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10 Thoughts of an Expat in the UK

Every time I am out and about, whether it’s at the supermarket, my local post office or a shop, I get asked one question A…

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

I really enjoyed writing this post last year so I thought why not make it an annual thing. So I made myself a huge cup…

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Exclusive Interview with Andrew Brady from The Apprentice

Andrew walks over and gives us (myself and my photographer/close friend Helen) a huge smile along with a warm hello, and sits down with his…

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17 Things To Do In 2017

My first blog post on WordPress. I can’t believe I (finally!) made a move. It still feels surreal, and a little bit scary. It’s a…

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Affordable Hair Care: Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco Range Review

It’s been absolute ages since I wrote a beauty product review, and I’ve missed it! It’s kind of like going to the {blogging} “basics” for…

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5 Ways To De-Stress & Re-Charge x Eve Sleep

• Collaboration with Eve Sleep • We all go through this. Sooner or later, depending on the circumstances, you might find yourself stuck in a whirlwind…

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My Experience at The Chester Grosvenor Spa: Review & Spa Visit Tips

After what felt like an endless week, it’s finally (!!!) Friday. And I honestly wish I was typing this intro while chilling in the relaxation…

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The Blog Issue or Why I Took A Break From Blogging

I admit I say this A LOT. “Life happens”. It might especially ring a bell with bloggers (when we hit the writer’s block or when…

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6 {Classic} TV Shows To Get Cozy With On a Rainy Fall Evening

It’s officially (and finally!) that time of the year. It’s perfectly acceptable (and advisory) to burn pumpkin scented candles, wear knit sweaters/blanket scarves/layers, enjoy the…

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