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10 Things You Should Let Go Of This Summer x NICCE

Well, it’s official, we’ve crossed a half-way mark of 2018. I am not sure whether I should be excited or freak out about time flying…

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5 Reasons To Be Gung-Ho! This Summer

Okay, before you go ‘What in the world is “Gung-Ho!” and why do I need to be “Gung-Ho!”?’, let me tell you two things: 1)…

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Spring Favourites 2018 + Giveaway

Since May somehow (and most of June! – how? when? where?) has flown by like The Flash on a mission, I decided not to write…

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6 Weeks Without Blogging: Reasons, Lessons and What’s Next

I have been attempting to write this many times. I’ve also been toying with how I was going to title this post. It’s been a…

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Blogging Tips: Dos and Don’ts For New Bloggers Part 1

How long has it been since I last shared my thoughts and/or advice on all things blogging here on Miel and Mint? WAY. TOO. LONG.…

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February Favourites 2018 + Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Giveaway

When February was over and everyone posted their “hello March” updates yesterday, I didn’t expect everything to go in full bloom right away. But I…

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How To Live In The Moment and Love Your Life Now

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I feel like we are constantly bombarded by this adult version of a good ol’ childhood question…

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January Favourites 2018 + Molton Brown Giveaway

I have genuinely missed my Monthly Favourites posts which have always been a lovely blend of everything lifestyle, travel and beauty related. So why not…

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6 Habits That Changed My Skincare Game + ELEMIS Giveaway

It’s been a while since I last talked about beauty / skincare so I’m excited about this post. I have a (terrible) secret to share…

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