February Favourites 2018 + Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Giveaway

February Favourites & Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Giveaway - Miel and Mint

When February was over and everyone posted their “hello March” updates yesterday, I didn’t expect everything to go in full bloom right away. But I also didn’t expect we’d be snowed in!

Where have you been around Christmas, snow?

By the way, sorry I haven’t posted in 12 days (!). I am working on being more consistent but there are also moments in life when you have to put everything else in the backseat. Hence, delays in getting blog posts going live. Because a) I was genuinely stuck for time, b) I was away in Belgium and wanted to enjoy a little break and c) I simply can’t whip out rushed content or content I’m not 101% happy with (perfectionist in me).

On a non-snow or non-blogging related note, how have you been?

I hope you enjoy reading (and seeing) my February Favourites. Plus, there’s an EPIC (I personally think it’s even more than epic!) giveaway at the end of this post. I’m more than sure you might want to enter that one or know someone who’d be crazy about the prize I’m giving away. I’m celebrating reaching 8,000 (now 8,142) Twitter friends but I’m also thinking of doing a giveaway every month (or every other month) in one way or another.

Stopping the ramblings now. Let’s take a look at what I’d been loving in February.

⇒ Catch up with my January Favourites

favourite place - Miel and Mint blog

If you have been following our most recent travel adventures on my Instagram, you probably know that we came back from beautiful Bruges less than a week ago.

It wasn’t the first visit as we were there in August 2017. Long story short: fell in love with the place, had to come back.

This long weekend we spent there was magical. The weather was just perfect for taking a city break – sunshine all day, crispy winter air, the works. I don’t even know where to start telling you about all the delicious waffles, crepes, chocolate and coffee (just take a look here and here for visuals – I hope you’re not hungry).

The highlight of the trip had to be our little cycling adventure around the city. We rented bikes and went cycling for about 2,5 hours. It was immense! I might sound like a broken record but if you’re going to Bruges, make sure to hire bikes and go explore. You will LOVE it!

I genuinely couldn’t wipe a smile off my face when we were cycling. Such a kid at heart.

These beautiful houses (which remind me of the gingerbread / sugar cookie houses for some reason – yum!) are located in the main square The Markt.

We ate out at The Markt restaurants every night and visited the Haagen-Dazs cafe more times than I’d like to admit.

Bruges The Markt - Miel and Mint

This is a new category, and I’m so excited about it!

My favourite travel experience from the start of this year was definitely our voyage (is that what you call a trip across the sea, right?) by Stena Line.

Both hubby and I traveled by Stena Line for the first time about 3 years ago when we made a move across from Northern Ireland to England. It was a nerve-wrecking and HUGE step for both of us but it went so smoothly. I have to thank Stena Line for making it happen for us travel wise, especially because it was our first time and we had a car packed to the brim with most of our belongings.

Since then, every time I was on board it was one of the most amazing experiences (we go to Ireland a lot). Keep in mind the fact that I don’t do boats, no matter how big they are. And boy, the Irish Sea does get rough! But traveling by Stena Line has always been an absolute breeze.

I couldn’t recommend it more if you want to go across from the mainland UK to N. Ireland or vice versa.

Not only does it allow you to bring your car across but there are many more perks to it. Speaking of the car, I honestly can’t be bothered packing one small item of luggage when we fly to Belfast so traveling down by Stena Line is perfect. No space limitation whatsoever (you can pack your car as full or as light as you’d like) and you have wheels – yay (which also means you wouldn’t have to rent a car once you get across the sea).

On top of that, always (and I mean, ALWAYS) book Stena Line Plus because you don’t just get a quieter and much more comfortable area to relax during the trip. Stena Line Plus gives you the unlimited drink/snack supply (yes please, to that!). Also, the seating area is very chic and cosy, very well kept and catered. There is a magazine stand so you can catch up with the latest issues and there is a mini cinema with THE comfiest and biggest armchairs where you can zone out and watch a show or a movie. The whole experience is SO enjoyable, as you can tell.

I will soon publish a blog post on things to do in Northern Ireland (I love me some Norn Iron). Believe me, you will want to visit it right away! I will include bonus tips on how to enjoy your voyage by a ferry if you are prone to getting seasick.

If you decide to pop over to the Emerald Isle, Stena Line is your number one go-to destination for booking that trip.

P.S. They travel around Europe, too (Holland, France, ROI and so on). 

Stena Line trip to Ireland

*Huge thanks to Stena Line for sponsoring our lovely return trip to Northern Ireland;

review of the experience isn’t sponsored; these are my genuine thoughts and opinions

monthly favourites - favourite candle - Miel and Mint blog

When Molton Brown sent me a lovely surprise package a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, I was swooned.

(I swoon over their parcels every time, to be honest.)

This gorgeous trio consisting of Tobacco Absolute, Rosa Absolute and Black Peppercorn* is just out of this world. They are such a great blend, and all three scents compliment each other so well. I got Rosa Absolute sitting in my bathroom and the other two are in the hallway upstairs. I keep their little sticky covers on when they are not being burnt to keep away the dust (dust-covered candles are a huge pet peeve of mine).

I love it that these guys are minis as you can easily bring them along when you travel to feel more at home while you’re away.

You can discover the whole range of minis, which is called The Scents of the Seasons collection here. It’s a luxury purchase but it is worth it!

I personally love their Garden Bloom collection (US link, UK link) and will be getting it as soon as possible to make it feel like spring IS around the corner. Because it is, right??

At the moment, I am also burning another Molton Brown candle in our living room (not pictured). It’s an Ylang-Ylang single-wick candle (US link, UK link). I’ve been especially enjoying it during the cold winter nights. It is very soothing and gives you that lovely feeling of peace and comfort of being at home.

