beautiful, lovely and surprisingly comfy.

So when Boohoo asked me to pick one item from their gorgeous skirt selection and style it with any other Boohoo bits and pieces I fancied, I jumped at the opportunity not just to play dress-up and work with the powerhouse that is I wanted to share advice on how to stay chic, stylish and happy without bringing one hundreds items of clothing on your next holiday.

The inspiration for this post began with a skirt. Not just any skirt but this stunning palm print midi beauty.

One statement skirt = multiple outfits that you can transition from sunrise to sunset or a day out sight-seeing to a fancy dinner date.

Ray Ban Aviators

LOOK #1.

Why not take your favourite skirt and start your day making a statement?

I decided to style my Raya Palm Print skirt* with this cute and simple XOXO slogan tee* and a pair of comfy white sliders*.

I am so glad that long gone the days when a “fancy” skirt would only be worn with “fancy” tops.

Today we can mix and match and create looks that reflect our personalities and mood. There are no rules, and it’s refreshing.

Sometimes a top + skirt just isn’t enough.

That’s when the accessories come to play and finish the look.

I remember envisioning this outfit but something just wasn’t clicking. Until I saw this suede wrap around choker* (insert heart eyes emoji here).

The moment I tied that bow I knew it was that perfect little final touch I needed.

Having been a hoop girl for ages, I felt like that’s where I was going to bring in my favourite earrings. These rose gold geo cut out hoop earrings* saved the day and pleased my inner magpie.

Boohoo xoxo t-shirt, Boohoo palm print Raya skirt OOTD - Miel and Mint blog


LOOK #2.

This was (and is), without a doubt, my favourite outfit to put together.

Same statement skirt but now we are talking evening.

Whether you have a romantic date night, a catch-up with girls at an upmarket restaurant or a stroll in the city far far away exploring the local cuisine and fun-filled events, all you need is a red lip.

Well, to be fair, you need some nice clothes too!

So I paired up my Raya Palm Print skirt with a black Cold Shoulder top.

A girl can never go wrong with a pair of stylish suede black heels (which are also super comfortable!).

Accessories were a no-brainer for this outfit.

I went for this beautiful bead and coin layered necklace and my vintage black earrings.

My favourite Ray Bans also made the cut (I practically live in them).

And, finally, the red lips and nails were the absolute icing on the cake.

I am wearing my all-time favourite Diego Dalla lipstick (which is, FYI, insanely moisturizing, pigmented and stays on ALL DAY/NIGHT) and this hot red Nails Inc nail polish.

When in doubt, wear red, right?

Boohoo Raya palm print skirt, Lola Frill Cold Shoulder Swing Top, How to look chic on holiday OOTD - Miel and Mint blog

Boohoo Lola Frill Cold Shoulder Swing Top, Raya Palm Print skirt, OOTD, Summer fashion - Miel and Mint

How To Stay Chic On Holiday Without Overpacking

1. Capsule wardrobe. 

This term seems to be everywhere. And for a good reason. Personally, I have fallen victim to big flashy SALE signs not once and have regretted it every time I shopped on a whim. Today I do my best to think my outfits through and invest into timeless and beautiful pieces that also spark joy. When you have your capsule wardrobe in place or you’re currently building one, you won’t go wrong with bringing your favourite occasion-appropriate items along everywhere you go. LBD would be your no.1 go-to in almost any situation.

2. Statement multi-wear pieces.

Just like I styled my statement skirt in two different ways, you can pack your favourite statement piece transitioning it from day to night, from beach to restaurant, from work to play. Not only you potentially have a couple of outfits sorted, you’re saving that valuable suitcase space. I would recommend to go with a skirt: tulle, floral, midi, maxi or even leather – it’s your playground and your rules.

3. Think accessories.

Whenever I pack for a holiday, I make sure not to forget my well-loved Mickey Mouse pouch that I got at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I “stuff” it with my favourite accessories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. And believe it or not, I don’t bring my whole sparkly/dangly/dainty arsenal with me. Usually 2 or 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets, 5 pairs of earrings (thankfully, they don’t take up much room) and a few rings apart from my engagement and wedding bands which I never take off. Key thing – they are my FAVOURITES which means I won’t forget and will want to wear them.

4. Plan ahead.

This tip should probably go first. Even though we all sometimes go through a last-minute packing madness, try to take a few hours a couple of days before the take-off to plan your outfits. Whenever I leave the packing to the night before (and my alarm is set to 4am), stress levels are usually through the roof. I suddenly realize that a few things have just been washed and are still wet, a few pieces are dirty and other items fall into “I don’t even like them” category. As a result, I shove 15 tops into the suitcase even though I KNOW I will end up wearing 3 or 5 of them. Also, think about the type of holiday you’re going to take. If it’s a relaxing beach break, most likely you won’t need 7 pairs of heels. You’ll probably live in your flip-flops anyway. And most importantly, enjoy yourself, whether you’re “ready” or not. That’s what holidays are for.

How to look stylish while traveling

• Collaboration with Boohoo •

Skirt, tops, shoes and accessories have been kindly gifted to me.


Look #1:

Skirt (out of stock), other midi skirts I love: here, here, here & here

T-shirt (out of stock), other white slogan tees I love: 1, 2, 3 & 4

White sliders | Choker | Other earrings I love

Look #2:

Skirt (out of stock), other midi skirts I love: here, here, here & here

Top | Shoes | Layered Necklace | Lipstick

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