Affordable Hair Care: Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco Range Review

Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco Moisture Rich range review

It’s been absolute ages since I wrote a beauty product review, and I’ve missed it! It’s kind of like going to the {blogging} “basics” for me. I love it. I’m home. Natural World must have known about it and sent me a few lovely hair care bits and pieces from their Argan Oil of Morocco range* which I was extremely excited about. These goodies have been tested by me for 5+ weeks (yup, I wanted to REALLY give it a go!). I am extremely proud of my beauty reviews like this one or this one, but this is the first time I’m talking about a hair care range in detail. So buckle up, you guys. And by the way, all of a sudden (after years of slacking off), I am so into hair care!As I have never heard about this company before (which isn’t a bad thing – there are so many incredible brands and businesses waiting to be discovered worldwide), I dived in to do a bit of research about them. And I absolutely loved what I found out.

First of all, it’s a local domestic brand. Natural World was founded in Soho, London, and is proud of its origin. Secondly, their goal is “to create affordable luxury hair care”. Thirdly, they make products that are free from Parabens, Phosphates, Phtalates, Dyes & Gluten. And finally, Natural World sources certified organic ingredients from around the world to be added to their formula, for example, the oh-so-loved Argan oil.

Natural World hair care

That’s why, as you can imagine, when I was offered a chance to try the Argan Oil of Morocco range*, I was very excited because:

A) who doesn’t like the sound of “natural Argan oil” and

B) my hair had been in need of some serious TLC.

I have to say from the get-go that this range might not suit every hair type. It all depends on what your mane craves + “health” and texture of your hair.

Mine has always been two things: thin and dry.

Well, not always.

Most likely since I decided to go blonde about 6 years ago.

Even though I did it gradually, my then-hairdresser did make HUGE mistakes in “helping” me maintain it. I trusted her as I liked the initial colour and her technique, as well as the affordable prices.

Lesson learnt: pay more but have it done well.

A few years ago I was told by my now-hairdresser than I have A LOT of hair (it was a pleasant surprise!) but it’s thin and needs A LOT of moisturizing. No wonder why I was so eager to try this range from Natural World.

Natural World Argan Oil Of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

I am one of those people who don’t ever want to get out once they’re in the shower.

(If only I didn’t have to go anywhere and gas/water bills didn’t exist. Ha!)

Hot showers are my jam.

Also, I have never been very picky about a shampoo as long as it does the job. But since I went blonde I HAD to swap my “anything-will-do” shampoo and conditioner (sometimes no conditioner *gasp!*) for a better option.

I have been testing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner for over 5 weeks, and I will be honest – it wasn’t love at first sight. I found that it dried my hair and made it very tangled (but then again, my hair is always tangled after I wash it, that’s why I swear by my all-time favourite Tangle Teezer).


I found that it does a good job of cleansing well (I wash my hair every day or every other day) and I quite like the scent – it’s very different, not fruity like most shampoos. What I enjoyed the most about this shampoo & conditioner combo is that after a blow dry my hair is beautifully textured, not frizzy and it’s easy to style.

Where to get:

£2.99 for shampoo (500ml) & £2.99 for conditioner (500ml) at Fragrance Direct.

Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Mask

This was a fun product to try as I don’t usually do hair masks.

(I know, shocker!)

Who has the time, right?

But when I got this hair mask and HAD TO put it to test, I decided it was worth the extra time spent in the shower. After all, you can plan your to-do’s, organize your thoughts or just meditate while the mask is working its magic.

And guess what – it’s lovely.

It contains a concoction of 5 essential oils: rosemary, cedarwood, Ylang-Ylang, orange and lemongrass. The scent is absolutely beautiful, very subtle and “gentle”. The texture is fluffy, not too thick and it goes on smoothly.

When I was using it, I followed the instructions of applying the mask onto washed damp hair and leaving it in for 5 minutes (or more, depending on the damage). NB: my hairdresser once gave me one of the most “valuable tips” (quote) when it comes to hair masks – towel dry your hair a bit and THEN put your mask on. If you apply when your hair is wet, it will a) slide down (obviously) and b) won’t have the same effect as it would if your hair was slightly damp. Then, of course, you have to rinse it off.

Where to get: £12.72 (200ml) on Amazon.

Argan Oil of Morocco hair mask and treatment oil

Last but so not least, is one of my favourites from this range.

Just like with masks, I have often neglected using the oils for my hair. Hello, split ends, I can see you.

This hair treatment oil has become my staple & I use it every other day (just on my ends). What I love most about it is that it leaves my hair feeling light (no heaviness at all) and you can’t tell that I’ve just applied oil (it doesn’t look wet or streaky).

It also smells amazing and I think it’s an absolute bargain! Only £5 for 100ml which, to be fair, will last you for ages. It also comes in a mini 25ml travel tube which is very handy when you’re on the go.

I have definitely noticed an improvement with the texture of my hair. It’s a lot less frizzy (yay!) and less dry at the ends. While a month and a half was more than enough time to test these products, I know that hair care is a long process, and drastic changes (read: improvements) take time to show.

Where to get: £3.95 (100ml) at Fragrance Direct.

Argan Oil of Morocco

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All thoughts are my own and 100% genuine.


I hope you enjoyed my review of Argan Oil of Morocco hair care range.

Natural World has other 6 exciting ranges: Brazilian Keratin, Charcoal & Mint (very curious about that one!),

Chia Seed Oil, Coconut Water, Paw Paw & Quinoa and Shimmering Silver.

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