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute and Tobacco Absolute Candles - Miel and Mint blog

favourite makeup

It’s become a bit of a tradition to include 3 (not one) makeup favourites. I’ve been reaching out for these products A LOT (if not every day) and they are still ranking VERY high in my books.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Highlighter Palette* (gifted by Feel Unique): This beauty has conquered many makeup-loving hearts since it launched in April last year. And for a good reason! This is a highlighter palette of a whole another level. The shades are the most unique highlighter shades I’ve ever seen (I mean, just take a look at Orion and Spectra). The texture is light and creamy, they are super blendable, and the pigment is out of this world. The best part is you can use this palette not just to highlight areas on your face but these can work as eyeshadows, lip highlight (to make whatever lippy you’re wearing more metallic and shimmery) + body highlight. Absolute 10 out 10! In fact, I loved it so much, I decided to get one for you guys and give it to one lucky winner (giveaway below).

Buxom Full On Lip Polish* (gifted by Feel Unique): Do you know what is the best part about featuring such fabulous brands like Molton Brown, ABH or Buxom, and websites like Feel Unique in my February Favourites? They never asked me to blog about these products. I’m simply recommending you what I have genuinely been enjoying myself and have used a lot. The first time I put on this Buxom lip polish, which I modestly call “one-of-the-best-lip-glosses-I’ve-ever-tried”, I knew it was the one. The shade Samantha (pictured below) is a perfect nude and looks amazing on its own or paired up with a lipstick giving it a flawless metallic finish. Notice the word: metallic. Not shimmery/glittery. Plus, it’s one of those tingly lip products which feel ahhh-mazing. I am now looking at getting brighter (more spring’y/summer’y shades) like Tonya and Kanani. Swoon-worthy.

L’Oreal Infallible Pore-Refining Primer: I decided to try this little guy because I discovered it through my lovely blogger friend Leah’s Insta stories (her IG is devotedtopink). It was a very spontaneous decision but, to be fair, I really did need a primer that would conceal my pores well, feel amazing on my skin and not cost an arm and a leg. Enter this primer. Not only does it do what it promises but also it goes on so smoothly, doesn’t sit on top of your skin like another layer nor move when you apply makeup. L’Oreal has a range of primers to choose from and they all serve different purposes. I’m sure you will be able to find one that would suit your priming needs.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit, Buxom Full on Lip Polish lipgloss, LOreal Infaillable Pore Refining Primer

favourite accessory

Case App phone case - Miel and Mint blog



I’m not of those odd (read: amazingly wonderful) people who enjoy using their phone more when there’s a cute case attached to it.

It’s like writing with a cute pen. It makes a difference.

And I’ve been obsessed with changing my phone cases lately.

Also, I don’t think I will ever be tired of marble anything.

Hence, why this gorgeous Go Green* case by CaseApp has been my favourite for a few weeks now. I got it in matte finish as I think it’s less “slide’y” and it has a beautiful luxe finish.

I’ve collaborated with CaseApp before (you might remember this good ol’ post here – my word, how far I’ve come with my photography and writing in a year!) and they have always been nothing but a breeze to work with.

You can also design your own phone case or Mac/iPad/PC laptop skin – the options are limitless.

So don’t be surprised to see this beauty and other cases in my flatlays on Insta – they are way too pretty not to include. It’s also featured in my header image for this blog post, as you might have noticed.

Oh, I also have a discount code for you to get 20% off your CaseApp purchase: MIELAND20.

Hope you’ll find something you like or enjoy designing your own thing.




Blogosphere Magazine

Blogosphere Magazine Cover - Miel and Mint



Okay, I will be honest and up-front about this.

I have been eyeing the Blogosphere Magazine subscription for at least a year. I have even added it to the basket a few times. And never checked out.

Not sure what was stopping me from signing up.

I love the community. I love the bloggers they have been featuring. It just felt a bit distant and almost exclusive.

Until they featured the good egg that is Hannah Gale on the cover.

It was also the time in my life when I was on the crossroads about my blog and blogging in general. I knew at that moment why I felt so detached from the blogging community. It’s because I’d been doubting my own abilities as a content creator. I’d been comparing myself to those who have started around the same time but were so much far ahead.

Sometimes this whole thing really gets to you and messes with your mind and self-evaluation.

Thankfully, it was also the time when I made a decision to STOP feeding the comparison monster and START enjoying creating content + getting serious about my blogging journey.

I knew I had to get in and take full advantage of one of the most sought after magazines among content creators – Blogosphere Magazine.

When the most recent issue with Casey Neistat arrived at my door, I knew right away I made the right decision.

By the way, don’t even get me started on how EXCITED I am to receive the next issue with stunning Lydia Elise Millen on the cover!



Steph has been a big favourite for a while now.

For many reasons.

Three of those reasons are:

A) Just look at her gorgeous feed (I love how airy, pretty and dreamy it is).

B) She is a lovely human being who always acknowledges a comment (it’s a huge thing for big influencers like Steph) and is a lovely Insta friend of mine.

C) Despite building this surreal/almost-feels-like-it’s-unachievable feed, she is extremely relatable, sweet and down-to-earth.

She isn’t just Insta-famous with the whopping 204K followers. This amazing girl also has a blog and a YouTube channel (unlike most Instagrammers her caliber) and she is active and consistent there! Make sure you check out her Insta @ stephsterjovski.

If you decide to give her a follow, please let her know Nadia from Miel and Mint sent you.

Steph Sterjovski Instagram

* PR gifts; content not sponsored


Palette Giveaway Winner is Robyn.
Robyn, please get in touch to claim your prize.

I hope you enjoyed my February Favourites.

Leave a comment and let me know what was your favourite thing about February.

What plans do you have for March?


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