Autumn Favourites + MVMT Sunglasses Giveaway

Autumn Favourites + MVMT sunglasses giveaway - Miel and Mint blog

So hello there, November (or should I say almost-December?). How did we get here – who knows.

It’s like when you drive for a while and then stop and think, ‘How did I get here? I don’t remember most of the drive’.

I don’t know about you but this year has flown and it’s been one interesting year. A lot of good and a few bad things happened. But we aren’t here to reflect back on the 2018 (just yet) but to take a look at what I have enjoyed this autumn and what I couldn’t recommend you enough! Everything from a favourite place to a favourite shower gel! You name it.

Plus, there’s a very special competition at the end of this post. If you’re into stylish sleek and very hawt sunglasses, stick around and hurry to enter.

favourite place - Miel and Mint blog

Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria

Back in September we traveled to one of our favorite destinations in the world – Gran Canaria.

I don’t know what it is about that little island in the Atlantic Ocean but we fell in love with it in 2015, and it’s been calling us back since. 

You might have seen my posts on Instagram here, here and here: the trip was a lot of fun! We did all the things you do on a beach holiday: swim, tan and forget about the world. But then, we also got up a lot of extras. Like going to a water park (to be honest, I think that one ranked number one on our Gran Canaria to-do list because #kidsatheart) or visiting small quaint and super pretty towns like Puerto de Mogan. 

We have been there before but it’s ALWAYS worth a visit. These photos don’t do it justice because it’s so much prettier in person. And it’s drowning in flowers!

It’s an Instagrammer’s dream but you must avoid market days to snap those precious Dear-Stranger-I-don’t-want-you-in-my-photos snaps.

Autumn Favourites, NARS Loaded Palette, Pixi Beauty Lipstick, Clarins SOS Primer

There were quite a number of front-runners for me this autumn when it comes to makeup.

I only feature my absolute favourites on these pages, hence, why this STUNNING NARS Loaded palette is standing strong here as my numero uno (and will be up at the top for a very long while).

The shades selection speaks for itself: they are perfect for an evening out but are also suitable for the day-time makeup look.

The pigment is incredible and buildable, and there’s barely any fallout. Each colour is gorgeous, unique and long-lasting. I love everything about this palette and couldn’t recommend it more. 5 out 5.

Next up is MatteLast Liquid Lip by Pixi by Petra aka my new favourite matte liquid lipstick. 

If you have been struggling to find a matte liquid lipstick which doesn’t make your lips feel like you’ve gone without water for a month (even though it’s impossible but you get the analogy), your problem is solved here and now. 

MatteLast doesn’t dry your lips. At all. The colour stays on for hours and hours. I am honestly in awe at this product and will be repurchasing (+ trying new shades). My go-to shade is Matte Beige. All day, every day.

Last but not least – another new discovery of mine which made its way to my everyday must-haves very quickly.

I have heard about Clarins SOS Primer for some time and have been hesitating to try it. But once I did, my skin loved it. I even gave it a shout out in my top 10 advent calendars post.

The main reason why I got it in the first place is to tackle uneven skin colour and help conceal my acne scarring. I picked up Shade 02 Peach.

Not only did it do an amazing job (!) at getting my complexion all evened out, but it also doesn’t give me that mid-day oily shine. I love the texture (it’s super light and it soaks into skin quickly) and the scent. 

It’s definitely a product that would wow you once you apply your foundation and set it all with your choice of setting powder. It wears incredibly well.

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Bath & Shower Gel, bbrowbar Rosewater Mist

I’m sure this is no surprise (especially to those of you who’s been around here at Miel and Mint for a while) that I am featuring Molton Brown products in my skincare, or should I say bodycare, favourites.

Molton Brown has genuinely been one of the top brands in my books when it comes to high-quality hair, face, body products (+ their candles and home goodies are out of this world too!). I have written a number of posts on the blog and social media featuring the brand here, here and here

So when my husband’s cousin, who also happens to be one of my closest friends (little shout-out to Becca), gave me this beautiful duo, I knew I’d love everything about them.

I go through shower gels like there’s no tomorrow and I am very particular about scents and textures. When I tried Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose shower gel, I was swooned. It lathers perfectly, smells beautiful without being overpowering and makes my skin feel smooth and moisturised. Same goes for my Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose body lotion which I haven’t been forgetting to apply after taking a shower. It’s super moisturising, non-sticky and a little goes a long way. 

I will definitely re-purchase these two in the future.

One more favourite skincare product of mine I’ve enjoyed this autumn is BBB London Rosewater Mist (gifted item). BBB is a new brand for me but it looks like it’s going to become a staple among my front-runners. What’s interesting is that the brand started back in 2004 as a range of brow bars. The founder, Vanita Parti, was a pioneer in the field and created the service new to the public transforming the whole brow industry. 

Now BBB London has a whole range of beauty products, and not just for the brows.

Since my work involves long hours working at the computer screen, I take hydration very seriously, especially when it comes to my skin. I use the spray a number of times throughout the day to give my makeup a little lift and my skin a healthy glow. I also sometimes apply it as a primer before I put my makeup on. Great product all around and I couldn’t recommend it more. Plus, it smells amazing!

monthly favourites - favourite candle - Miel and Mint blog

DW Home Candles, Toffee Pumpkin candle, Spiced Winter Cinnamon candle

Every year, without a fail, the moment we turn the calendar and it says September 1st, I switch my summer candles to autumn ones. 

September and October are usually all about pumpkin scents.

I think I had at least 4 pumpkin-scented candles all over the house this fall, and most of them were from DW Home.

It’s definitely one of the top brands in my books when it comes to best scented candles. I always make sure to stop by my local TKMaxx for a good browse in order to find seasonal candles.

And I always pick up the DW Home ones.

This year I’ve been very successful before they all sold out.

As you can see, Toffee Pumpkin definitely was a hit in Sep-Oct. It’s sweet yet not too sweet, the pumpkin in it isn’t annoying either, and it just makes your room smell like cookies. Toffee pumpkin cookies (if those ever existed). 

It’s sweet, it’s rich, it’s comforting and makes you feel so cosy.

Now, my current favourite, which I’ve only started burning in November, is Spiced Winter Cinnamon (sorry I couldn’t find a link to it). 

When it comes to cold weather, pre-December and Christmas, cinnamon is my go-to scent.

It’s sweet, yet has got that hint of spice. It’s festive and soothing.

I couldn’t recommend it more for the dark autumn/winter nights when you want to feel extra snug.

My other favourite candles for colder seasons (cinnamon scented) are Cinnamon Stick and Sparkling Cinnamon.

Ashley Morgan Jackson instagram

When I first come across Ashley’s IG ashley.morgam.jackson, I knew I would stick around a very very long time.

This girl, who’s also a wifey and a mum to two handsome little boys, is one massive inspiration for me in my spiritual walk.

She always keeps things 100% real and honest when it comes to everyday struggles, the big picture and what God has done or has been doing in her life.

Her heart-felt posts are filled with love, wisdom, rawness and willingness to help, encourage and challenge in one way or another, and this is exactly what I appreciate about her. Plus, look at those pretty snaps.  

If you feel like something is missing in your life or you don’t understand your purpose, take this little post as a sign. Maybe God is gently calling your name. 

Autumn Favourites, Quote of the day

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MVMT Sunglasses 

MVMT sunglasses giveaway

MVMT sunglasses

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